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Welcome to Total Intelligence - A fresh approach to Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence as it should be

Total Intelligence is focused on helping businesses unlock their data, empower staff and stakeholders and create an information rich environment. It doesn’t matter what sector a business is in, Public or Private, the information needs are the same as are the challenges accessing the data.

Ignoring these needs can create an information vacuum and impact everything from day-to-day operations to strategic decision making, but the perceived cost of solutions that address this need stop many businesses from making the investment and mean they struggle on with inefficient legacy solutions.

The hidden cost to a business of not using its data effectively, of muddling through and making do, of tying up resources in long winded processes and arriving at the answer usually after the competition is significant.

Deploying a business intelligence solution tailored for simplicity, speed, easy to deploy and operate, that can have an immediate impact on your business will drive competitive advantage and deliver a better return on investment and use of resources.

Contact us today for a demonstration and see how MI View can move you from being Data rich to an Information rich enterprise.

The MI View Difference - a unique BI solution based on SEARCH technology

  • Dramatically reduce the cost of standard reporting
  • Slash Time to deliver AD Hoc reports
  • Drive - Self-Service
  • Big Data - Highly scalable
  • Interactive Venn Diagrams to answer multiple queries in seconds

More about MI View


Total Intelligence also offers a number of Professional Services to help you before during and after deployment to ensure that you get the very best from us and from MI View.

To ensure that you get the very best from us and from MI View, Total Intelligence has a team of consultants who will work with you to understand your business needs and then design the right Business Intelligence solution for you and your business.

Please take a look at our capabilities and then give us a call or drop us an email and we will be delighted to come and talk with you about your information needs.

Once we all know what we are going to achieve our deployment and support team swings into action to ensure that your solution works for you and on the odd occasion when you have a problem or a question we are there to help you on your way.

Total Intelligence and MI View – Helping business to succeed through information


If you are looking to install MI View for the first time or looking to expand its use across your business we will be there to help you. With the right approach MI View is simpler, faster and more efficient to deploy than other business intelligence solutions available today. MI View is about enabling a business to take advantage of its increasingly rich data assets without overwhelming internal IT but empowering business users with self-service reporting and analysis in a fast and flexible way. Total Intelligence Consulting Services will help prepare your business for a radical change in the way business intelligence is used and make sure that the journey from planning to use is as efficient as possible.

Total Intelligence Consulting Services provides three main categories of services: Initiate, Integrate, and Innovate. Engage our Consulting Services Team and drive your reporting and information strategy to deliver even more business benefit from MI View.

Getting you started in the right way and making sure that from day one you see business benefit is key to the success of any project. Establishing the business information needs, identifying the source data and designing the initial reports is where we start. The initiate Service is about getting MI View set up right for the business, supporting your team with the experience and understanding required, and designing the MI View solution to fit your organisation.

Once you are up and running you will rapidly start to see the possibilities that MI View can bring and want to look at how to take your Information Strategy to the next level. This will come sooner than you might imagine or think possible. When it does Total Intelligence will be there to help you make it happen. The Integrate Service brings substantial experience and know-how to the project and will help your team have the right knowledge and support to achieve success. Whether it’s bringing in new systems and data sources, increasing resilience and/or users, launching a new service or generating new reports and dashboards, our consultants can help you get set-up, deploy and make sure that you are able to support the new environment driving project and business success.

As you grow your information strategy will grow with you and Total Intelligence can be there to help you on the way. Creating a multi-site enterprise environment, creating a federated information service and sharing information with your partners or delivering cloud-based services is all possible with MI View.  The Innovate Service and our team of Consultants is there when you need them and can help to define and design a solution that meets your business needs.   Our Innovate Service can help you to consider your future Information Strategy and understand how you achieve it with your MI View solution to save you time and cost and get to results faster.

Engage our Consulting Team today and drive your Reporting and Information Strategy at search engine speeds.




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