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Tel: +44 (0)1874 638 979

In today’s current economic climate, environmental management may not be at the top of your agenda- but it should be. By embracing good environmental practices you can reduce your operating costs by 5% to 10%, contribute to significantly reducing your environmental impact, promote sustainable growth and be compliant with the increasing raft of environmental legislation.

A systematic approach to environmental management identifies the potential for cost savings through improvements in efficiency and the reduction of waste. It also reduces the risk of contravening environmental legislation. Our Sustainable Business solutions will help you achieve this.


Climate change and new environmental legislation requires every organisation to consider how these will impact on their business. When fully considered these are in fact opportunities to develop the capital of your business, employees, customers and stakeholders. We start this process with an initial assessment followed up by an agreed bespoke programme designed to suit your business needs.
At Future Directions we work with you to find solutions that will improve your sustainability.

We will help you to;

Prepare for environmental accreditation
Reduce your waste and their associated costs
Identify the increasing legislation that will impact on you
Develop and implement environmental credentials creating positive publicity for you and your organisation
Train your staff
Be environmentally successful  

We will fully discuss all the options with you following consideration of your organisations needs. This could involve 

Review of your current operations
Facilitated workshops
Environmental overviews
Supporting you in signing up to an environmental management scheme, a green business scheme or the appropriate ISO 14001 accreditation.

 We operate across the UK. 

 If you need any further reasons for considering sustainable business solutions here are a few;
You are wasting money if you don't
The true cost of your waste can be immense
Your energy, water and waste costs are rising
Your customers or clients are increasingly demanding it
Your compliance costs are rising
You may be risking prosecution
You are missing out on a great PR opportunity
Pressure groups may give you a nasty surprise
Your staff wants you to do it
Your competitors are doing it

 Our service promise;

● Provide prompt and efficient support to our clients
● Offer a cost effective service
● Listen to your requirements and as required those of your stakeholders
● Provide a range of options for consideration
● Present at all times professional and impartial advice

Contact us to discuss your needs

Future Directions

01874 638 979

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