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Rimini Street Ltd

Level 34 
25 Canada Square 
E14 5LQ 

T: +44-(0)20-3763-7463



About Us

Rimini Street was founded to disrupt and redefine the enterprise software support model by developing innovative new products and services that put client success first. By delivering unparalleled support and the most highly skilled engineering expertise available at a fraction of the cost, our clients receive the highest level of both value and customer service every day.

Our premium third-party support services enable clients to optimize existing enterprise software investments, extend current capabilities to leverage hybrid IT, and transform their businesses into digital enterprises with help from intelligent and agile technology roadmaps.


Why Rimini Street

We take a fundamentally different approach to enterprise software support by emphasizing full service over self service. Enjoy the benefits of 24/7/365 access to a regionally based Primary Support Engineer that you know by name, who takes the time to understand your software landscape, your company goals and your most pressing challenges.

No more phone trees, nor one-size-fits-all, book-trained call center support to handle your business-critical support issues anymore.

50% Savings Is 100% Better

In addition to standard break-fix support at 50 percent of your current vendor costs, you can reap the benefits of services that can save additional time and money — at no extra cost, including:

  • Support for custom code
  • Release support for a minimum of 15 years
  • Configuration, performance, integration and interoperability support
  • Security advisory services
  • Strategic application planning, functionality mapping and enhancement analysis

Savings from all these areas adds up quickly. Rimini Street clients can save up to 90% on their total maintenance costs. Click to see how much you could be saving.



From product support to more advanced technical and strategic services, we deliver a breadth of premium offerings not found in other vendor or 3rd party support programs at any price.

Support Program Features

Product Support Services

Global Tax, Legal and Regulatory Update Services

Global Security Services

Proactive Support Services

Advanced Technology Services

Functional Support Services

Account Management Services

Onboarding & Archiving Services

License Advisory Services



We help you extend the life and value of your enterprise software investments with solutions that modernize, future-proof and secure your systems.



Advanced Database Security




As you look at the list of Rimini Street clients, it's obvious they represent a very broad array of markets, and range from emerging, young companies to global giants. But they have a great deal more in common:

  • Over 50% of our clients run low-margin businesses, and their IT team is in a daily war against costs. A penny saved per transaction, per process, per minute can result in millions of dollars to their bottom line.
  • A third of our clients are disruptors, entering markets that desperately need innovation. Every partner, product and purchase decision must drive IT optimization so the business can deliver on game-changing outcomes.
  • 83 of our clients are in the Fortune 500, 21 of whom are in the Global 100. These household names may appear to have unlimited budgets but how they apply those budgets is what separates them from their peers.
  • Rimini Street has delivered over 245,000+ custom Tax, Legal and Regulatory (TL&R) updates to our clients. And over 68% of our total clients appreciate that we help reduce the sheer volume and complexity associated with tracking these updates in-house, and trust us to help keep their systems current and compliant.
  • Our clients have saved over $4B in combined estimated operational efficiencies by choosing Rimini Street as their third-party software support partner.

Read why these clients have selected Rimini Street and find out what you have in common with them.


Awards and Recognition

We are honored to share the awards and accolades that our dedicated team of experts has received throughout the years. Every day, we strive to provide prompt and accurate resolution of our clients’ support requests and value this recognition from our industry. We congratulate our clients for their IT innovations and achievements and feature their awards here as well.

View our awards here.

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