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Bri-Tek Technologies Ltd

Unit D3C Edgefold Industrial Estate
Smethurst Lane

Telephone:0161 850 0905
Fax:0161 850 0907

Welcome to Bri-Tek Technologies Ltd

Bri-Tek Technologies is an award winning innovative company supplying LED lighting and accessories to the industrial and commercial sector 

Certified by BSI in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 we can deliver any size projects from our standard range to specialized bespoke requirements 

We have one of the biggest product ranges in the UK from streetlighting, lighting for schools, offices and hospitals 

Bri-Tek constantly utilizes technologies that push the boundaries to achieve quality, innovative and highly energy efficient LED products. Delivering a sound business case with value and real CO2 reductions for customers is a key component of what we offer. As a result of this continued effort to lead from the front lines, Bri-Tek has established one of the UK's widest ranges of LED lighting solutions on the market.

Bri-Tek maintains high quality and efficiency of service in the LED lighting sector while delivering true value and solid performance standards in its low energy-long life LED lighting products.

We believe that how we deliver our products and provide our services is just as important as the products themselves. Bri-Tek gets involved with local communities, councils, government and environmental groups to help educate and drive sustainability in the environment, both locally and internationally.

We at Bri-Tek aim to inspire individuals and communities to make simple changes that will have a significant positive impact on not only their own lives, but on the environment as a whole.

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Sustainability and Policies

Efficient lighting is quickly proving to be a necessity for sustainable architecture. In 2009, a typical 13W LED lamp emitted 450 to 650 lumens, which is the equivalent to a standard 40W incandescent bulb. By 2011, LEDs became much more efficient and there were 6W LED lamps available that could easily have achieved the same results. A standard 40W incandescent bulb has an expected lifespan of 1000 hours, whereas an LED can continue to operate for at least 50 times longer at 50,000 hours.

Energy Consumption

In the US, one kilowatt per hour of electricity will create 1.34 pounds (610g) of CO2 emissions. Assuming that the average light bulb is on for 10 hours per day, one 40W incandescent bulb will create 196 pounds (86kg) of CO2 emissions per year.

The 6W LED equivalent will only create 30 pounds (14kg) of CO2 over the same time span. You can reduce a building’s carbon footprint 85% by exchanging all of the incandescent bulbs for LEDs.

Economic Sustainability

LED light bulbs can be a cost-effective option for lighting a home or office space, mainly because of their extremely long life spans. 

Consumer use of LEDs as a replacement for conventional lighting systems was previously hampered by the high cost and low efficiency of available products. In 2009, DOE testing results showed an average efficacy of 35lm/W (lumens-per-watt), below that of a typical CFL, and as low as 9lm/W, worse than a standard incandescent.

However, as of 2011, there are LED bulbs available as efficient as 150lm/W and even inexpensive low-end models typically exceed 50lm/W. The high initial cost of commercial LED bulbs is due primarily to the expensive sapphire substrate, which is vital to the production process. The sapphire apparatus must be coupled with a mirror-like collector to reflect light that would be otherwise wasted.

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