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Northern Networking Events Ltd.

Scottish Enterprise Technology Park 
Nasmyth Building 2nd Floor 
60 Nasmyth Avenue 
East Kilbride 
G75 0QR

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About Us

Northern Networking Events Ltd is a Company which offers the service of Association Management, Professional Conference Organisation and Event Management. The Company was incorporated in March 2004 (Company No 265187) after a rebranding of the existing company Northern Networking Ltd which was incorporated in December 1995. With experience in organising both small and large meetings throughout the world, specialising in medical, scientific and business Conferences, we pride ourselves in always offering our clients a professional, friendly and reliable service. In addition to our Conferences and events services, we work on a regular basis with a number of clients offering our expertise in Association and Training Management, website design, business consultancy and finance services.

At NNE, we are proud of the quality of the service we provide and our in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of organising an event or conference. We work closely with our clients and their delegates thus ensuring that all marketing, programme schedules and themes for their event are targeted at the correct market thereby ensuring a successful outcome.

We have over 20 years of international experience working with some of the most renowned organisations such as experts in the field of psychiatry at Executive level. We also work with high profile members of the scientific, medical and business communities, resulting in our staff gaining superior experience in supporting such VIP groups.

NNE specialises in conferences of up to 5,000 delegates, our company policy has always been to provide a personal service to our clients where they have one point of contact for all aspects of the conference.

  • Event Planning and Budget Control
  • Complete Administration Service
  • Online Database Management
  • Online registration and payment system
  • Membership Communication
  • Business Consultancy
  • Finance advice
  • Print & Distribution Management
  • Website Design & Management
  • Travel Logistics
  • Entertainment & Social Programme
  • Speaker Management
  • Audio Visual & Presentation Support
  • Dedicated On the Day Co-ordination
  • Post Event Evaluation & Analysis
  • Design, Print & Badges
  • Venue finding & Liaison
  • Accommodation



Professional Conference Organiser For Complete Conference Care

For Complete Conference Care

As you may know organising a conference can be stressful. Let NNE take the stress away from you, we will guide you through the conference organisation process step by step allowing you to concentrate on your day job!

Each conference is unique, with their own ideas on what they want. NNE can adapt to any change in requests or environment from the client ensuring that the outcomes will always be of the highest standard.

With over 20 years experience we also like to make suggestions to our clients on new services we can offer.

Northern Networking Events Ltd can deliver all of these benefits through our professionalism, knowledge and quality of service. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for all your conference needs as detailed below. 

  • Complete Financial Service, including budget and payment management
  • Dedicated Event Manager
  • Online registration and payment system
  • Financial advice
  • Business management consultancy
  • Conference mobile apps
  • Delegate Handling Service
  • Full care of Speakers and VIP Guests
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Design and print of conference identity
  • Marketing Package
  • Onsite Support and Registration Facility
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors Package
  • Venue Management, includes sourcing the right venue for your conference


Association Management

More and more associations and societies are turning to professional help as an efficient and low cost alternative to in-house administration.

The benefits of this are: 

  • Experience and knowledge of association administration
  • Use of our online bespoke database system
  • Offer expertise in best practice
  • Provide efficiency for member usage
  • To improve the professionalism of the Association and quality of service
  • Cost effective
  • Full financial service
  • Conference/Event/Training course management
  • Act as a central point of contact for members, corporate members and non-members
  • Organise, attend and minute EC or board meetings
  • Day to day correspondence with the Association Committees

Training Course

Training Course Management -Delivering results

  • Organising a training course is not always as simple as it seems. At NNE we have the experience and knowledge of the industry to ensure the smooth running of the training course. We can provide the following services: 
  • Venue Management
  • Trainer Support Service
  • Audio Visual Package
  • Complete Financial Service
  • Managing all Workshops
  • Marketing Package
  • Production of Training Material
  • Trainee Handling Service

Print & Distribution

Print and Distribution Management

Northern Networking Events Ltd is the European print and distributor of manuals for a Canadian based company. We would work with you and your clients to ensure they receive a high quality printed product and ensure all orders are distributed to in a timely manner. We can send your books as single copies or multiple orders to any national and international destination using either Royal Mail or reputable commercial couriers.

The services we can offer you are:


  • Printing
  • Design Consultation
  • Budgeting
  • E-Commerce design
  • Administration
  • Online booking and payment system
  • Bookkeeping

Website Design

Website Design and Management -Your Online Presence Taken Care Of

Having an online presence is key if you are running an association or organising a conference. Having a website allows you to reach all your members or delegates with any updates on your association or event. It also gives you a platform to advertise yourself to gain new members or attract more delegates to your event.

For your association:

Using our in-house team we can create an attractive website that you can use to keep your members notified of any developments within your association as well as provide information on your history and any other news relative to your area of expertise. Members can log into a secure area where you can offer them access to documents, presentations and other information only available to paid members. You can also advertise meetings, conferences and training sessions within your association. We can also provide your association with a portal for online membership payments for annual fees or for particular events.

For Conferences/Training Courses:

Having a website for your event allows you to create the conference brand and market it to potential delegates. A website designed by NNE will give you the ability to manage online registrations, accommodation, abstract submission and provide updates on your conference programme as they become available.

