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Welcome to TURRIS-UK LTD


TURRIS-UK is a telematics and operational improvement management consultancy company. TURRIS-UK assesses business operational practices in order to identify improvements using a systems approach, identifying the linkages, and the requirements for change management, in order to improve operational performance and produce financial savings.

TURRIS-UK specialises in Telematics analysis, Operational Systems Project Design and Management and developing Operational Improvement and Risk Reduction Strategies.   Leadership, Fleet Management, Telematics Data Management and Project Management.


  • Telematics Data Analysis
  • Development of Operational Project User Requirements
  • End to End Project Planning
  • Project Management


TURRIS-UK is an independent operational and telematics management consultancy company with the ability to operate and work with large and small organisations.

Continual assessment of operational practices are essential to allow organisations to operate and grow in an ever changing environment. TURRIS-UK has the expertise and knowledge to assess a number of organisational areas simultaneously in order to allow improvements to be identified and implemented.

TURRIS-UK’s driving force is continual improvement for the client and their customers. Managing change and improvement benefits a number of internal and external stakeholders, whilst at the same time making financial savings and improving overall service levels.

Utilising experience gained in leadership and management at varying levels in national and international environments, TURRIS-UK can implement a robust change/project management process that will benefit all areas of a business.

Michael Rayner

Michael Rayner’s experience spans across both military and commercial business sectors. Having spent 25 years in the British Army, with service across the globe, operating in and achieving significant success in a number of challenging environments. 

Michael has led and commanded soldiers at varying levels on operations in Iraq, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan. In addition Michael has been involved in high profile change management projects and defence equipment projects and programmes. He has had diplomatic success in Oman and Afghanistan.

On leaving the British Army Michael was the Operations Director of Zenith Hygiene Group, the UK’s largest independent company in their sector. Michael was responsible for the day to day operational running of the company as well as all BSI accreditation, Health and Safety, and a number of operational improvement projects that increased the efficient running of the company to meet the customers requirements without increasing resources or cost.

Michael now uses his wealth of experience and knowledge of business and military leadership and management techniques, to assess and implement change management projects across a number of business areas, in order to improve the overall capability of businesses operating in an ever changing environment.


As an independent fleet management consultancy company we have supported a number of businesses in identifying and realising the benefits that the correct management of telematics can achieve.  

Below is a recent selection of companies that we have helped or are still assisting in planning and managing operational improvement programmes, conducting telematics data services and developing and implementing risk reduction strategies:

  • Zenith Hygiene Group
  • Fife Council
  • VTEC Solutions Ltd
  • Fleet Trak Ltd
  • HDI Gerling
  • Miles Smith Insurance Group
  • TR Fleet

To see how we can help you or your clients achieve the maximum benefit from telematics solutions contact us for an initial consultation.


TomTom Telematics

In his previous role, as Operations Director for a large UK based company, Michael Rayner found that he had a requirement to utilise Telematics technology to implement the changes needed to control his fleet of 120+ vehicles and deliver savings and efficiency to the business whilst driving up levels of customer service.

Mike researched the telematics market in depth and produced a shortlist of possible suppliers.

After a rigorous ‘due diligence’ process TomTom Business Solutions was selected as preferred supplier.

Mike then deployed the technology across his fleet and set about implementing a ‘change management’ plan. Mike focused his attention on the efficiency of both commercial and car fleets paying particular attention to driver behaviour and the management and coaching of risk areas. This process resulted in Mike achieving profound improvement in operational performance, and by communicating very effectively with all staff and key business stakeholders, Mike also achieved positive awareness and buy-in on the benefits that improved driving standards can bring. 

One of the key business motivators for change was to achieve a reduction in the overall carbon footprint generated by the vehicle fleet. By managing real time data and utilising TomTom’s ecoPLUS fuel management solution, Mike was able to implement a systems approach to change. Significant savings in fuel usage, maintenance costs and insurance premiums were all achieved, whilst at the same time increasing delivery capacity, reducing accidents and improving driver behaviour. The CO2 reduction target was achieved and 600 tons saved in one year, this is equivalent to 1000 lorry journeys from London to Manchester and back!

Mike has now gained a depth of understanding that positions him as a genuine expert in how to take a technology solution and implement profound positive change to a business whilst maintaining an engaged workforce. Mike is now uniquely qualified to assist others in achieving the same enviable results in a structured and scalable way. He has proven his methods in a real and tangible environment bringing all of his skills together that he has gained in both his military and commercial roles.

Milessmith - Grant Irwin MBA ACII Associate Director

 “Mike fully understands the finer points of the relationship between effective operational management and prudent insurance practices. His engagement with the insurance companies and brokers has allowed him to develop serious credibility within the insurance community, who see him as someone who fully understands insurance risk and how to mitigate that risk through effective implementation of technology and the correct management structure required to support the overall risk mitigation of fleet practice. This allowed Mike to reduce transport risk, improve driver skills and performance with excellent operational benefits and significant savings to a business.”

“I believe Mike is one of the early pioneers from an operational management background that fully understands the direct correlation between risk management, falling claims costs and the impact this has on reducing insurance premiums.”

Zenith Hygiene Group - Ringo Francis CEO

"Michael was instrumental in starting an operational improvement program that realised a number of operational benefits. This was done within a tightly controlled environment and saw the introduction of a well managed Telematics project that quickly generated benefits allowing the company to reinvest in its assets, achieving additional operational improvements and coping with an increase in customers and delivery demand. In conjunction with this work Michael identified other operational savings in the company insurance policies reducing premiums and liabilities.

This was achieved through well managed processes and procedures that were communicated to all employees. Our management structures were assessed and a change management process was implemented that saw an improved management structure with the business, allowing staff to have more control and responsibility for their roles within the business.

Not only were financial savings made but reduction in our carbon foot print by 600 tonnes was achieved.

Ultimately we improved performance, reduced assets and delivered more with the program that Michael introduced."



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