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QsmartStorage is a trading style of Trams Ltd, one of the largest B2B Apple Authorised Resellers in the UK & Quantum StorNext Reseller of the year for the last 4 years.

QsmartStorage brings together consultants with industry expertise, able to design, specify, deliver & support best of breed storage products and workflow solutions. Our consultants deliver solutions that make the most of the technical capabilities of the hardware and the software platforms whilst delivering to our customer’s desired workflows and budgetary constraints. The results are end-to-end performant solutions that deliver platforms providing content production, distribution, and archive content based workflows.

Affordability, Performance and reliability is designed into our solutions from the outset to meet the most extreme production and delivery deadlines. Our services do not have to end with the successful implementation of a solution, we also provide end-user and system administrator training allowing your staff to get the best out of the hardware and the software delivered, maximising your ROI.

Typically Storage solutions we offer are based around the Quantum “StorNext" platform together with the associated “glue” or infrastructure components required to make the systems gel. StorNext’s open approach and multi-vendor support model provides the ability to work with all leading infrastructure suppliers and Media software solution providers. That said, we do however have some favourites and we have chosen to work with manufacturers such as ATTO (for HBA’s); Qlogic (for Fabric Switches) and Cinegy (for production workflow software solutions) as our partners of choice.

In the past StorNext has been (and still remains) a large player in the Media and Entertainment, Broadcast and Post production markets; however, more and more customers in diverse markets can benefit from the solutions StorNext and QsmartStorage can offer, these sectors include Finance, Corporate video, Video Surveillance, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas and GeoSpatial.

We can help deliver solutions for their common requirements to capture, process, manage and share "big data" in a high-performance, collaborative workflow.

QsmartStorage specialise in delivering cost effective tiered storage solutions and associated workflow based applications, enabling organisations to match the cost of their required solution to the access needs and value of the data.


Post Production 

  • As a post production professional you face ever-changing client requirements, tighter deadlines and shrinking budgets.
  • With a complete HD workflow being the norm and 4K already here or coming fast, you need rock-solid performance and reliability in your workflow. StorNext post production solutions deliver.
  • StorNext is the number one open collaboration platform for post production and the only 100% compatible Xsan solution available.
  • Quantum StorNext 5 delivers dramatic new levels of performance, scalability and flexibility for a new generation of the industry’s leading scale-out shared storage file system, tiered storage and archive.
  • Newly engineered from the ground up, StorNext 5 is a complete end-to-end solution that combines file management technology with easy-to-deploy appliances to support the world’s most complex and demanding digital media workflows.

4K Video Workflow 

  • Adopting a 4K production workflow can have significant impact on the entire production workflow and each step of the process has different considerations.
  • Existing production environments built for HD production will find it a considerable strain to start producing 4K—storage performance adequate for a full team of HD production creative may only be able to support a few 4K editors, or that 4K ingest consumes so much storage performance that existing production is impacted.
  • For example, four HD streams may independently be streamed from a production SAN, each able to tolerate workstation-to-storage latency of around 40ms before editing or playout is affected and runs out of buffered content.
  • By contast, a single 4K stream may only be able to sustain 20ms of latency before editing or playout is affected—an effect that is only amplified when multiple streams, and multiple editors are all working on the same production SAN.

Xsan Transition 

  • Many facilities with aging Apple Xsan deployments are looking for robust solutions that offer greater flexibility, increased capabilities, and maintain the ability to leverage their existing workflow investment. StorNext is the ideal next step as the only 100% Xsan compatible shared storage solution.
  • StorNext preserves your current investment while ensuring high availability with unmatched online performance seamless end-to-end workflow capabilities. From ingest to work in process, delivery and archive, StorNext does it all, cost effectively, without changing the way you work.

Corporate Video

  • Manage Corporate Video More Effectively with the Right Storage Infrastructure. As video becomes a more important part of corporate assets, how can companies develop a storage infrastructure to manage these critical resources more easily and economically?

