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Stonegate IT Limited
Romney House
Monument Way
Orbital Park
TN24 0HB

tel: +44 (0)20 3761 3529



Welcome to Stonegate IT

Stonegate IT Limited is an award-winning IT services company providing migration and transitioning services for its clients and partners. Find out more about Stonegate IT here.


We have deep knowledge and experience of servers and hosting environments, and have developed over the last seven years a proven method and capability in migrations of all types.   We approach migrations from an application point of view and migrate applications from one datacenter to another, quite often to a target environment on the cloud.

We are known and respected in the hosting industry and online community as migration experts, and have migrated thousands of servers and optimised the processes involved and provide an efficient, low risk simple migration service. 

We do most of our work remotely on dedicated servers and the Cloud in its many shapes and forms using Windows OS and open source technologies such as Linux

For fewer than 20 servers we typically work off a rate card, and usually quote within 24-48 hours of having initial client conversations.



As part of our server migration offering, we can migrate single applications or entire IT estates. For smaller jobs we use a rate card approach, with a carefully structured process with a clear set of responsibilities for you and Stonegate.  For the smaller jobs (or simple web application migration) we typically work remotely.    For larger jobs, and where clients need some project management help, typically with end-to-end infrastructure migration programmes, we provide on-site project management offices and dedicated technical staff.  We cover a variety of migration types:

DATA CENTRE MIGRATION We do not move hardware, but operate at a logical level migrating operating systems, VMs, applications, data and functionality. The hardware is left behind. Read more 

CLOUD MIGRATION We have experience of a number of public and private cloud platforms, and are able to migrate data, applications and other business services from an array of different platforms to the Cloud or from one Cloud environment to another. Read more 

SERVER MIGRATION We find some organisations can only cover hardware aspects of migration (design and build of the infrastructure platforms) and some others cover only the application side of moving the apps and data.  We cover both in a single stop whether you’re looking to move a single application on a single server, or your entire IT estates across a range of servers.  Read more 

WEB APPLICATION MIGRATION  Stonegate have moved over 8000 web applications and developed a set of processes and methods to ensure live services are migrated effectively. Read more 


With a range of experience of server environments we can assist with design, build, discovery and planning activity around infrastructure transformation.  We have a good understanding of a variety of common software platforms, frameworks and tools (e.g. Magenta, Wordpress, Docker, R-Sync etc).   Using our experience of cloud we can assist clients with business cases, and technical aspects of implementation of services where no migration is needed.    Based on our experience of migrating to numerous Cloud providers, Cloud consulting or architecture work is the principle area of activity in this space.  

Typically these engagements are of a few days or weeks. 

We can also consult on a wide range of migration options, where clients wish to engage different parties to execute migration tasks.


- We have the experience and processes and methods to minimise risk and downtime

- We are flexible and responsive and easy to do business with

- We can work with your team to supplement their capabilities in enabling the migration work.

- We have a proven track record in delivery


Today we work with a number of leading hosting companies and service providers, such as IBM, Rackspace, AWS, Memset and Peer 1. If you work with different hosting companies we are always happy to engage with any additional providers or with clients where they approach us directly.  

CLIENTS We have migrated thousands of applications for hundreds of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises. Our client references demonstrate our commitment to delivering. View our testimonials  

Our client list includes major universities such as London South Bank University and Goldsmith’s University. We have also carried out major migrations for Vodafonenetmums.comInnocent Drinks and the charity Help For Heroes.





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