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QuoVadis Online Security Limited

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Welcome to QuoVadis

About QuoVadis

Founded in 1999, QuoVadis is a leading global certification authority with operations in Bermuda, Switzerland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

QuoVadis provides managed public key infrastructure services (PKI), including both dedicated certification authorities (CA) that may be fully-customised to a client's needs as well as shared services CAs that have been audited to international standards. QuoVadis Trust/Link registration authorities provide great flexibility for our customers wishing to register their employees and counterparties, as well as manage large numbers of SSL and device certificates.

Reflecting the company's global clientele, QuoVadis is independently audited for compliance to key international standards for its security processes and infrastructure. This includes accreditation as a Qualified Certification Services Provider (CSP) in several countries, along with the WebTrust seals for Certification Authorities and Extended Validation.

QuoVadis certificate services include:

• Organisation-validated SSL certificates
• Extended validation SSL certificates
• SAN, OCS, UCC & Wildcard certificates
• Code signing certificates
• Digital signing certificates (for signing invoices, quotes, contracts)
• PDF signing certificates
• s/mime certificates (for signing & encryption eMails)
• Authentication certificates (for network access, remote access, VPNs, web portals & applications)

Digital Certificate Services

QuoVadis has a decade of experience providing managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services to international companies and organisations. QuoVadis managed PKI services take the pain out of deploying digital certificates so our clients can focus on their core business applications.

QuoVadis is accredited to international standards, including WebTrust and ETSI, and is a Qualified Certification Service Provider in Switzerland, Holland, and Bermuda. QuoVadis is a eID issuer under the SuisseID, PKIoverheid, and e-Herkenning programmes.  In the UK QuoVadis are also accredited by HMRC to provide signing/encryption certificates for the HMRC SET service.

The QuoVadis CA certificates are distributed in most commonly used software.

Our offering includes:

Managed PKI

•We sell digital certificates, including Qualified and Advanced certificates, as well as both organisation and Extend Validation SSL.
•We provide outsourced certification authorities (CA) that can be tailored to the particular needs of a client or community.
•Our rapid-deployment Trust/Link Enterprise registration authority (RA) allows companies to issue certificates from QuoVadis’ public CAs with pre-vetting and instant issuance. Trust/Link may be configured for either SSL or End User digital certificates (or any combination of certificate types) with custom emails and workflows, as well as delegated administration.

Signing Services

•We provide trusted time-stamping to reinforce data integrity and non-repudiation in the tracking, storage/archive, or submission of electronic records.
•We provide digital signature solutions to allow fast integration of legally valid digital signatures into your existing systems and processes.   

Root Services

•With root CA hosting we assist organisations wishing to set up their own trust anchors.
•QuoVadis also provides root signing to enhance the trust and recognition of customers’ in-house CAs.
•Our PKI professional services team is skilled in PKI policy, technologies, and integration into customer environments.

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