Other features which come with using NNE for all your website needs include

  • A newsletter system to create a database of potential customers by allowing them to easily add their name and email address to your subscription list. It also allows to you to send out updates and important notices that you wish to push out all your members or delegates with an extensive reporting suite to ensure that your news is reaching everyone.
  • Analytic management of your website which will provide you feedback on how well your website is being used and from there we can look at ways to improve your site.
  • We can host your website and manage your domain with our own dedicated and secure server which is backed up every day.

Online Registration

Online Conference Registration System

Each year we handle 1,000’s of registrations for our clients. Our registration system is based on a secure server and each delegate will create and maintain their own account using a username and password.
We can design and adapt the registration system to fit your conference needs. The registration form will be branded with you logo and conference office contact details.

Once delegates create their account they can edit their own details, select events they want to attend and pay using our online secure credit card system or if requested they can be sent an invoice. Once the delegate submits their form they will receive an automatic confirmation of registration.

Registration reporting:

Our system allows us to produce any delegates reports detailing countries, cities, specialism, payment types etc.


We can incorporate a selection of hotels, prices, dates within the registration form allowing the delegate to book all their requirements within one simple system.

Our Online Conference Registration System Facilities in detail:

  • Attendee Profiles & History
  • Appearance & Branding
  • Workshops & Sessions
  • Promotional Pricing
  • Attendee Badges
  • Registration Check-In
  • Social Media Integration (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Multi-Currency
  • Max. Capacities & Waiting lists
  • Exhibitor Registration
  • Online Credit Card Authorisation


Abstract Management

Online Speaker and Poster Abstract Submission

Each year we manage 100’s of abstracts submissions through our on-line system. As a bespoke system we can design the abstracts system to suit your requirements. In general our system can offer:

  • Online Call for Papers / Presentation Submissions
  • Email Templates & Distributions Lists
  • Speaker / Presenter CRM
  • Abstract Scoring & Approval
  • Presentation & Session Management

Our system is divided into three separate areas:


  • Upload abstracts in the file and layout as requested
  • Can edit abstracts until the deadline
  • Receive email confirmation of submissions


  • Will be assigned abstracts to comment on
  • Online scoring system
  • Ability to leave comments


  • Has access to the full submission system
  • Can allocate abstracts to evaluators
  • Advises submitters of their submission result

We will develop a set of user friendly guidelines for each of the abstracts submission areas.


Membership Database

With the increase demand from members of associations requesting to renew or apply for membership online our bespoke online database system allows us to provide this for your members. Our system allows for individual and corporate memberships. The benefits of using our membership database system are detailed below.

  • All members data in one place
  • Increases the renewal process for both members and the association
  • Easier to track who has / has not renewed and/or paid
  • Monitor all financial aspects of membership i.e. outstanding invoices, payment methods
  • Create bespoke templates for renewal letters, invoices, receipts, certificates etc
  • Arrange for on-line credit card payment for membership dues
  • Call for membership dues
  • Process membership dues
  • Receipt of membership dues


Financial Services

We understand that the financial aspect of any conference, event, association or society is a key aspect in the long term success of the organisation. Through our many years of experience and knowledge we will help to provide you with an understanding of the financial obligations.

Bank account:

We have the experience and expertise to open and manage to your bank account in any currency you wish. All income and expenses related to your organisation will be directed to that account. We will undertake the administration of the VAT/TAX requirements if applicable. We use a SAGE accounting package which is used by many other organisations which is approved by HMRC and the Institute of Directors.


Our bookkeepers record all financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts and payments for your organisation.

Our bookkeepers bring the books to the trial balance stage for the accountant who will prepare the income statement and balance sheet using the trial balance and ledgers prepared by the bookkeeper. The other services we can offer are:

  • Day to day payment of expenses when required
  • Day to day bookkeeping services using SAGE accounting package
  • Preparation of quarterly reports in SAGE or excel
  • Preparation of end of financial year report for Accountant/Auditor in SAGE
  • Reporting to Finance committee
  • Receipt of miscellaneous income
  • General financial administration


Budgets can be complicated and difficult to develop. At NNE our experience of working on budgets with clients allows us to identify what expenses will be expected both variable and fixed and what income will be required to cover them. Our finance system allows us to provide our clients with REAL time figures when requested. This enables our clients to understand what the finances are at any time.



Exhibition and Sponsorship Management

At NNE we understand that in certain organisations one of the major impacts on the financial success of a conference is down to sponsorship and exhibition income.

NNE over the years has a proven track record in generating substantial income from sponsors. Our clients have benefited immensely from our knowledge and contacts with companies in various industries.

Once we receive the floor plan for the venue we can devise an exhibitor’s pack with the various options on stand sizes, sponsorship opportunities and advertising.

Full administrative support will be offered and will include:

  • Preparation of sponsorship pack
  • Design of exhibition floor plan
  • Mailing to prospects and negotiations with potential sponsors
  • Preparation of conditions and contracts
  • Finalising contracts
  • Processing payments

Using our bespoke online registration system we will develop a registration form for exhibitors and sponsors who can select their purchases. As our system runs on real time in removes the risk of double item bookings. Our system will automatically update any item when it has sold out.



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