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e-Talent was founded in 2009 to give businesses access to an effective recruitment tool which includes personality and behavioural profiling.

Nik Plevan, Founder and Managing Director, worked in the recruitment industry for 20 years and knows the pitfalls of hiring a recruitment agency or recruiting in-house. e-Talent was created as a solution to avoid those pitfalls and make recruitment easy, simple and affordable.

e-Talent was created to:

  1. Identify the most suitable people, as early in the recruitment process as possible
  2. Cut out time wasted screening CVs
  3. Reduce the number of unproductive interviews.

Save time

Creating and posting job ads, sifting through CV’s, producing short-lists and screening candidates all takes time. e-Talent saves you time by screening every application and automatically short-listing the best and most appropriate candidates.

Assess personality & behaviour

What makes e-Talent unique is its combination of personality assessment and behavioural profiling delivering real insight into the candidate’s personality strengths as well as their work ethic and workplace behaviour. One of our core drivers for creating e-Talent was to provide a tool that would enable employers to find out their candidate’s true nature before offering them a job.

Eliminate Human Error

Human error is often an inherent part of the recruitment process, but it can be minimised. Many employers don’t realise that they are naturally drawn to people they like or have a connection with. This is natural but they may not be the right candidate for the job.

e-Talent removes human error from the recruitment process. e-Talent screens, evaluates and ranks hundreds of applications in seconds and allows you to predict your candidates’ behaviour in the workplace. With e-Talent, you know so much more about your candidates before you interview them, and you know you are interviewing and employing the right people.

Customer service

e-Talent is more than just a piece of on-line software. Recruitment is a people business and we will work closely with you to ensure you get everything you expect – and more – from the e-Talent system.

Contact us now so you can start recruiting the right people.



e-Talent is an on-line software package specifically designed to improve the quality of staff recruited and to save time and money in the recruitment process.  e-Talent uses tried, tested and proven psychometric tools to identify applicants’ personality and attitude, and then matches these with the requirements of the job.  Candidates who are most likely to deliver outstanding performance are quickly identified for short-listing, whereas others are highlighted for review and rejection.  The system is cloud-based, very easy to implement and use, and is extremely cost-effective.

With e-Talent, in-house recruiters you line managers will spend their time selecting the best people from the good, rather than wasting their time rejecting people who should not have applied in the first place. This will lead to a dramatic reduction in the cost of the recruitment process, as well as higher productivity and a lower staff-turnover rate.

In practice, the way e-Talent works is very simple:

  1.  Job seekers apply on-line via the e-Talent portal, branded with your logo
  2.  They answer customised screening questions - an effective replacement for CV screening.
  3.  They complete e-Talent's targeted personality assessment (customised to suit your specific requirements).
  4.  They complete a behavioural profile which helps determine team and cultural fit.
  5.  They complete their job history, attach their CV, and answer any number of customised free text questions.
  6.  You can immediately review their results on-line by logging into the system with your user-name and password.
  7.  You can use e-Talent’s candidate management features to invite applicants for interview, put them “on hold”, offer them a job, or reject them, etc.
  8.  Additionally, e-Talent has a number of automation features, such as auto-rejecting applicants who do not meet your minimum criteria, or who have not piqued your interest.

For more information about e-Talent, please take a look at this video.



Your Branded Portal

After signing up with e-Talent, your own branded company portal will be made available, pre-populated with job roles which suit your business


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Test & Track Applicants

Why waste time checking qualifications on CV’s? e-Talent scores every candidate to make sure they’re a good fit.

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Review Top Applicants

Your candidate shortlist is created for you, in order of best to worst candidate.

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Full Reporting

Keeping track of applicants, vacancies and job offers is easy with e-Talent. With PDF reports, available on each candidate and unlimited users on the system, recruitment can be a transparent and inclusive process.

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When searching for the right candidate to fill a vacancy it’s tempting to focus on age, experience and qualifications but these factors are not always the best predictors of a successful outcome. Interviews can often sway a recruiter to the candidate they liked the best, rather than the candidate who is the best fit for the job.

Robertson and Smith in their paper ‘Personnel Selection’ from the Journal for Occupational and Organisational Psychology proved that personality and behaviour are much better predictors for which candidate will succeed in a role.

Improving your ability to pick the best candidate means higher staff retention and less time spent recruiting so it’s highly valuable information for any business.


Personality and behavioural profiling lie at the heart of the e-Talent system. Created by psychometricians, the tests within e-Talent are based on the best psychometric models available and test personality and behaviour with multiple sub factors. Job profiles for a wide range of roles are available or can be created specifically for your business. Each job type compares applicants’ psychometric results against desired personality traits. Just select the appropriate profile for your vacancy.

And unlike many psychometric testing systems which charge per test, e-Talent offers unlimited use as standard, meaning every applicant can be tested, no matter how many applications you receive, giving the best possible chance of finding the right person for the job.


e-Talent’s Recruitment Software is unique in what it offers to the recruitment industry. While there are many applicant tracking systems on the market and a number of companies offering psychometric testing, no other system combines both services in one easy to use system for one low cost monthly fee.

It’s a game changer for recruitment, putting powerful tools in the hands of recruiters everywhere.


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