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Lean Transformation Consulting Ltd

5 Hockley Court
2401 Stratford Road
Hockley Heath
West Midlands
B94 6NW

Tel: 01564 784081
Fax: 01564 785158


Welcome to LT Consulting

Delivering innovation through Emotionally Intelligent Lean

Our experience and knowledge of Lean consulting process throughout all organisations to achieve transformation, continuous improvement and operational excellence, puts us at the forefront of change management and Lean consulting.

Based in the Midlands we are passionate about contributing to the transformation of peoples’ lives. We partner with organisations throughout the Lean consulting, training and transformation process; working with and through people using our unique approach to leadership development, executive support, engagement and culture change. Emotionally Intelligent Lean (EQLeanTM ) brings your team together to develop better services and processes using the same or less resources. We use clients’ specialist experience and our own expertise to find better ways of doing things to improve customer experiences by raising levels of safety, quality, delivery and reducing cost.

Our consulting aim is to make our customers self-reliant. We do this by Lean training and consulting, transferring our Lean skills and knowledge at all levels within organisations from the front line to the top team; so that clients can run, develop and lead their own operational improvement programmes.

Our Work

Public Sector

The Public Sector faces a number of unique challenges. Following cuts that have slashed budgets and the on-going need to make further cost savings, public sector leaders are challenged to meet their customers’ wide range of demands and high expectations, whilst keeping a tight rein on resources.

Success can be readily achieved despite these challenges. LT focus on Lean training and development activities for Leadership, Management, Process and People to ensure engagement at all levels. Ideas are only turned into practical changes that consistently benefit the end users if staff are enthusiastic, engaged and own the changes.

LT Consulting take a holistic approach, working with and through people at all levels from executive coaching to the ‘shop floor’, transferring knowledge and skill so that end users benefit, and staff are engaged and excited about implementing continuous improvement. The approach takes imagination, innovation and is not totally pain free but it is proven to measurably deliver on many levels. The impact will be greatly magnified where it is applied in conjunction with partnership organisations and services.

LT asks serious questions of the workforce about how a service is functioning; it works with them to rethink the design of the service so that it can add value to customers. By working with and training the people who work day in day out within the service, LT Consulting is able to get buy-in and engage and enthuse the work force. We know how to kick start activities that will be refreshing, self-funding, deliver quick wins, release valuable resources and act as a catalyst for the longer term culture change.

Public Sector Case Studies

Haringey Council Adult Social Care

Gloucester City Council Financial Services

Healthcare Sector

As the NHS carries out a £20bn efficiency programme, the need to eliminate waste in the NHS has never been greater. There are a host of concerns relating to waste caused by communication gaps between the Primary and Secondary Care Trusts, increased staff paperwork workloads, ageing population, greater costs with technical and medical advances combined with increased expectations from patients. All these contribute to the need for strict cost control yet at the same time, to maintain and improve levels of care in front line services.

By partnering to challenge traditional ways of working, we are confident that LT Consulting can help Healthcare organisations improve the level of patient care and at the same time positively respond to the cost pressures that will be inevitably caused by the future reductions in Healthcare funding.

We have a proven track record of Lean Training and Executive Coaching and in transferring our skills and knowledge at all levels within organisations, including the health sector, so that clients can achieve self-reliance. In addition, we provide Executive Coaching and Leadership Development, and cultural analysis to provide a sound platform for leading people through change and building a culture that sustains continuous improvement.

Healthcare Sector Case Studies

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Governance Support Unit (GSU)

Biomet – Improving the Process to Meet Customer Demand

Private Sector

“One of the reasons we still enjoy a working relationship today after all these years, is that LT Consulting have the ability to come in and do the job rather than standing at the lines telling us what to do – they can be as hands on or as hands off as you need them to be” – Max Jeffery, Product Manager, JCB.

Our sole purpose is to positively transform the experiences of people within organisations and the people they serve, through strong leadership support and application of Lean principles and techniques. On this basis, LT have been working globally with a wide range of Private Sector organisations and achieved extremely high levels of customer satisfaction, with documented, vastly improved levels of productivity and profitability.

All of our Lean Consultants, have learnt about the Toyota Production System by working in Japan and/or directly for Toyota and have extensive knowledge and practical experience of Lean training, application and executive coaching within a variety of industries – ranging from heavy industrial through to food processing. It is from this depth of knowledge and experience that LT Consulting can help you transform your whole organisation to drive effectiveness and sustain continuous improvement and achieve outstanding levels of performance.

Our emphasis is to work with and through people, at all levels of the organisation, to ensure that the change is led effectively and people develop through the process. In this way, our clients develop a self-reliant improvement culture that enables the organisation to manage and lead change by itself.

Private Sector Case Studies


FKI – Rolling Out a Company Wide Change Programme


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