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Unit 1A
Station Road Industrial Estate
East Sussex
TN21 8DB

Tel: 01435 862 737
Fax: 01435 866 250


How we can help you:

SoundTalking undertake all aspects of alternative format work including Braille, large print, audio transcription and audio translation. A full list of SoundTalking's service is available by visiting the our services page on our website.

The majority of our work is based on 'word to audio' transcription where we produce audio versions of any written document where there is a need for that information to be accessible to the visually impaired. This can be by using tapes, CDs or even Mp3 formats.

However, because of the strength we have in helping the blind and visually impaired in accessing information in audio we have grown the business to include large print, Braille and language translation.

What we offer:

  • Print into Large Print
  • Print into Braille
  • Print into Audio CD, cassette tape or Mp3
  • Braille labels
  • Feely dots
  • Translation

Translation services are available to help get your message across to members of our community for whom English isn't their first language. This can be either 'text to text' or even 'text to audio'. For example, we can produce an English document in nearly any other language and then have it recorded by a mother tongue speaking national in an audio version. All translation work is checked prior to despatch by a second mother tongue speaking national to ensure accuracy in both translation and tonality.

  • Print translation (text to audio), this can mean an English document being translated into any given language of choice as an audio CD, cassette or Mp3 file.
  • Print translation (text to text), this can mean a straight written translation of a document from English to any other language or vice-versa.
  • E-mail/3.5"(floppy) reformatting to Large Print, Braille or Audio.

Magazines, books, account statements, utility bills, menus, leaflets, training packs, prospectus reports, annual reports and just about anything else can be heard or felt by the visually impaired using our techniques that really engage the end user!

About us

SoundTalking was established in 1980 by founder and champion of the visually impaired Ted Davis MBE. SoundTalking was created to help the retail and local authority sector as well as the public sector keep in touch with their visually impaired members. Things have changed over the years but the notion of helping word blind individuals is as dear to Mr Davis' heart now as it always has been. In fact, all the profits made by SoundTalking are covenanted to the charity he founded specifically helping blind and visually impaired. That charity is Talking Newspapers and Magazines. It is because of our charitable background in serving the needs of the visually impaired that we best understand what is the real solution for all of your alternative format requirements.

SoundTalking clients include many government agencies, retail customers, limited companies, health authorities, education authorities and a selection of those clients can be viewed at our testimonial section on our website.

The services we offer are beneficial to: 

  • Local Councils or charities wishing to make their published material or buildings more accessible to the blind and visually impaired.
  • Schools, Colleges and any blind or visually impaired students who need course notes translated for their coursework.
  • Retailers looking to increase their profits, through improving their promotional material accessibility or though direct marketing of their product to the blind or visually impaired. 
  • Any blind or visually impaired individual who requires Braille, audio or Large Print material at short notice.
  • Any authority who needs to communicate with it's members for whom English isn't their first language.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss all your alternative format requirements whether it is Audio, Braille, large print or translation or alternatively view our website for further details of our extensive services.
We look forward to dealing with your requirements and offering any advice or help we can.

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