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Fuzzelogic solutions

Suite 4
Well Road House
Market Street
Isle of Man

Tel: +44 (0)1684 377980
Mobile: +44(0)7624 482071


We work together with organizations to solve problems worth solving - whether they are in the commercial, social, environment or government sectors. Our teams focus on bringing value, meaningful change and client satisfaction into everything we do. We achieve this through passion, dedication, taking the time to understand the needs of the project and the client and explore the correct technology to ensure the project succeeds on time and within budget. We employ industry standards and best practices using proven methodologies to ensure transparency and accuracy of the project.

Our custom software solutions gives organizations the freedom to build a solution that matches their exact need, while our ready to use platforms can be used in whole or in part within a larger project. This provides a reduction in time and cost while still ensuring the highest quality of product and service.

Crowdsourcer : A complete end-to-end platform for requesting, collecting and collating citizen/public sourced data. Immensely useful for real time Citizen reporting eg : Fly tipping, Issues with public facilities (lights, broken windows, doors, potholes etc). It's currently being used by environmental agencies for collecting information about everything from birds to hedgehogs. It is white label ready and easily deployed at county or country level.

Some of what we offer ….

Mobile apps : Custom mobile apps targeting Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows ….

Web applications using Microsoft, Java, php and Open source technologies

Desktop application using Microsoft, Mac, Java, Php and Open source technologies

• System migration services : scale legacy systems faster and more accurately eg: MS Access database to more robust storage

• System integration services : Bring disconnected systems together for better record keeping and analysis.

• Secure APIs to access legacy systems

Support and maintenance on existing systems

• System audit, evaluation and documentation

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Call: +44(0)1624 618950


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