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Merlin Docs

Merlin Document Management Solutions Ltd

Unit 3
52 Victoria Road
GU11 1SS
Tel:  +44 (0)1252 336363
Fax: +44 (0)1252 333434



Why waste your precious time looking for documents?

Don't take our word, Independent experts confirm it.  Office-workers spend between 30 and 40% of their time doing non-productive document related tasks (Gartner Group survey); 80% of managers and directors of SMEs spend at least an hour each day looking for documents (YouGov survey); Managers spend up to 25% of their time searching for information (Accenture survey). How can we help?

Bureau Scanning Service

For 20 years, Merlin has been taking paperwork in large and small quantities, from public and private sector organisations, and converting them to electronic files that can be easily and quickly retrieved. We have the experience and expertise to handle almost any type of document in almost any condition including

  • Torn and tattered sheets

  • Double sided pages

  • Photographs

  • Colour

  • Large drawings up to A0

  • Bound books

  • Microfilm

  • Aperture Cards

Because of our investment in technology, we can offer highly competitive prices.

DocuStor Cloud Storage

Get to your documents from anywhere in the world that you happen to be working, and at the same time be secure in the knowledge that no-one else can, unless they have been authorised to access them. DocuStor offers a user-friendly interface to upload and index documents for later retrieval, either scanned  in-house, outsourced to our bureau, or a mixture of both – you are in the driving seat. Search by metadata (document title) – up to six headings – or content within document (requires optical charater recognition - OCR).

Automated Document Processing

There is a trade-off between the cost of up-front effort put into creating multiple indexes for ease of retrieval and the cost of the time saved. There is no point in expending 100 person-hours per month creating searchable metadata, if low frequency of retrieval results in a saving of just one person-hour. Automate the process of capturing data from documents, then the whole cost-benefit equation is shifted. We have developed high-productivity solutions using a number of techniques including:

  • OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)

  • Zone OCR

  • Dynamic OCR

  • Full-page OCR

  • Bar-code reading

  • Open database integration

Using the powerful RegEx (regular expression) syntax, we can, in many cases bring order to disorder and automatically extract data which is not always in the same place.

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