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Welcome to Clyst Information Systems - Making information work for you

If your IT is in good shape and delivering real value to the business, that’s great. But maybe the IT isn’t wholly reliable, and perhaps your staff – or worse, your customers – are frustrated by it. Can you get to your company data and information whenever and from wherever you need to? Do you wonder how to get your technology to transform the data into some valuable business information? Perhaps you are worried about security, or the team’s ability to use the systems, or even by impending data protection legislation.

We are able and would like to help, and take pride in explaining technical matters in simple, plain English, aimed at giving a good understanding of the issues at hand.

We offer the following: IT services, Information Systems, Data Protection support and Education services.


IT services

IT should just work and be almost unnoticed. It has been used commonly as a business tool for some 30 years, and there are no good excuses for unreliability, poor functionality, weak security, staff who have not been trained to use it effectively, or any of the range of reasons given when people get cross with technology.

We offer a simple system health check with remedial actions for:

  • The PCs and printers
  • Windows server systems
  • Networking components, Wi-Fi, VPN and internet connectivity
  • Backup, CCTV and Door Entry systems
  • Network security

We can also provide training for staff:

  • Basic or more advanced use of the business systems
  • How to recognise and handle malicious emails and files
  • How to maintain the IT systems and backups

Should you be looking to upgrade your systems, or perhaps to purchase and install a new system, we can help with the specification and purchasing, and offer project management services to get the system up and running and the staff trained.

Information Systems

Some IT is intended only to provide a very mundane function, but mostly it is used in a business with the expectation of increased efficiency, higher productivity and a reduction in the type and number of routine tasks that must be performed. When used in this way the IT becomes part of an Information System, converting ‘data’ into ‘information’ which is provided and displayed in a convenient manner to help the business deliver increased value and profitability.

If you feel that you are awash in data but struggle to discern patterns, or to extract the key information from it that will help with decision making, we can help you manage it in a different way, provide routine summary reports and analysis, and display these in a way that will help you determine how the business is performing.

We have recently spent much time assisting organisations, often charities, to move data from old CRM systems into new, tidying and reorganising data as it is moved so that it can generate valuable and accurate information once in the new system. We have also written SQL Server Reporting System (SSRS) Reports for integration into the new systems to display exactly the information required by clients.

Data Protection support

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to most UK businesses, and to all that hold the personal data of any EU citizen, regardless of the UK’s membership of the EU.   Described in its title as “on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data”, this regulation applies to all organisations and businesses that store or use personal data. The UK Data Protection Act 2018 is the equivalent legislation and places almost the same requirements as GDPR.

Every business will need to assess how this law affects it, and many will need to make some changes to the way they operate so that they fulfil the requirements of GDPR and protect themselves from the risks of data breaches.

William Lines holds a “GDPR Practitioner” certificate issued by APMG International, accredited by “GCHQ Certified Training”

Education services

IT systems in schools have all the challenges common in business, with a very wide variety of software packages and pupil curiosity added to the mix. Lesson time cannot be wasted due to unreliable or slow systems, software must run correctly where and when it is needed, and the management systems must fulfil their administrative and legal functions in a wholly dependable manner. Key to these is a robust and secure system, suitably specified, well maintained, and easy to use. Procedures and policies, including an Acceptable Use Policy, must be appropriate, understood and enforced if the system is to be accessible and useable by all people and all devices at any time, and from within or outside the premises.

With 18 years successful experience in managing such systems, we can help to stabilise, organise and make school systems work to the benefit of a school.

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