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Welcome to Utilitri Ltd


Established in 2010 it was a natural progression as electrical contractors to diversify into the renewable energy industry.

Over the past five years the business has gone from strength to strength, building strong partnerships and establishing ourselves as a professional solar pv installation company.

Expert Solar PV installers – It’s what we do.

Our remit is to provide our customers with a quality service, using high end technology equipment, exceeding our customers’ expectations with a solar pv system that has been designed and installed to the highest standard.

Not only do we install our own work but we pride ourselves on the service we offer to others.

Our install only service enables our customers to relax while we design and install the solar pv system without the worry, we do it all for them.

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Solar technology enables organisations and individuals to take control of their own energy a Commercial Solar PV. System provides significant savings to your business, whilst protecting your company from rising energy costs. Not only will it reduce your energy overheads a PV system will generate a tangible income from the Index-linked Feed-in Tariff Payments for the next 20 years.

As one of the country’s leading Solar Energy Consultants, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience of installing commercial Solar PV systems. We are MCS Accredited, designing and installing systems from 10kW – 2.6MW our solar solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients businesses – ensuring their properties receive the optimum performance from their system and helping maximise the return on their capital investment.

We have installed commercial Solar PV systems in a variety of settings and for diverse businesses across the UK: helping farms, offices, industrial units, warehouses, schools, colleges, hotels, housing associations and local authorities realise the benefits of Solar PV and boost their green credentials.

Our commercial solar PV systems also offer real-time performance data, so you can log in and see how much energy is being generated and how much you are earning hour by hour. Whether your business is connected to the National Grid or not, we can help.

Utilise Your Roof Space or Waste ground as a Business Asset!

Commercial premises often have larger than average roof areas or your business may well have waste ground these are, effectively, an unused business asset – Utilitri can help you leverage the latent earning potential of this space with a custom designed Solar PV system.

Installing a Solar PV system is therefore an unmissable opportunity considering the current economic environment, the spiralling costs of fossil fuels and even the hidden costs associated with your roof space.

Whether your roof is angled or flat, we have a solution – in fact, our commercial solar PV systems can be mounted onto almost any type of commercial building to deliver onsite renewable energy generation targets and help you realise a significant additional income for your organisation.

Commercial Solar PV Feed-In Tariffs

  • Commercial investment in Renewable Energy and Solar PV has enjoyed an accelerated uptake since the Government has shown a financial commitment to Solar PV Feed-in Tariffs.
  • Under the feed-in tariff, your business gets paid for every single watt of electricity you produce – whether you use it all yourself or export it to the grid for an additional payment per Kwh. Payments are index-linked and guaranteed for 20 years.

Greener Credentials

  • With no moving parts, Solar Photovoltaics are the simplest and most reliable way of reducing CO₂ emissions and future proofing housing developments and commercial schemes against rising fuel costs.
  • Research shows that improving and promoting your green credentials can, in itself, be great for business and in a study by the Carbon Trust it claimed that 65% of consumers considered it important to buy from environmentally responsible companies.
  • As a renewable technology, solar installations can contribute towards gaining planning permission and meeting the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Environmental Benefits

  • Solar Panels are zero carbon technology, which means they generate electricity without producing any greenhouse gases and they do not cause pollution.
  • Each kilowatt-peak (kWp) of electricity produced can save approximately 455 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions compared with electricity generated from fossil fuels.
  • All businesses are charged for their CO2 emissions which can escalate into thousands of pounds so the company not only benefits from an excellent return from the Feed in Tariff but they also combat the CO2 charges a win win for all businesses.
  • A well-designed ground mounted solar farm can increase the biodiversity of the environment. Solar farms can be used for sheep to graze and can be planted with pollinating flowers to encourage insects and birds.


  • Not only do we install our own work, but we also provide an install only service, working in partnership with our clients and their teams.
  • These projects require concise structured schedules, liaising consistently with our customers to provide a system designed and installed on time and within budget.
  • Our experienced team of installers work with our in house project designers to provide a bespoke system.

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The principle of Solar PV is exactly the same for a domestic dwelling as it is for commercial, panels are fitted to your roof and connected to an invertor where the current is converted from DC to AC enabling this electricity to be used within the property. Not only is this electricity free to use during daylight hours but it’s also earning you a revenue as all electricity produced per kW has a tariff charge.

If the panels are producing more electricity than you are using the surplus is exported back into the grid giving you an addition tariff.

So what are the benefits of solar PV:-

  • Combat the escalating increase in electricity bills
  • Tax free income guaranteed for 20 years, index linked to inflation
  • Reducing you carbon footprint therefore helping the environment







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