Keeping Up with the Growth in Corporate Video

Trying to apply traditional storage and backup procedures to unstructured data is creating major headaches for organizations with significant amounts of image and video data in their IT mix. And as this data increases in volume, systems easily reach the breaking point. Catalogs grow too large. Backups can’t be completed on time. Workflow becomes complex. And backup apps can’t communicate with media asset managers. All this leaves IT departments struggling to manage and protect these key assets.

A Better Approach for Video Workflow

As a company with roots in large-scale video and broadcast applications, Quantum understands how to help companies apply the right technology to the problem of managing fast-growing graphic files. For unstructured data, Quantum’s StorNext® eliminates data volume problems by giving users a multi-tier digital asset solution that simplifies workflow, integrates with leading asset managers, and protects data automatically without relying on backup by moving data between storage tiers—while keeping it all available for fast access and re-use.

Video Surveillance 

  • From on-body police cameras to 24/7 monitoring of major transportation hubs, video has become a strategic source of information, insights, and intelligence. Organizations are storing ever-increasing amounts of video captured from low-cost, high-resolution cameras, and they’re retaining the content for longer periods of time due to business mandates, new legislation, or future analysis.
  • In fact, it’s projected that video surveillance cameras will produce 859 petabytes of data daily by 2017*. Choosing the right storage foundation for your video surveillance workflow is essential for being able to manage and analyze video quickly to meet current and future needs.

Sports Production 

  • Building a brand and maintaining a loyal fan base in today’s intensely competitive environment requires a new level of commitment, technology, and storytelling to capture the drama of spot, taking the art of storytelling to new heights. Your best storytellers need creative freedom and the most powerful tools. The media workflow must be perfectly selected and refined, with flexibility, scalability, and robust operation that can be challenging for producing action-packed, live sports content.
  • With all the demands of media production today, many sports producers are turning to open system technology and forward-thinking workflows based on StorNext® 5, the leading collaborative storage management platform for content workflow. Proven at world-class post and broadcast facilities, major studios, and sports producers, StorNext offers improved productivity, greater workflow efficiency, and the most options for content monetization and protection.

Life Sciences 

  • Advances in life sciences technologies are changing the world, enabling research that benefits healthcare, veterinary medicine, agriculture, and even climate science. But those advances also create a flood of data. Dramatic declines in the cost and run times for genome sequencing enable researchers to do more, faster. But cutting-edge instrumentation, bioinformatics analysis, and medical imaging technologies push the capacity and performance limits of your storage infrastructure.
  • To get the most value out of research data, organizations need storage that delivers high-speed shared access to large data sets across distributed research sites. And good research takes time—data needs to be kept available for decades, sometimes even indefinitely.

Workflow in the cloud 

  • Modern media workflows are evolving. To meet the challenges of geographically distributed workgroups, quicker deadlines, and a greater number of ingest and delivery options, media production companies are re-evaluating their workflows to improve productivity and drive efficiency. With the cloud’s innate ability to connect distributed locations, many companies are considering adding cloud capabilities to their workflows.
  • But integrating cloud into media workflows is not straightforward. Public cloud services are primarily designed as development platforms and offer barebones functionality. They don’t include workflow integration for the broad range of applications that make up modern media workflows. And for an industry that demands the highest level of asset security and content integrity, public clouds often present unacceptable security risks when putting assets and content into non-secured public clouds.


  • Intelligence Comes Standard. Educational institutions rely on smart solutions from Quantum to fit their varied data recovery, data backup, and data archiving needs. With tight budgets, shrinking backup windows, and the constant need for data access, educational institutions around the world rely on one provider: Quantum.
  • After all, Quantum understands that elementary schools, high schools, local colleges, and multidepartment universities have extremely varied data protection, file access and archive needs—and Quantum has the solutions to address each one.


StorNext 5’s open, reliable and proven platform lets you choose best-of-breed solutions for file management, leverage StorNext and Storage Manager, and API to integrate custom software solutions to realize your vision for fast, yet highly manageable file workflow operations.

We bring together consultants with industry expertise, able to design, specify, deliver & support best of breed storage products and workflow solutions. These deployments are just a small example of what we do for our customers.






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