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Backup Systems Ltd 

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Welcome to Backup Systems Ltd 

Here at Backup Systems we have been developing and managing disaster recovery solutions for companies for over 10 years. Established since 2005, we focus exclusively on backup software, disaster recovery and data archiving. Backup Systems are one of the UK’s leading backup companies. We specialise in cost effective, secure onsite and cross-site backups for medium to large businesses with 200+ employees.

As a UK based organisation we have over 10 years’ experience and a diverse portfolio of multi-national clients from a variety of industries. Our bespoke backup and disaster recovery solution is designed, and created by us, giving us complete control. Backup Systems are not a reseller and as such we are able to provide a cost effective managed backup service without the price tag of many of the big name suppliers. Read more about us

Our Managed Service

  • Keep Your Data Safe – Defend Yourself Against Disaster
  • Part of Our All in One Package – One Very Competitive Annual Cost
  • Fully Managed Service – No Hassle

We take care of everything from the running, to the checking of backups, to upgrading backups, because we understand that as a business, you may not have the time to do this yourselves. Multiple companies across the UK use our services, and reference sites are available on request. A server backup is vital for larger businesses who have in-house servers, because it is necessary for companies to continue operating.

Although the managed backup service is designed to be practically invisible to the end user, you might be curious as to what is going on behind the scenes.

For larger companies we offer three large advantages:

  • Our enterprise managed backup is cross-site; that means all data remains within your network at all times and we will not charge you for the volume of data. Whether you want to store a file area for a year, or a database doubles in size – we will not bill you extra.
  • The dedicated backup appliance allows the system to be centrally managed, that means no software agents need to be installed on your computers, it also means we can easily take care of all upgrades and maintenance.
  • The backup appliance itself is virtualised, allowing you to source the hardware from your preferred supplier.

Please click on the links below for more information on each of our services:

Backup Systems are accredited.

Improving the Security of your Data

We have participated in a number of government backed, industry supported schemes, including the Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 in order to demonstrate that we have taken the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack. Ransomware and other cyber-attacks are on the rise and are continually increasing in sophistication. So much so that even with the latest security technology and preventative measures data is often at risk. In our experience, it has become imperative to include a solid backup and recovery process within a multi-faceted security plan. To learn more about minimising the risk of ransomware and other cyber security threats read our article here 

Why use Backup Systems

100% Secure

  • Data never leaves your network. It’s backed up from one customer site to another site or a data centre of your choice and we can support you 24/7.
  • Better security than cloud backup, your data will always be under your control.

No Hidden Costs

  • One flat annual fee, that’s it!
  • Unlimited changes throughout the year.
  • New machines added at no extra cost.
  • We’ll scale as you grow your business.


  • Backups automatically run to schedule.
  • No onsite intervention needed, no risk of human errors.
  • We’ll backup over low bandwidth networks.

Version Control

  • Restore any old version of any file.
  • Choose to restore to any specific date or time.
  • Restore only what you need, within minutes.






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