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Unilink Software Ltd

5-11 Lavington Street
London SE1 0NZ
United Kingdom

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About Us

Helping Prisons Work. For Prisoners. For Staff. For Society

Unilink is an innovative software solution provider working in justice including: prisoner self-service, communications with friends and family, offender management software and probation systems. Following on from Unilink’s merger with Beaumont Colson Ltd, Unilink has designed and develop the UK’s national probation service case-management system, national-Delius.  

Independent research from University of York shows that Unilink’s self-service software contributes significantly towards rehabilitation and running prisons efficiently.  Prisoners have carried out over 1.5 billion transactions to date.

Unilink’s biometric–offender management system works safely, securely and efficiently. Our family-friendly communication solutions – email-a-prisoner, secure payments, phone and video visits allow friends and families of prisoners to stay in touch with them, which reduces recidivism and helps rehabilitation. Unilink is a multi-award-winning company with Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, “Best Citizen App” and UK Digital Leader awards.  

The Unilink Group has offices in the UK, Australia, South Africa, USA and the Netherlands.



Designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance security

NForce CMS - Custodial Management System

A biometric, modular software solution, which enables secure establishments to achieve significant operational efficiencies and financial savings whilst contributing towards rehabilitation. Implemented in over 50 secure sites, including Prisons, Police, Secure Training Centres and NHS establishments, NForce CMS is customizable and offers the flexibility to expand functionalities at any time as required.

Biometric Access Control

Fingerprint enabled software security solution used for identification and recording time and attendance, and/or controlling secure entry and exit points with turnstiles.

Biometric Visit System

A comprehensive visit booking system that allows prisoner visitors to book and manage their visits online. Prisoners are also enabled to book their own visits using in-cell screen or a kiosk.

The solution increases security and intelligence, enables early prevention and reduction of drug supplies.

Probation Application

Biometrically enabled software for use in probation enrolment, check-in and case management. Boosts the operational efficiencies of offender reporting, thus allowing greater time for Probation Officers to concentrate on high risk offenders.


A web-based information sharing portal for Police forces and Community Safety Partnerships, consisting of Integrated Case Management and Neighbourhood Management System. The solution helps reduction and management of ASB, assists in identifying, monitoring and managing victims and vulnerable individuals, and facilitates action and task coordination between agencies by enabling real-time information access from any location.


All our products are flexible, and are designed to give the client the highest degree of control by utilising modular software packages and configurable user parameters.

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Unilink Software is a niche UK software company specialising in solutions for criminal justice including Police, Prisons and Probation as well as other custodial environments (Immigration Centres, NHS secure hospitals).





Secure Hospitals

Unilink Software has established strong partnership with the Police forces.

Unilink Software is a leading international supplier of prisoner self-service technology.

Probation Cloud/Case Management

Unilink’s secure software applications contribute in enhancing the accuracy, security and lowering the cost in Immigration services.

Unilink provides software solutions for different secure establishments, including Secure Hospitals.

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