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JTS Energy & Environmental Services are committed to understanding and responding to the needs of our clients throughout the UK, by troubleshooting their overheads and energy usage, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

JTS are approved by Salford University on behalf of the Isle of Man DTI and are also approved by John Moores University School of Engineering with regard to Energy and Sustainability.


Dedicated project management teams

JTS will project manage a job from initial surveys to action plans and right through to completion. We have never left a job incomplete and always stay with our clients until a satisfactory solution is achieved.

Customer service:  We place great emphasis on listening and being responsive to our clients’ needs.

Quality:  We achieve high quality standards.

Experience: JTS has eleven years of experience in the industry and our engineers have from 25 years experience in water engineering.

Capacity:  We handle projects both large and small (our larger clients often have small projects they need us to cater to). 

Support:  We offer Nationwide coverage.

Safety: Our reputation for Safety and confidentiality is un-surpassed.



Over the past ten years we have been trouble shooting water bills for companies resulting in refunds and on going savings from water utility companies mainly due to over charging and wrong allowances being given.

The water companies work on the premise of water in = water out but in a large number of cases this is not the situation but you have to negotiate with the water companies to get any allowances. THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT ALLOWANCES YOU SHOULD GET - YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM.

JTS will check:

1. What is on the bill is the same as the negotiated contract
2. That the meters are correct and belong to you
3. That surface water is being charged correctly and not double charged
4. Your company is being charged correctly for what is going to drain
5. That the water being charged for is all going to your company and that no one else is plumbed into your supply
6. That water for fire fighting is correctly recorded and not charged for. (hose reels, hydrants, sprinklers)

Over the years we have managed to get back from the water companies refunds from £1,000 to £125,000 and if you have any of the following you could be getting over charged:

Check List


Steam Rooms

Water in Product

Swimming Pools /Hydro Pools
Rain Water to soak away, ponds, rivers etc
Rain water to Trade Effluent Meter
Washing Machines
Water Tankered off site
Bain Maries
Trade Effluent Tankered off site
Cooked Meals per Week
Rain water to Trade Effluent Meter
Drinks taken off site
Fire Hoses
Steam Usage
Fire Hydrants
Gardens Watered
Sprinkler Systems
Cooling Towers
Water Tankered off site
Water Cooled Air Conditioning


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JTS ENERGY run staff and educational traning with the help of Liverpool John Moores University JMU School of Engineering and can arrange for in house training or a course on day release at JMU.

JTS ENERGY also give assistance to schools through SEFTON EDUCATION BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP. Giving schools help in reducing their carbon emmissions and energy costs, showing pupils how to make out energy conservation reports and calculate the schools carbon emmissions.

As part of the course we will show how the use of thermal imaging can help to give your site a carbon footprint and as part of the presentation we show the film WATTS IN YOUR WIRES by A SHOT IN THE DARK. 


Water charges have become very expensive even though the UK Government have told the water industry to cut the cost of mains water, it will continue to rise especially with the proposed environmental charge the UK Government want to impose on industry.

JTS Energy can investigate your water usage and effluent discharge profiles and charging structures through data logging of flows, water analysis, treatment and usage profiles, also as part of this service we can offer pipe and drain mapping to CAD.

JTS Energy can offer the following water services:

  • Investigate Alternative Water Supply
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Industrial Plumbing Services
  • Leak Detection
  • Water Conservation Audits
  • Pipe and Drain Mapping to CAD
  • Bill Validation and Allowance Negotiations
  • Sub Metering
  • Flow Data Logging
  • Consultancy and Project Management


1. The client tells us their problem.
2. We send in the appropriate expert/engineer.
3. A report is produced highlighting how the problem can be solved with the approximate costing and pay back.
4. We draw up a specification for dealing with the problem.
5. Tenders are sent out to at least three appropriate suppliers, one of the suppliers can be a client recommendation.
6. All tendering companies will be shown the problem site.
7. We will submit the tenders received to the client so a decision can be made as to who will carry out the work.
8. JTS Energy will supervise the work being carried out, checking all work is done to the correct specification.
9. JTS Energy qualified engineers will carry out quality checks.
10. All work is carried out under confidentiality agreements and no sensitive documentation is given to a third party without the client’s permission.


As part of our services we carry out industrial plumbing services that include:

  • Fitting Double Check Valves 
  • Taking out Dead Legs
  • Installing pipe work, 15mm, 22mm and matching imperial pipe sizes
  • Marking and insulating pipe work


In order to determine an overview of the historic and more importantly the current operating regime, it will be necessary to do a loading survey over a two week period of operation to monitor the plant performance. The loading survey will include:

  • Continuous flow monitoring of individual streams.
  • 24 hour composite samples for analysis. Seven in total.
  • Review of historic, current and future operating parameters.
  • The analysis will be carried out by a fully accredited NAMAS laboratory and will include the following determinants:
    COD/BOD, pH, Solids, Suspended Solids, Metals.
  • The analysis results will determine how we can treat and improve the Trade Effluent quality and if it can be re-cycled giving a cost effective payback. 


