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Welcome to CSS Consulting​

CSS Consulting are an information security consultancy based in the UK.  They work with businesses to protect their information, privacy and further compliance with international legislation and regulation.  CSS are predominantly a customer focused organisation.

  • Reach: UK and Internationally.
  • Scope: Large to micro sized businesses.
  • USP: We make technical concepts simple for non-technical businesses.

Companies of all sizes are vulnerable to data loss and cyber intrusion – We help solve the following problems:

  • How do you store client data?
  • What major forms of communication are used?
  • Do your employees know how to keep you GDPR compliant?
  • What tools are available to prevent intrusion?
  • How would you respond to a security incident? Could you recover?
  • Does reporting adequately reflect reality?
  • What is your company device and physical security policy?
  • What are the risks of action and inaction?

What Drives Us?

Our experience in the public and private sector has exposed us to a fundamental truth:

  • Many companies often don't know where to start when it comes to Cyber Security, Risk management and Data Protection. 
  • Many Information Security service providers provide support under complex and abstract pricing and technical conditions

Our passion to support companies in the market have led us to try and remedy this problem:

  • We want to provide off the shelf products and services with transparent pricing and outputs that allow companies to get started/improve/mature their Information Security capabilities.
  • We allow SMEs to use our CISO as a service and DPO as a service where we manage this function for them over a few days a month meaning they can afford the capability without paying the price tag. 
  • We partner with technology providers that cater to SMEs with attractive monthly cost models so services such as Vulnerability management, Phishing simulations, Pen Testing etc. are accessible and affordable.


Current Client Composition
  • Public Sector Organizations
  • Higher/Further Education Sectors
  • Building Supplier Sector
  • Charity Sector
  • Professional Services Sector
  • Financial Services Sector

Contact Us:

Mike Wills – Director, Strategy & Growth

Charlotte Riley – Director, Technology and Information Security

Nick Pomponio – Director, Operations and Development





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