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Welcome to Wireless Alert Solutions Limited – Wireless Safety Systems to protect disabled people

Since 2004, Wireless Alert Solutions Limited has been consulting on, designing, manufacturing and supplying fire safety equipment specifically designed to include and help protect disabled people. We give you and your users absolute confidence in their safety when a fire alarm is raised and can provide complete coverage at a lower cost than you might think.

We are changing the culture of fire safety for disabled people, allowing you to do the right thing at the right price.

DeafWatch™ is a mobile fire alarm warning system for Deaf and Hard of hearing people. RefugeWatch™ is a wireless refuge communication or EVC system to help wheelchair and less mobile users evacuate a building.



DeafWatch™ is a fire alarm for Deaf and hard of hearing people designed in line with the requirements of BS5839-1:2013. DeafWatch™ utilises radio technology to send a fire alarm message to user held personal receivers within moments of the fire alarm activation across a wide area. DeafWatch™ has a combination of power output, coverage potential and safety systems to provide both the best protection and the best coverage, at the best price.




RefugeWatch™ comprises a series of products which enable communications and evacuation management for disabled people during a fire alarm. Traditional systems rely on lots of fire retardant cabling, which can be expensive, disruptive and with an installation prone to delay. Our systems are designed to comply with the latest requirements of BS5839- 9:2011. By utilising radio technology, we can provide fixed and personal solutions for a flexible approach to fulfilling your evacuation management needs, with minimal installation time, fuss or disruption.





WASOL Success Stories

Thanks to the power of DeafWatch™ transmitters, we can cover any building whatever the shape, size and composition. We sell at a fair price, making both capital and revenue costs manageable and affordable. A host of institutions have already taken advantage of our outstanding service. 

The Civic Centre and Town Hall represent both the new and the old of Walsall’s local government offices. DeafWatch™ provides seamless coverage across both. Working with the council for over a decade, we helped ensure the safety of their Deaf employees and visitors at a reasonable price.

University of Northampton – 40 buildings across 2 campuses.
The University of Northampton had a legacy system installed which was too expensive to develop across the campus and also too expensive to maintain.

They installed DeafWatch – Deaf Fire Alarm across both their campuses for complete protection with an innovative and intelligent design.








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