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Simplisys Ltd

15 Middle Bridge Business Park, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 6PN

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Company Overview:

Simplisys is located in Bristol, England voted the best place to live in the UK by Sunday Times 2017 and the best place to get a tech job outside of London, employing over 60,000 people in the sector (Tech Nation Report 2015) . Bristol enjoys excellent transport links to the rest of the UK and Europe.

Simplisys was established in 2006 as a software integration consultancy specialising in Service Management solutions, in 2011 Simplisys designed and developed a multi award winning Service Management software suite around principles defined in the ITIL framework but uniquely by leveraging our innovative in-house developed “iOPS” technology. What is iOPS? Put simply, iOPS negates expensive consultants and trainers by providing script less and codeless system setup to underpin various service delivery models. It does this by combining Adaptive Configuration with Predictive Intelligence and Process Intelligence. iOPS enables our Service management solutions to be moulded to meet our clients exact requirements and ensures projects are delivered on time, within budget and to specification.

Simplisys software is designed from first principles to run in any browser and is developed using the Microsoft stack, running on a SQL back end database. Our solution is available as a service running on our dedicated private cloud or for on premise installation. The hosted service is housed in our tier 3 UK data centre which enables Simplisys to guarantee that all client data is retained in the UK and meets the latest GDPR regulations. Moreover our hosted service is resilient, scalable and available 24/7 and has enjoyed 99.96% up time over the last 5 years.

Feature rich, configurable, fast to deploy, simple to use, affordable… Simplisys delivers service management software for the real world particularly for organisations looking to improve efficiency and performance within the business by adopting a Service orientated business model across the enterprise; a concept known as BRM (Business Relationship Management).

Simplisys extends the principles of BRM to the supply chain; it’s what we call ERM (Enterprise Relationship Management). BRM is proven to drive performance and efficiency within organisations by adopting consistent service delivery model across all departments, whereas ERM extends these performance benefits to the supply chain; by working in closer partnership with your suppliers ERM is proven to reduce working capital by lowering stock levels.

Adopting a BRM or ERM approach is now easier than you think. The first step on the road to enhance operational performance is the adoption of Simplisys Service Management suite and making it core system within the organisation taking team collaboration to new levels. Extensive user Roles and Permissions delivered by iOPS allows multiple departments such as IT, Facilities, Fleet, HR, Finance, Sales and Operations to deliver a consistent service independently of each other. Simplisys Service Management site is equally at home delivering a case management solution for FoIR or Complaints as it is managing the ICT department. The point is it is future proof.

With schedulable management reports available in real time at the click of a button and or published in real time to third party systems like SharePoint or corporate intranet, Simplisys allows operations managers to keep their finger on the pulse of all activities, spot trends and deliver continuous improvements to operational performance.

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IT Service Management  

The demands on your IT department are seemingly never ending – change requests, upgrades, bugs, system issues, user error – with the odd business-critical failure thrown in for good measure. So how do you manage and prioritise while still delivering the fast resolution and individual customer satisfaction against which your IT systems will ultimately be judged?

The answer lies in the control that you have over your IT resources – software, hardware and human. ITSM from Simplisys gives you that control over every aspect of your IT infrastructure, keeping you ahead of the game so you are able to deal with the small issues that are critical to an individual, and the large issues that are critical to the whole organisation.

Customer Service Desk 

Simplisys Service Desk takes customer engagement post sale to new levels, it is designed to improve service levels and reduce management costs. It is feature-rich out of the box, highly configurable and integrates seamlessly with business processes and rules to deliver significant business benefits. The intelligent design is built around a central incident/request management system that allows a single system to be used by multiple departments, to ensure complaints, technical issues and freedom of information requests (FoIR) etc. are dealt with in a timely courteous manner. This approach reduces management, training and support costs throughout the entire organisation.

Self-service functionality and empowering first line analysts by providing relevant technical and supporting data at point of contact reduces incident management costs further by driving up the number of calls closed at first contact. 

Case Management – (HR, FoIR, Complaints)

In common with many other departments within a modern business, HR is routinely presented with questions relating to company policy, employment law, government legislation, employee issues and general requests for information that are each important and need to be controlled, managed and resolved in a consistent manner within an integrated digital environment.

Simplisys Case Management is feature-rich and highly configurable, providing the perfect platform for logging, tracking and co-ordinating actions and responses through to final resolution. Self-service elements make appropriate information available to employees, reducing the number of interactions with HR staff, raising productivity and improving employee relations.

Facilities Management 

Keeping a complex office facility or factory functioning efficiently often comes down to how reliably the small issues that occur daily are handled. A blown bulb in a meeting room, a broken window that presents a security risk, a leaking pipe – each needs to be attended to but in a large office they are easily overlooked. That’s where Simplisys service management software comes into its own.

Incidents are logged, assigned to the appropriate workflow or individual for attention, scheduled and completed with full monitoring during the process and reporting afterwards. And planned maintenance tasks are managed into the workflow ensuring that proactive facilities management programmes are implemented. Simplisys Service Management software is rich in standard features, highly configurable and fast to implement across multiple departments so implementation costs are low and return on investment is rapid.

Enterprise Service Desk (ERM) 

Simplisys Enterprise Service Desk has been designed from first principles to enable organisations to deliver a Service orientated business model across all departments; we call it Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM).  ERM extends the principles of BRM (Business Relationship Management) to the supply chain. Simplisys Enterprise Service Desk enables all inquiries, questions, requests and complaints etc. to be answered quickly and consistently inline with corporate policy no matter whether originating by staff members or suppliers by our sophisticated routing technologies, which assigns all work to the correct team.

Moreover with Simplisys Enterprise Service Management there is no need to go with a big bang approach; start with a single department like IT or HR to get a rapid return on investment and seamlessly extend the reach across the enterprise one department at a time saving 10’s or maybe 100’s of thousands of pounds in performance gains as you go

Simplisys Support 

Simplisys is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive care and support packages to users with an existing Service Contract this includes seamless upgrades to all future version releases, ensuring customers benefit from the latest features. With unlimited telephone access to our helpdesk to register faults, requests and “How do I” type questions and service level targets that that mean our service desk technicians exceed closing 90% of all cases at first contact is something our competitors dream about.


Bramble Hub

Simplisys is pleased to announce our engagement with Bramble Hub to make Simplisys solutions available through UK Government frameworks. Bramble leads a consortium of approximately 200 SME suppliers on several EU-compliant, benchmarked Crown Commercial Services Framework Agreements. Being part of the Bramble consortium makes it easy for central and local government to do business with us and deliver improved value for money to the taxpayer. Supply via government frameworks is key to enabling government to procure from us without excessive red tape.


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