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Medatech UK

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Tel: 0845 230 6740

Welcome to Medatech UK

Medatech UK specialises in providing Priority ERP solution to a variety of manufacturing, commercial and distribution organisations.

Our reputation is for providing excellent service and long-term commitment to our customer’s needs. We ensure that the functionality that our customers want is supplied as quickly as possible, as cheaply as possible and without jeopardising system integrity or future upgradeability.

The company's main expertise and core business is implementing the Priority midrange ERP system and developing additional software systems in the Priority environment. Our experience spans many industries and covers a diverse range of company sizes so we can bring a wealth of relevant experience to your environment.

In the internet and B2B world, Medatech uses the most advanced technologies and tools to provide a variety of business solutions covering, amongst others: Legacy to Web, Business Process Integration, eMarketplaces and Enterprise Application Integration.

As well as providing the software tools to enable your enterprise to flourish, Medatech will supply the expertise and consultancy to update your business practices and procedures to compete with the best in the market.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, such as Priority are more than just a series of integrated software programs. The successful implementation of such systems requires much more from the supplier, in the form of training, data migration, customisation and ultimately ongoing user support.

Medatech UK has extensive skills in all these areas to ensure that your implementation of Priority goes smoothly from day one, through go-live and beyond throughout the maintenance period.

Services we can provide:

Training to ensure your users become local experts on their use of Priority;

Consultancy to ensure that your business processes remain safe and intact and can adapt to your changing marketplace;

Development services to ensure that your Priority system matches your business requirements perfectly;

Data migration services to ensure that all your legacy information is not lost and can be accessed in the same environment as your day-to-day transactions.

Development Medatech's policy regarding multi-skilled consultants pays real dividends to the customer when specific developments are required for business-critical issues.


Priority is a full functionality ERP solution aimed specifically at the mid-market. It operates in both Windows, Unix/Linux environments and Macintosh and has a choice of database options. MS-SQL or Oracle.

Priority is modular and fully integrated with a broad base of modules to suit most types of industry. There are three main versions: Commercial, Manufacturing, and Distribution which ensures that it remains as cost-effective for those organisations that require lower functionality as it is for the more complex enterprises.

One of Priority’s key attributes is its ability to be moulded to the exact requirements of the individual customer. Specific industry functionality such as Point of Sale (EPoS) and Customer Relationship Management are available with the standard Priority solution. This ensures that all our customers get the best of a standard enterprise solution without having to throw away the hard-won business processes that make up their competitive advantage in their specific marketplace.

In addition, the unique software engineering within Priority ensures that customisations made are carried forward through all new revisions of the core system. This means they never have to be re-written and Priority’s advanced upgrading mechanism remains a simple and seamless exercise.

Ease of use and simplicity of system maintenance are major drivers for many customers today as companies strive for ever-greater efficiencies throughout all their operations.

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