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Malvern Hills Science Park
Geraldine Road
WR14 3SZ

Tel: +44 (0)1684 377980

Welcome to Borwell 

Secure by design – Software experts

An award-winning software house based in Malvern, Worcestershire, UK, the borwell teams can create software for you, which is secure by design

Experienced software engineers work in partnership with your team. A dedicated project team will create database driven, secure software apps to directly support your business processes

Business Software

  • Business Applications
  • Integration to increase productivity and/or profitability
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Business Process Modelling

Cyber Security

  • Secure Software Development
  • Software Code Audits 
  • SOTER Data Diode
  • Cyber Crime Training Course

Defence Software

  • Defence Software Projects
  • Secure Software Development
  • IT Consultancy
  • Quality Software

Operational Software

  •          Operational Information Systems (OpIS)
  •          Operational Software Solutions (OSS)

Your data will be protected - and your customer's data too. If you need a high level of support, our teams will keep you operational 24/7


IT Services UK – Made in Britain

Are you looking to procure new IT systems, software services or training? Undergoing organisational change? The borwell team provide expert advice in all areas of IT, Software and Computing.

The IT Services that borwell provide, enables functionality and flexibility to fit alongside our Client's Commercial Off The Shelf solutions (COTS). Our UK software house, situated in the idyllic location of the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, has been creating bespoke software solutions for companies and businesses worldwide since 2003. Our talented software engineers create software that works the way you do.

Custom Software Development 

To get the most out of the People, Process and Technology in your organisation, you need the right IT support.

We produce applications, tools, utilities and scripts which enable you to pull data out of them into a format that supports your staff and business needs.

Business Process Modelling 

Business Process Modelling provides fast growing small businesses and medium sized enterprises with the ability to grow their business, and better organise their business.

The ideal organisation is one that wishes to roll-out consistent processes, or that has a focus on quality of product or quality of service.


Secure Software Experts 

When buying custom software or solutions that integrate with existing software and data sources, security needs to be in-mind before any changes to the organisation.

Our team of secure software experts have many years of experience writing software applications and web based applications that keep our Client's data secure.

Secure by design 

Our teams work in partnership with our Clients. An initial review of the current business processes and IT architecture is made. This includes looking at hardware and server technologies and mobile devices too.

The solution that is proposed is presented, reviewed and signed-off before any purchases or code is written. Security is considered before during and after software is created.

Protecting our Client's data and their end user or client data too is paramount. Ask your current IT or software partner to demonstrate tools and techniques that help achieve this - you might be disappointed. If you are, then talk to the borwell team, who have proven expertise, proven systems and Client's who buy more than once. It's all down to trust.

Soter Data Diode 

Soter Data Diode allows information to flow between two networks in one-direction only. The networks could be connected via the internet, or could be networks with different data classifications.

A key criteria is that the data flowing from the transmitter (low system) needs to get to the receiver (high system) reliably, accurately and quickly.


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