In business today it is essential for companies to know where their services are in the factory premises and outside the building. JTS Energy can trace pipe work and drains with the help of thermal imaging and CAT sound and radio signal generators.

JTS Energy can map out the services for companies onto a CAD system showing the main and secondary connections for:

  • Compressed Air
  • Water
  • Town Gas
  • Industrial Gas(i.e. Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Co2)
  • Steam
  • Drains split into: Trade Effluent, Surface Water, Foul
  • Fire fighting water supplies: Hydrants, Hose Reels and Sprinklers


As part of the pipe mapping service we can carry out regular Compressed Air leak detection surveys giving a full report linked to the pipe mapping CAD system.

Leak detection can be carried out on the following:

  • Town Gas 
  • Industrial Gas
  • Steam
  • Compressed Air

The largest waste of energy in industry today is from leakage especially from compressed air, steam and industrial gas and the most dangerous is from inflammable gas and water near electrical circuits.

  JTS ENERGY will carry out energy conservation surveys using thermal imaging cameras to detect wasted energy through poor insulation of buildings, pipe work, boilers and hot water storage tanks, the surveys will also highlight cold spots through silting and the over heating of cables, control panels and motors.

JTS ENERGY will also calculate the kW of wasted energy through heat loss and also show how you can save energy and give advice on energy saving equipment such as motor and lighting controls.

JTS ENERGY can include in our surveys the following:

  • Power Factor correction equipment checks
  • Harmonic Checks
  • Air Leak Detection
  • Thermal ingress from sunlight
  • Thermal ingress into cold storage areas
  • Advice on using excess heat and heat from compressors to heat buildings and water
  • Advice on pipe work, gate valves insulation
  • Landfill Site Surveys for underground fires

On carrying out an energy survey for an engineering company in the isle of Man we found a motor overheating at 90oc and it was found that the gear box had not had the oil replaced after a service the previous day, we also found that in the office the air conditioning was fighting the heating system due to the positioning of the thermostat controls being put in the wrong place and calibrated wrong.

It was also found that the power factor correction equipment was overheating and the cables from the transformer overheating due to the wrong connection plates being installed.

A cold storage company asked for a thermal survey to be carried out at there site in Hull, the ambient temperature in the cold storage areas was -25oc but in the corridors between the storage areas the temperature was maintained at -10 oc. Icicles were forming in the corridors and we found the cause for this was the heating from the High Bay lighting that was giving off 30 oc and outside temperature ingress from the fire doors due to the seals starting to fail. We also checked the building insulation and found areas of the roof with the insulation and solar reflecting paint starting to failing.

Another area of concern was the compressor house as the heat from the compressors at 80 oc was leaching into the cold store due to the corridor between the cold store and the compressor house not being insulated to the correct standard and the door to the corridor being poorly sealed.

JTS ENERGY carry out energy surveys combining thermal imaging and will give you the total waste of energy that not turning off equipment when not needed will cost you, but JTS ENERGY takes this advice a step further by showing you what effect this is having on your fuses and wiring that will cause overheating and can cause a fire hazard. Insurance companies are starting to insist that this information be recorded. We convert the temperature to kW and give the monetary loss as well.

Every one knows that they should turn off equipment and that it is expensive not to do so but Your staff very often forget or don’t bother to switch items off at night or when leaving their work stations. What they do not see is the consequences for not turning off unwanted equipment or adding equipment such as heaters and fans without checking that the wiring and fuses can take the extra loading.

Poor insulation of pipe work and buildings are also a great waste of energy and companies do not relate heat loss to kWh and the effect it has on their Gas and Electricity bills. JTS Energy will calculate for you what this waste of energy is in kWh and give you advice on how to reduce this loss and help you to reduce your overheads and carbon emissions in line with government guide lines.

We will give you the calculations in a summary format showing you the following information:


Temp oc
kWh p.a
Comp 1
Use hot air from compressor
Office to
Window open
Overheating of wiring to comp
Ducting from Cooling tower
Ingress of heat through window
Un-insulated Gate Valves
An array of 7 gate valves @64.5 each


Note: Items marked in red should be calculated by surface area , length or by number of units to be insulated.

JTS ENERGY will give you a full comprehensive site report showing the waste of energy through heat emissions from equipment, pipe work, buildings and show the waste of energy from equipment not being controlled in the most efficient way plus a comprehensive lighting report showing the loss of energy through poor lighting  and lighting controls so as to help you reduce your utility overheads and increase your companies bottom line.

Please click here to view some sample case studies, which demostrate our proven results.

We look forward to dealing with your requirements.


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