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The Change Consultancy
10 Pierremont Crescent

Tel:+44 (0) 1325 249 057

Welcome to The Change Consultancy

At The Change Consultancy we understand the complexities of change and we have the resources to support any organisation at whatever stage of business to ensure change is successful.

What needs to change?

At The Change Consultancy we work organically with organisations and use technology to constantly be on top of what needs to change

How should it be changed?

Every change approach is unique to the change required. With our wide experience we are confident we would deliver the change successfully, so much so “successful delivery” is built into our contract.

Is everything being done to make it succeed?

At The Change Consultancy we understand that change projects hit peaks and troughs and things get cloudy. We are always on hand to help out to ensure things get back on track with minimal cost or interruptio

Has it been a success?

Many projects fail due to the absence of firm data. By using our back office team, experienced in benefits realisation, companies can rest assured there will always be a finger on the pulse


The Change Solution

Click here if you would like a complete strategic change solution to allow your organisations to focus solely on Business as Usual (BAU).

The Change Stratergy

Click here if you would like us to tell you what needs to change in your company

The Change Implementation

Click here if you have a change which needs to be implemented and you need it started correctly

The Change Support

Click here if you have a change which is on-going and you need help

The Change Sign Off

Click here if you have recently finished a change or are nearing completion and you wish to have support


The Change Consultancy is a forward thinking change management consultancy with the primary goal of ensuring change is done better. To ensure we do better change than everyone else, we:

  • Change what needs to be changed – We implement our unique and advanced continuous improvement solution to ensure this.
  • Lower the costs – We only charge for the hours we work, we do not believe a project requires everyone all of the time and this is reflected in the way we organise and execute our work.
  • Raise the standards in every aspect – All our consultants are registered with the APM (Association for Project Management) We look to industry best practice for guidance, however we are continually changing the way we work to ensure better delivery of change. We aim to be the best at what we do
  • Exploit Technology – Wherever possible we use technology to streamline our ways of working, this ensures we are efficient and cost effective.




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