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Meetings and Event Solutions in a Virtual World


JSG Digital was formed by combining two already successful enterprises, one in events and the other in communications. We have been operating since 2002 and are now responding to many of our clients’ needs in relation to technical support for virtual and hybrid meetings and events.

Any country, any timezone, from two to two hundred; face to face, fully virtual or hybrid we can support your event.

We offer you highly experienced and qualified technical support personnel who understand the needs and complexities of your industry. All our people are all experienced specialists who have backgrounds in events, AV, virtual platforms and digital solutions.

Just to keep it interesting we also support live music events – but they’re a bit louder than our virtual NHS meetings!



Tell us what functionality you need for a meeting or event and we’ll either recommend a platform or we’ll see how we can make your preference work effectively.

Currently, the most common choices for secure meetings are: MS Teams, Zoom Pro, Adobe Connect and Cisco Webex.

We offer full back-end technical support, technical rehearsal support with user quick-guides, and full on-the-day support.



Meetings and Events


For any live or virtual meeting you will be assigned a lead technical support person. They will listen to your requirements/needs (slides, presentations, polling, video, broadcast-based, webinar, sound and lighting) and recommend an appropriate solution.

They will advise on technical requirements for users, provide weblinks and user quick guides, pre-meeting tech rehearsal support, and full support on the day of the event.

This end-to-end service ensures that everyone who attends has a good experience and has easy access to technical support should any problems arise before or during the meeting.

We can utilise your in-house platforms or you can use our platforms (we send you the links), we have full licences for all key platforms.



Filming has been challenging this year, so we’ve focused on web-based recordings using platforms such MS Teams or Zoom. We still offer full post-production editing for online stream recording.

High quality full HD or 4k recording has been difficult, but there are ways

Sending a local team to someone’s office, getting people to attend local studios, or using fully equipped Peli cases.



We are used to operating in the highly regulated environments so that you can have full confidence in everything we do.

The key privacy rule is that the tech support that you work with will password protect your data within JSG Digital servers; this is only shared with our identified in-house GDPR person.


The New Normal needs new approaches

Moving to virtual solutions has helped as we try to continue with the ‘new normal’ but in some cases it needs innovative approaches.

For example, our fully equipped Peli cases can provide high quality video and audio recording at someone’s desk. A mobile option to avoid visiting film crews or trips to a studio, and shipped wherever you need.

Using pre-set up machines with plug and play add-ons, simply open the case plug it in and we’ll talk you through the rest; and if the internet is poor we record on the machine’s hard drive – so there is no drop off in quality.


If you want some advice, an estimate cost for a project, or just some more information:




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