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Welcome to Mazepoint

Our clients face unprecedented pressure to provide services in a transparent, cost-effective, and efficient manner. The expectation is that you are customer-focused and responsive to stakeholder needs in an environment of shrinking budgets and resources. 

Departments within the Public sector hold an immense amount of data that is collected each day in order to make “just in time” decisions as well as to forecast for the long term. The kinds of intelligence collected can be anything from crime data to public health information; economic development data to public school information.  

Maintaining and leveraging the data intelligence of these kinds of operations can be a challenge, which is where Mazepoint comes in - not only in providing systems that facilitate the collection of data, but more importantly, providing the means to sift through the vast amounts of information for which the public sector is custodian. The imperative is to understand how to derive knowledge from all of the data, and to use that knowledge to enhance the provision of services.   

Mazepoint’s BI experience and solutions are empowering both Public and Private sector organisations to make data driven decisions – quickly and easily. Helping people gain insights into their data to solve unexpected problems is what drives us. 

Data Specialists: Whether using legacy back-office systems to provide services or online applications such as web portals to meet the needs of your constituents, Mazepoint transforms how organisations tackle their data challenges. In an era of exploding data complexity, the company’s agile Business Intelligence toolset, data management and analytic software gives users new powers to harness data, to discover new insights and to continuously improve business results. 

Mazepoint’s BI solutions offer rich functionality, ranging from reporting and integrated analysis, through dashboards and mash-ups, to advanced analysis and data integration. These give government bodies insights for improved decision-making in every project area. 

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From Departmental to Enterprise solutions Thousands of users across many industries, benefit from a Mazepoint solution, highlighting the value of our services across different sectors, including Fortune 500 and mid-market companies, government agencies, and Health Care trusts They use Mazepoint solutions to make data-driven decisions across their organisations.

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Free Trial  Mazepoint’s solutions provide users with a powerful platform and in-depth, easy to use reporting and analysis functionality, along with robust security capabilities. Take advantage of SaaS, cloud deployments for a more efficient use and more widespread adoption due to the lower cost inherent in the solution.  

Mazepoint utilizes market leading software, such as Tableau, Jedox and Microsoft, enabling Management, business development, marketing and controlling departments to quickly and easily access any database and ask questions of the data to uncover the drivers that impact their business.

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Why Mazepoint 

Business intelligence. Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting. Data Analysis. When it comes to understanding data and developing powerful solutions, some of the biggest companies in the UK have turned to Mazepoint to achieve outstanding results. We have extensive experience of working on big data projects and offer our clients exemplary software consulting services.
This means that when you choose Mazepoint, you can be assured of a high quality service and fantastic solutions tailored exclusively for your business. 

•    Agile and Flexible Analysis Increasingly, most organisations are turning to analytics to achieve their business goals, demanding that their analytics infrastructure and people can manage more data, from more sources, respond with more speed, adapt to more change, and support more decision makers. Agility and flexibility are no longer choices – they are requirements. 

•    Harnessing the Power of Data Mazepoint transforms how companies tackle their data challenges to achieve breakthrough business results. The company’s agile data management and analytic software gives business new powers to harness data in an era of exploding complexity, to discover new insights and to continuously improve business results. 

•    Powerful Solutions Mazepoint can give you complete control over your data through an agile analytic environment that combines ETL and data integration, data analysis, and data visualisation capabilities. You can bring together Big Data and twist and turn the data in any way necessary to analyse your business situation. 

•    ISO9001 and ISO27001 compliant, demonstrating a level of assurance that access and security of your data is taken seriously at Mazepoint.  Adherence to these frameworks ensures that whatever form your data takes, or means by which it is stored, you can be confident that there is a structured approach for ensuring its security.    

•    Trusted G-Cloud Supplier Mazepoint is a long-standing supplier on G-Cloud, the on-line procurement framework developed and promoted by the UK Government to bring the efficiency, scale and cost benefits of public cloud computing to all parts of the public sector. 

Industry Experience

Mazepoint works with clients across several industries – from the Automotive through to Government departments – highlighting the value of our Business Intelligence services across specific sectors. Our 20 years of experience allows us to deliver a range of business intelligence solutions that make a real difference to the bottom line of some of the biggest organisations on the planet. 


If you’re looking for an experienced team to deliver end-to-end business intelligence solutions, Mazepoint is the company of choice. We have successfully implemented a wide-range of reporting and analytics systems including enterprise data warehouses, departmental data marts, operational reporting applications, and dashboards/scorecards – on the desktop, via the web, and for mobile devices. We help our customers by providing solutions that are informative, appealing, and easily understood by their chosen audiences, enabling both individuals and organisations to make better data-driven decisions. 

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