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VoiceScript Technologies

Tel: +44 203 397 8426


Welcome to VoiceScript Technologies

An Automated Multi-person, Multi-language Transcription Service

VST captures the spoken word and transforming it into a valuable digital asset

VoiceScript Technologies (VST) has created a secure, fully automated solution enabling multi-person interviews to be digitally captured, stored and transcribed into a trusted verbatim record.  Accomplish your digital transformation and lower operational costs at the same time.

VST captures the spoken word and meticulously transforms it into a malleable digital asset.  This is accomplished automatically, accurately and available in a number of languages.  Our system is secure and ensures tamperproof results – suitable for evidentiary purposes.

Our system captures each utterance from whoever speaks in an interview or meeting and diarises the entire event into a tamperproof and data-enriched Digital Asset.  With VST, your organisation can create trusted digital records and fully transcribed output for a variety of purposes.  VST transforms  dense "voice data" into pliable "textual data".

Your organisation can scrutinise and analyse all transcription data for Workflow purposes, Sentiment Analysis, Analytic & Business intelligence, Customer Retention, Legal Compliance, Risk Mitigation or Forensic needs.


About us

VoiceScript Technologies (VST) is a United Kingdom and USA based technology company that has pioneered and patented a solution that enables a multi-person interview to be recorded, processed, transcribed and presented in a chronology – correct and trusted fashion.

In short, VST can take a multi-person interview (for example: a police interview, a legal discussion, a critical job interview, a deposition, a tribunal review, disciplinary meeting, an HR exit interview – or any other multi-person meeting event) and render a fully automated transcription – complete with time indices, formatting and speaker identified tags.


Commercial Frameworks

We are directly available via G-Cloud (7/8) and can rapidly construct a Commercial Framework to suit your requirements / procurement processes.

VST offers a Simple and inexpensive 1-2-3 pricing model: 

  1. Price per recorder per month including all licensing, support, maintenance, storage, secure access, hosting and proactive monitoring.
  2. A small fee to process each interview.  Price is tiered downward depending upon volume.
  3. A set price to transcribe (only the interviews / parts of an interview requested) on a per audio minute basis.  Price is tiered downwards depending upon volume.


We Keep It Simple!

We supply all equipment, services and support.  Your organisation subscribes to a minimum volume over a predefined timeframe, OR

A small monthly fee for equipment, services and support.  Your organisation is charged only for the transcriptions requested, OR

Your organisation supplies the equipment and VST supplies the software,  services and support.  Your organisation is charged a nominal fee for processing each interview and only for the transcriptions requested.


Accuracy & Turnaround 

VST commonly enters into Service Level Agreements (SLA) and we will deliver your transcripts to your required level of accuracy and within your required turnaround periods.  Some sample combinations include;

        95% Accurate within 72 Hours

        98.5% Accurate within 48 Hours

        80% Accurate within 4 Hours

We will work with you to refine the system to meet your business requirements. Achieving your results is a combination of understanding your environment and employing the most appropriate combination of VST’s technology and capabilities.


Seeing is Believing

Please click on this link and download a direct example of our services.

This is small section from a Police Interview.   Please open the document in Adobe Acrobat and click on any of the text - you will hear the actual utterance, as spoken by the participant in the room.



The system is completely secure and conforms to existing data and file security protocols.  These security protocols include industry recognised “Best In Class” encryption, protected transmission and secure access.  VST conforms to UK Government CESG security standards.

Automated transcription can be machine-to-machine along a secure channel – 100% secure.  In fact, the entire system can be hosted and managed from within the secure IT infrastructure of an organisation and the ‘recording’ units can be installed to your IT policies (by your own IT department).  Alternatively, VST can deploy your services via Secure Cloud offering (ie: Microsoft Government Azure) allowing for a robust and scalable solution with minimal CAPEX expense.


Additional Capabilities

In some situations, adding a manual review during processing is required.  Manual intervention can be triggered by a set of conditions instead of being applied to all transcriptions.

The VST system can score entire transcriptions and/or segments according to a set of accuracy thresholds, which can thereafter be used to determine workflow automation.  For example, the VST system may be instructed to extract a transcription segment that scores under 90% accuracy and send that segment to be reviewed manually.  Or, the VST can be instructed to send a transcription segment if it conforms to a predefined watch-list of words / terms (for example: "I saw what looked like a bomb being loaded into the car").


Technical Highlights and Options

Application Hosting

  • On Premises
  • Secure Data Centre
  • Hosted by your current Cloud provider
  • Hosted by our Secure Cloud provider

Desktop Application

  • Secured with existing IT Security Policies
  • Installed by your IT Department

Secure Storage

  • On Premises
  • Private Hired
  • Secure Outsourced Provider
  • Dovetailed into Document Management systems

Access to Servers / Transcription

  • Restricted to authorized personnel
  • Role-based security models completely supported





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