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Customer Support & Finance: DQM House, Baker Street, High Wycombe, HP11 2RX

London Office: 1st Floor, 25 North Row, Mayfair, London W1K 6DJ

E-mail: Phone: +44 01494 442900 Web:

Welcome to DQM GRC - Confidence in Data

"Data used intelligently will transform business performance and the world in which we live.  We believe all successful organisations will treat data as a valuable asset."

Formed in 1996 DQM GRC specialises in data governance, risk mitigation, compliance (GRC) advisory services, benchmarking research and technologies to de-risk data assets and help clients use their data to drive business performance. The company provides consulting, research, and data protection products and a unique, proprietary technology & data governance platform for tracking data flows.

DQM GRC is the market leader for protecting and improving valuable data assets in the important commercial, customer and marketing data sectors. Over 80% of major commercial data owners, including BT, Callcredit, D&B, Equifax, Experian and Royal Mail rely on DQM GRC to protect their valuable data assets. Increasingly, major brands from finance, retail, media, not4profit, and telecoms are now selecting DQM GRC too. Read more about us 

Today DQM GRC is and will always be…

  • Trusted - The UK’s most trusted independent data protection company
  • Data Savvy - Uniquely data skilled strategic consultants, working with fast growing data driven businesses across all sectors to de-risk data and power organisational performance
  • Market Leading - Conducting  over 200 third party audits every year for leading commercial data owners and major brands who outsource data management or use external call centres
  • First Choice - Working for 80% of leading commercial data owners, monitoring estimated usage of over 55% of all UK commercial data transactions 24/7/365
  • Smart Systems - Now fully automated, DQM GRC has the only 100% proven data tracking (‘seeding’) capability with automated cloud based technology backed with specialist forensic data audit services
  • Unique Solutions - Conducting invaluable benchmarking and measurement research for data governance, quality, pricing and policing purposes

DQM GRC Services 

Data Governance, Risk & Compliance Services from DQM GRC

Data Watermarking: DQM GRC Data Watermarking™ will notify you quickly that your data has been misused and by whom, so you can stop further misuse and minimise your exposure to substantial financial penalties and brand damage.

GDPR Assessment Programme: The GDPR RADAR™ from DQM GRC will score your current fitness against the new regulation, understand where you need to improve and set a bespoke programme to get your organisation to where you need to be.

PermissionMax: Permission to market to your customers is not only a legal necessity but also a commercial imperative. If you are experiencing low consent rates at sign up, your data collection wording is not doing the job. PermissionMax© allows you to test variations so that you can optimise permission rates.

GDPR & Privacy Training: GDPR & Privacy Training from DQM GRC will help rapidly transform your organisation towards GDPR and privacy compliance.

DMA DataSeal Accreditation: Our team of expert auditors will work hard to help you achieve the DMA's DataSeal data security standard in the minimum timeframe.

Data Security Auditing: Data and Information Security is now a board room issue, with the Ponemon Institute predicting that 1 in 3 UK retail organisations will suffer a damaging data loss over the next 24 months. Considerable impact on consumer trust, brand and financial damage can happen to companies who don’t take these predictions seriously.

Data Governance Platform: The Data Governance Platform for DQM GRC supports the strong need for secure, rigorous data governance with the management & distribution of data.

Data Strategy Consulting: A uniquely pragmatic approach for ensuring that your data strategy is understood and that key work streams are owned and managed including triage to identify those components that are critical and must be addressed as a priority.

Business Intelligence Research: We can use our large and experienced network of individuals who work with us to gather intelligence on behalf of our clients. Aleays bespoke these projects help our clients understand their customers or their competitors behaviour.

Cyber Essentials - Government Approved Cyber Security Scheme: Cyber Essentials is a new Government-backed and industry supported scheme to guide businesses in protecting themselves against cyber threats. We can help and support you with the approach your company needs to adopt to be successful.

Data Capability and Maturity Modelling: The DQM GRC Data Capability and Maturity Programme is a fast way to assess and then prioritise your investment in data analytics, business intelligence, data strategy, and data quality and customer permissions management.

Contractual & Royalty Auditing: Mis-licensing in the “data owner” industry is wide-spread and the revenue loss to the data owner can be significant. That’s why over 80% of the UK’s leading commercial data owners trust us to independently audit their partner compliance.

ISO 27001 Standard Implementation: Data and Information Security is now a board room issue - our short gap analysis against ISO 27001 provides a report of the risks your business is exposed to and deliver an action plan to address the gaps helping you to achieve certification.

Data Protection Risk Assessment: The DQM GRC Data Protection and Security assessment (RadarTM) is the fastest, most complete and efficient way to assess and then fix your data compliance, data privacy and data security risks.

Commercial Seeding: Aimed at commercial data owners, our unique data seeding service has been used successfully over the last 20 years to track the usage of valuable data assets on behalf of their owners.

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