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Wavex Technology Ltd

Kingsfield House
66 Prescot St, 
London, E1 8HG
Tel: 0207 121 9500

Welcome to Wavex

Wavex is a London born & based, award-winning business workflow management and IT services provider with a single focus – we deliver the highest quality service to the people that matter – our customers.


We focus on doing so in 4 main categories;

  • underpinning your growth
  • minimising risks
  • improving efficiency
  • enhancing user experience

We work with business leaders who demand quality in all they do. People who believe in excellence. We’re not for everyone & that allows us to focus on the people that really count. 

The excellence seekers, quality hunters & forward thinking business leaders. 

These people build long term partnerships with WAVEX. We know their business & strive to help them succeed in all they do. 

Our people are powered by the unique functionality of The Wavex platform. This ensures that we deliver a fast, exceptionally reliable and unusually accountable service to our clients. 


We believe that the services we deliver should provide clear and tangible business benefits to your organisation. 

In fact, we prefer to understand your organisation today, and where you believe it may be in the future to help us determine the services that will deliver the most value. Although should your future be uncertain, we always ensure our services are flexible so you can change them as your needs evolve.

All our services deliver on the following business benefits;

Enabling Growth
Our solutions help our customers underpin their business growth, whether they be delivered via the cloud or on-premise. Our services deliver a suitable level of flexibility such that technology supports your growth ambitions instead of slowing you down.

Improving Operational Efficiency
Our solutions help customers operate more efficiently and provide visibility around how they are performing across the various functions of their business.  We help our customers to drive efficiency into HR, Sales, Finance and Operations with our range of Business Workflow Management Services.

Minimising Risk
Our solutions help customers avoid risks and continue to function should a disaster strike.

Enhancing Client & Employee Experience
Our solutions improve the experience customers’ employees have with technology.





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