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72 Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth, BH2 6AW

T: 01202 755377 E:  W: 

Why choose Datacenta?

UKAS Accredited Certification to:

  • ISO27001 
  • ISO9001 
  • ISO14001 
  • OHSAS18001

Hosting Solutions

  • Infrastructure with a performance track record and specialist technicians frees you from the complex and time-consuming tasks of managing a secure IT infrastructure.

Online Backup

  • Securely backing up and maintaining business critical data for servers, desktops, laptops and tablets.

Network Connectivity

  • LAN extension, multi-site connectivity and Internet access delivered using high-speed fibre optic cables or broadband.

Secure Private Cloud

  • Secure software-defined service to provide virtual datacenters which simplify infrastructure provisioning to provide an agile, efficient and highly automated cost effective computing service.

Solution Providers

Datacenta partners with Solution Providers to offer a secure and affordable hosting infrastructure that fits to their business model.  We free up time and capital thereby allowing our customers to focus on their customers and deliver what they do best.  We take away the pain of dealing with the day to day support and maintenance matters to deliver a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation.  Cloud, dedicated and hybrid solutions are used to ensure performance and affordability are balanced. Our services are provided from our own data centre located in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Central Government


Datacenta have a 10 year track record of providing high availability, secure solutions covering Managed Hosting, Private Clouds, Teleworking and IP Connectivity. We offer a competitive alternative to the traditional large-scale system integrators which go out of their way to make things slow, cumbersome and very expensive.  Using our agile approach to determine the most cost effective solution we are able to save departments up to 80% on their hosting and related services making us a long term, cost effective partner.  We are a human-scale organisation.  We do not have layer upon layer of management and administration.

Government Agencies

In our view, being good at the game as far as Government Agencies are concerned comes down to culture.  We have grown up serving Government Agencies.  We understand the legislation, governance and security, technical and financial pressures they face. Our solutions are delivered by our engineers and supported by our engineers.  We own the facilities we operate out of and our engineers are in the same office building as the solutions. We are a human-scale organisation.  We do not have layer upon layer of management and administration.  We appoint a Lead Engineer to every client, somebody who will understand not only the nature of any issue you are calling us about, but why it's important to you.  You will get to know him/her and he/she will get to know you.  We speak plain English rather than acronym-laden Vulcan that is the current fad of the sales speak.


Datacenta Council services covers domain registration and web and CMS hosting, email services, data back up and teleworking.  We provide affordable practice and reasonable solutions that will fit within pressure price sensitive budgets. We'll work with your web developers/agency to specify and build the correct technical environment.  We are always on hand because we are on site to offer the web developers specialised local support.  We see a lot of problems brought about by web site developers who do not have the skills and experience in operational hosting.  We provide a dedicated point of contact for all commercial technical matters and use terminology and language you can relate to in your day to day work.





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