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Fourways House, 57 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EJ

T: 03309 950 040 E: W:

Intechnica are digital performance and scalability experts

We design, build and optimise high performance cloud based systems for mission critical business operations. From Ecommerce websites and high volume ordering systems to online ticketing and mobile CRM applications, we specialise in the creation of high performance, scalable online systems.

We help businesses of all sizes get the best out of their applications and the teams that run them.

Our services include:

  • Software development
  • Ecommerce package implementation
  • Performance assurance
  • Cloud consultancy and management
  • Consultancy on team and system optimisation

We have also developed TrafficDefender, designed to help businesses manage high and variable traffic demands on online systems and to remove unwanted traffic from bots, crawlers and spiders.


  • Digital Health Check  With Our Proprietary Digital Health Check You Can Develop and Validate Your IT Investment Strategies, Enabling Rapid Business Growth
  • Digital Strategy Our Experts Can Help You Develop A Digital Strategy That Enables Rapid IT Transformation and Delivers Real Business Value Within Budget
  • Digital Transformation With Our Digital Transformation Agents Your Business Can Develop Cutting Edge Solutions to Modern World Business Challenges
  • Bespoke Software Development Our Bespoke Software Development Team Can Enable Your Business to Cost-Effectively Accelerate Your Time-to-Market
  • Existing Application Management  Our Existing Application Management Teams Can Help You Align Existing Applications with Your Modern Technologies and Infrastructure
  • Performance Assurance Our Performance Assurance Experts Can Help You Understand and Improve the Performance and Reliability of Your IT Systems
  • Cloud Consultancy and Management Our AWS Specialists, Experts in Cloud Consultancy and Management, Can Optimise Your Applications to Improve Performance and Reduce Hosting Overheads


  • Bot Control  TrafficDefender’s Bot Control Stops Malicious Activity On Your Website, Freeing Up Server Capacity and Reducing Hosting Costs
  • Traffic Routing  TrafficDefender Reduces Hardware and Resource Costs by Providing Simple Control of Traffic Routing Across Multiple End-Points
  • Visitor Queuing  TrafficDefender’s Visitor Queuing Guarantees Website Uptime to Enable You and Your Business to Maximise Peak Event Trading Revenues
  • API Queuing  TrafficDefender’s API Queuing Can Help Maximise API Call Rates, Optimising System Performance and Increasing Related Revenues



  • Bridge the Gaps Between Your IT Teams and the Boardroom
  • Develop or Validate Your IT Investment Strategies
  • Fix Your Failed Cloud Application Deployments
  • Improve Your IT Deliverability to Meet Business Objectives
  • Increase Your Internal Systems Performance
  • Increase the Speed of Your IT Delivery
  • Maximise the Output of Your IT Investments
  • Plug Your IT Skills Gaps
  • Rescue Your Failed or Failing IT Investments
  • Resolve Your Operational Resource Limitations
  • Resolve Your Software Scalability Challenges
  • Reverse Your System Performance Regression
  • Support Your IT Resource Management Challenges



  • Retail
  • B2B Commerce
  • Gambling
  • Online Gaming
  • Ticketing
  • Media
  • Insurance



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