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Safe, environmentally friendly and very cost effective.

Aranovus is a new company with a revolutionary system to renovate asbestos cement / galbestos roofs and cladding. Their unrivaled system bypasses the costly removal of asbestos and the disposal of large quantities of special waste.

The Aranovus solution can strengthen and preserve roofs, preventing further decay - Without having to close the premises during renovation.

Aranovus - The only system of its kind in the UK. Patent Approved.

The full process comprises of the following stages:

  • Initial roof survey 
  • Risk assesment and method statement
  • Preparatory work and roof repair
  • Roof cleaning with high-pressure water jet system
  • Monitoring for asbestos in air
  • Equipment decontamination and waste disposal
  • Airless spray waterproof membrane 
  • Final inspection and certification

The Problems with Asbestos Cement Roofs

With the growing importance of world-wide environmental issues, the need for sustainable development has never been greater. Restricting the development of ‘greenfield’ areas is one environmental conservation measure that is forcing property owners and developers to redevelop ‘brownfield’ sites.

However, many commercial and industrial buildings contain asbestos cement roofs – indeed millions of square metres of asbestos cement roofs are still in place throughout the UK; many of them damaged, leaking, or heavily mossed.

The AranovusTM system offers a cost-effective, environmentally sympathetic solution to such problem roofs.

Thousands of property owners and commercial tenants are currently working in buildings with leaking, damaged asbestos cement roofs. Where damage is significant, there is also the potential for the liberation of hazardous asbestos fibres into the workplace and surrounding environment.

In addition to the comfort, welfare and aesthetic considerations, there is a legal duty to manage asbestos in buildings. The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 places a duty on those in control of commercial / industrial premises to ‘manage’ asbestos containing materials.

The AranovusTM system essentially repairs and encapsulates (seals) the asbestos cement on the outer surface, assisting duty holders to comply with their obligations. A similar solution can also be adopted for the inside surface where required.

Following the recent European led changes to landfill operating licences, Wales and Northern Ireland now have no sites licensed to accept asbestos,  Scotland now only has 3 licensed sites (reduced from 26) and England now has some 34 remaining licensed sites (reduced from several hundred).

There is simply insufficient space available within UK landfill sites to accept the millions of tonnes of asbestos waste that will be generated by traditional asbestos removal techniques over the coming years. In addition, significant haulage journeys are now being carried out to transport hazardous waste across the country to the few remaining sites able to accept it, causing further environmental problems. A sustainable solution is, therefore, essential.

The AranovusTM system is THE solution.

The System explained

The roofs are cleaned using high pressure water via specialist cleaning heads. The heads are specially designed and contained so that contaminated water and slurry is not dispersed over the work site but is collected and filtered in a controlled manner. The roof is then repaired and encapsulated (coated) with a specialist protective coating. This drastically reduces the risk of exposure to asbestos, reduces the likelihood of further deterioration and produces a robust, aesthetically pleasing roof with in excess of 15 further years of life. The system is safe, environmentally sympathetic and significantly cheaper than existing alternatives.

After 15 years, the roof is inspected and, if necessary, can simply be re-coated. A Patent has been granted for the system.

Health & Safety Trials

Prior to being launched commercially, an official trial of the AranovusTM system was witnessed by a UKAS accredited laboratory who carried out monitoring for asbestos fibres in the breathing zones of the cleaning operatives and at strategically chosen environmental locations. All results were below 0.010f/ml, satisfying the duty imposed by the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations to prevent exposure to asbestos and demonstrating the insignificant health risk of the operation in relation to asbestos exposure.

  • A safe system of work has been developed, which minimises the loads placed on the fragile asbestos roofs.
  • All access to the roof is gained via Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, system scaffolds and specialist access equipment.
  • The design of the enclosed high-pressure water jet system ensures that there is no significant release of asbestos fibres or of water spray to the atmosphere.
  • A high performance filtration system collects and filters water run-off, allowing safe disposal of the ‘decontaminated’ water.
  • All operatives are rigorously trained and headed by an experienced team leader.

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If you would like further information on any aspect of the system or to arrange your initial roof survey then please contact us. We look forward to dealing with your requirements.

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