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A warm welcome to Ascot Barclay Group

As a former Director of GCHQ, I echo the recent public statements of the present Director in urging that every individual, commercial entity and Government institution should be alert, aware and active in taking adequate measures to protect themselves from the threats that exist. For companies and institutions in particular, it is vital to ensure that the appropriate defensive tools and skilled resources are in place to protect vital assets and interests.

I found his remarks on the many start-up firms ('…peddling medieval witchcraft') both timely and well captured. In the frothiness and noise of 2017 I take a very personal interest in ensuring that Ascot Barclay Group remain the calm voice of reason, designing, implementing and supporting smart, practical and above all economic Cyber solutions for our clients.

Sir Kevin Tebbit CHAIRMAN

Sir Kevin Tebbit KCB CMG


Sir Kevin is former Head of UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). Former Head of GCHQ. Former senior Diplomat with experience of NATO and UK/US policy/military relations.
Currently, senior non-Executive Director Smiths Industries. International Advisor & Cyber Security Strategy Specialist at RUSI and Queen Mary College London. Chairman for Global Advisory Board MBA in Cyber Security.

Mike Loginov


Mike is formerly a military secure communications specialist, Mike has worked in senior positions in UK Central Government Departments and on Cyber security with UK Law Enforcement Agencies. Formerly Chief Cyber Strategist for Hewlett Packard and InfoSec lead at a Big 4, he is a Certified CISO and Winner of the Industry Cyber Security Awards Personality of the Year 2016, finalist for Global Certified CISO of the Year on two occasions.

Tim Vincent


Tim is a C-level executive with a global track record of transformation, business development and growth. His executive search business Rembrandt Consultants Ltd is a leader in the hunt for the most outstanding talent across the cyber community and Tim's entrepreneurial ability to leverage businesses with talent, organic and in-organic business development spearheads ABG's rapid growth. He is the best-selling author of Nail that Interview (Random House 2013).

ASCOT BARCLAY GROUP are award winning Cyber Security Consultants

Public Sector Services

The vast dimensions of data held across government and wider public sector bodies that is material to their function characterise organisations who have always taken the collection, storage and access of that data seriously. The enhancing threats from cyber-crime expand the risk profile but fortunately (and unlike many Private Sector entities) we tend to find that with just a few smart moves Public Sector bodies can raise their security thresholds well above compliance levels and upwards to levels that most Private Sector companies can only dream of.

ASCOT BARCLAY GROUP are an HMG approved supplier of Cyber Security services. Our consultants have extensive experience of applying UK government information assurance policy, standards and related guidance documents, all have been involved in writing many of these documents, as well as applying it as lead practitioners in major government departments.

Recent work includes audits of our Channel Island authorities:

  • Isle of Man
  • Guernsey

Such audits need not be intrusive nor especially long and help point precisely at the weakest points in People, Process and Infrastructure so we usually present our menu of five core services with audit at or close to the top:

  • SECTOR SECURITY AUDIT - Understand you're landscape and vulnerabilities as they are today
  • IOT / OT – Most organisations are adopting large quantities of additional access points that require specific attention
  • HUMAN FACTORS – It is less about training and more about cultural awareness and resposibililty
  • MANAGED SECURITY – If no one is watching for threats who will raise the alarm?
  • COMPLIANCE – Not for the sake of it but because it's a useful benchmark in security augmentation i.e. make sure the benefits of complying go well beyond the box tick!

All of our services have been specifically tuned for Public Sector consumption through:

  • Public Sector Procurement Approvals
  • Public Sector Pricing

Under each of the five service areas listed above come myriad sub-sections and specialist advisory niches. In many cases the edges become blurred as to which service or solution might be required so we work hard to help develop bespoked options to best fit the specific needs in each case.

Taking our Chairman's lead we aim always to build long lasting relationships founded on pragmatism, trust and a healthy respect for the public wallet.


We are proud to have been nominated for and won many prestigious awards for our well regarded approach including:

  • Cyber Security Consulting Company of the Year 2016
  • Cyber Security Industry Personality of the Year 2016


Please do reach out and we look forward to being given the opportunity to work with you and your team.



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Ascot Barclay Group Ltd

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Cyber Security

We enable our clients to achieve strong cyber security resilience through a combination of our expert services and world-leading cyber products. Click HERE to find out how we can help you.
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'Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption and secure access devices and it's money wasted; none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain.'

Kevin Mitnick (The World's Most Famous Hacker)

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