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Techstyle Europe Ltd

The Catalyst Building, Baird Lane, York, YO10 5GA 

T: 01904 56 79 79 E: W:

Welcome to Techstyle Europe Ltd, a Creative Design, Project Management and Marketing Company based in Yorkshire.

We specialise in product design from concept to manufacture for various industry sectors including public sector,  construction, banking, retail, automotive and education.

We provide a fusion of creative design and strategic project management offering support by working alongside clients to enhance business growth and market/brand awareness.


Techstyle aim to closely network customers and suppliers generating a business community all pushing to make high quality products in a competitive market place at competitive prices. Our ability to bring low cost, short lead time origination to British manufacturing is a winning combination that benefits new customers, existing customers, manufacturers and the British manufacturing industry. “Our experience is your advantage”.

Industrial Design: This is a process of design applied to products that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production.

Design Research: A process of detailed investigation into existing products and markets, allowing us to visualise and target new opportunity

Manufacturing Audit: A comprehensive inspection of a process to improve quality and performance

Intellectual Property Protection: Protect your product, brand and invention.

Product Development: The process of designing, creating and marketing new products for market

Packaging: Professionally package your product, giving it an eye catching edge on market.



Our design service offers the client the facility of viewing their products in three-dimensional space prior to production as well as giving the ability to zoom in or out our software allows full rotation in any direction.

Complex assemblies can be constructed showing clearances between parts and animation can show any potential collision areas between moving components. Detailed manufacturing information can also be calculated such as component weight, structural analysis and material flow paths. Important changes can be made cost effectively before any commitment to tooling is made.

Rendered images of product in a life style scene can be generated from the three dimensional data this can then be used to gain important market feed back in relation to aesthetics, colours and sizes. Our experienced designers have honed their talents over many years bringing our clients the best possible design no matter what the industry. From bath plugs to vacuum cleaners to fuel tanker emergency shut off valves whatever your requirement we have the technology.


Some level of protection is often required when bringing a new product or concept to the market place, Techstyle Europe can organise this protection by carefully wording applications to the patent office to give the best possible chance of acceptance and ongoing protection.

Using one source for both design and patent the two work better together to give the best possible level of protection


The full range of prototyping solutions from hand-crafted models to state of the art Vacuum castings are available from Techstyle Europe.

Technologies include:

  • Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Computer Numerically Controlled Machining (CNC)
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Polymer Sheet Processing

Why should you bother with a prototype? In many cases it’s not necessary but the kind of benefits you should expect from this service include the ability to fully test your designs prior to any tooling commitment, reduced development time, market research feedback and the avoidance of expensive tool changes post tool manufacture.

How long does this process take? Each process is slightly different but for the best part models can be produced within a week and in some cases a next day service is available.

Will a prototype perform as well as a mainstream production part? Again this will depend on the process used, some of the processes above are purely used to produce a sample of the parts for aesthetic reasons whilst other processes can produce parts that will have the same characteristics as volume production parts produced in the design intent material.

How do I choose which process I need? Don’t worry, as you can see there are many different processes available but only one or two will be appropriate for your requirement, we are happy to talk through your individual requirement and find the best way forward for you.


With over a decade of experience in the manufacture of tooling for industries ranging from automotive to construction to retail Techstyle Europe can offer low cost high specification tooling for your components.

With options on UK, European and far eastern manufacturing facilities your project manager will find the best way forward for your project. Included in this is our project management service which will ensure that tools are produced on time with continuous project updates on progress.

A wide range of tooling specifications are available. The exact specifications for your project will be discussed with you in detail by your project manager.


Machines ranging from 9 tonnes to 1,000 tonnes, the full range of engineering polymers being processed, 24 hours a day processing all lead to quick turn around times for high or low volume requirements.

Moulding from 3grams to 4.9 kilos, large or small parts are well within the range.


  • Alexander Dennis
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Garland Products Ltd
  • Change London
  • Taison




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