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Thornton House
Thornton Road
SW19 4NG

Tel: 44 (0) 20 8286 7587

Welcome to DIEGESIS - Information Management and Integration Systems

Serving UK Business and Public Sector Organisations

Diegesis is a UK based IT consultancy specialising reselling enterprise strength Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products, consultancy and professional services to customers utilising those products our own IPR based on those products, either in the form of applications, software toolkits or other soft items such as installation guides, configuration guides or development standards and technical notes to facilitate rapid take up of new technologies. Our expertise covers:

  • All aspects of integration:
    • Asynchronous messaging using MQ, ActiveMQ and JMS messaging
    • EAI integration including ESB and SOA
    • Synchronous messaging and API integration using API engines, Web Services and related APIs such as REST
    • BPM, Workflow and business rules integration
    • Data integration using ETL
    • Integration in challenging environments such as battlefield communications and mobile devices.  We are the experts in Lean Services, particularly on light weight devices, with specialist integrations to traverse data diodes and other security devices by complying with barrier validation rules.
    • Multi-channel communications and collaboration, including linking to content management stores
    • Portal application development
    • Configuration of complex COTS offerings and integration with external data sources to provide situational awareness, control room and crisis management capabilities.
  • Certain aspects of data analytics such as:
    • Enterprise search
    • Text mining of entities and relationships using UIMA and languageware.
    • Predictive analytics using R or SPSS
    • Investigative analytics using entity and relationship analytics such as i2.
    • Master data management
    • Integrating specialist engines extracting meta data from non-text unstructured data such as voice identity or face recognition.
  • Management, architecture, development and delivery of enterprise strength solutions incorporating these technologies, including dev/ops and advanced testing capabilities to ensure appropriate quality, typically using Java or C++ as the core language, on Linux, Unix, Windows or android.
  • Particularly competencies in benefits realisation, ensuring that the focus is on delivery of an outcome marrying people with the appropriate technology enablers for the requirement, whether COTS products or open source technology. appropriately pricedto ensure a return on investment by appropriate balance between time, quality and cost
  • Risk management :
    • Effective use of risk management technology.
    • Excellence in technical risk management of IT projects
    • Linking to insurance and extending the use of risk management as a financial tool.
  • Certain aspects of cyber security and the development of secure, robust and reliable solutions incorporating features such as data replication, integration with identity management and online monitoring.
  • Helping customers with challenging and unusual issues:
    • Identifying, debugging and addressing system performance issues.
    • Similarly addressing system quality and availability issues.
    • Planning and managing migration projects.
    • Support for legacy technology familiar to our senior team members where skills are short.

Our consultancy skills and our delivery capabilities enable us to add value in almost all industries, and we have a broad range of business, industry and information systems experience.  We have particular focus in:

  • Government, defence organisations and Police – many of our staff are security cleared
  • Organisations involved in major projects including those in aerospace, engineering, transportation, power, petrochemical, oil/gas/nuclear, utilities, telecommunications, construction, pharmaceuticals and IT
  • Banking, insurance and financial organisations
  • Retail
  • Telco.


  • Assess Business Issues
  • Design Solutions Using IT
  • Supply Software (& Hardware)
  • Deliver Professional Services
  • Support

WHAT WE SELL - Business Technology and Systems

  • Software – a range of third party software to meet the diverse needs of our customers.  We can supply a wide range from IBM major brand software (such as DB2, WebSphere, Tivoli and Rational) through to software from medium sized software companies and niche research labs.
  • Consultancy – focussed primarily in the area of business analysis and requirements definition work.  Working with you to understand your business needs and objectives and assisting you to prioritise areas for attention.  Once defined we work on building the ‘desired state’ vision for approval and then design the solution to meet you business, infrastructure, technical estate and company policy requirements.
  • Services – delivering a comprehensive spectrum of products, services, systems, solutions, and capability to you: solution architects, system designers, programme and project managers, implementation specialists, integration specialists, ‘coders’, testers … and everything to relationship managers and ongoing support.


How to Apply Knowledge Management to Competitive Advantage

  • Listen well – to understand your key business drivers, objectives and the factors which will enable you to do business faster, better, for lower cost, for greater return, or, especially in the case of public sector organisations, to meet your organisations objectives more efficiently and effectively.
  • To assess the business needs of your organisation and rapidly analyse where technology, or a combination of technology and process/organisational change, can provide a solution (or opportunity).
  • Work with you to assess alternative solutions; or to recommend a solution.
  • Work with you to assess the anticipated return on investment (ROI) for the considered technology implementation and process changes; and to assist in prioritising investments on this basis.
  • Supply, test, implement, integrate and support appropriate software and code to deliver on your stated business objectives and to deliver a valuable ROI.

Technical and Delivery Skills

  • Information Management (Data management, business intelligence, content and document management, web content, portals, archiving, records management, automated data capture (from documents, graphics, photos))
  • Risk Management (project risk management, governance, compliance, enterprise risk management)
  • Integration (systems integration, service oriented architecture, data integration, information integration)
  • Search (web, data, content, sophisticated federated search, complex rules based and logic based enterprise search, cross enterprise and secure shared search including graphics, data, text and content)
  • Collaboration (team environments including web based)
  • Business Process Management and Workflow (including document centric workflow, business process management, business transaction management and monitoring)
  • J2EE, Java, WebSphere, C++ …




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