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Welcome to ONE FOR THE JOB


We are a minority owned and operated small business with big impact.  Our ambitions are great and the organisations we work with play a part in delivering our social responsibility goals.  We differentiate ourselves from other outsourced providers because we care about the work that we deliver.  We want to make the recruitment market fair, cost effective and flexible and our track records shows that we are able to do that every time.

One for the Job was set up to move away from rigid processes, extortionate fees and hidden charges while still carrying out the work to an extremely high quality.  We understand austerity and cost saving and our pricing models reflect that – a small company with big ambition.  We have a dedicated support person for every campaign we run, so you will always get in touch with the relevant person.

All of our resourcing consultants and recruitment experts are just that – they are experts in their field.  Not only has our entire project team worked in-house within the UK Government heading up and managing large-scale recruitment, but they have also been involved in external search and outsourced style work.  We use consultants with numerous years’ expertise of recruiting all types of roles, large campaigns and industry expertise – ranging from executive level sourcing and search, campaign management, recruiting of hard-to-fill roles and first class graduate recruitment programmes.

One for the Job is a concept in resource management.  The business was set up to provide organisations within the UK Government with a more tailored approach to selection.  We target each of our campaigns individually to ensure you get the results that you need, first time.


We are a recruitment outsourcing and search company that uses innovative solutions to ensure your recruitment needs are not only met, but they are provided with exceptional value for money.  We manage the full end-to-end process of recruitment activities including advertising and candidate attraction, social media presence, recruitment video production, process management, candidate search, sifting, interviewing, candidate testing, assessment centre design and delivery, management consultancy and offer management.  We use innovative approaches to ensure the success of your campaigns, through the use of effective online, tailored social media solutions and direct sourcing strategies; exceptional candidate management, first class process management and we are the only UK Company to have an in-house video production team to develop recruitment video to support online campaigns.

Not only that but we understand the need to be at the forefront of candidate engagement.  The war for talent is back in the UK and candidates are not making their own decisions on where to go and which organisations to work for.  Poor candidate management throughout a campaign can reflect badly on this and that is where we step in – with first class communications, specialist engagement strategies and bespoke systems to deal with such engagement we make candidates feel like they are a part of your organisation before they even receive a job offer. 



Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a solution offered to businesses of all sizes where we take on your recruitment process, we build a relationship with you to create an outsourced solution that works for you. One for the Job can manage the full end-to-end recruitment process and work with you on creating job adverts, media choices, sifting of applications, interviews and the final offer stage of any recruitment campaign.


The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association defines RPO as follows: "when a provider acts as a company's internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs.  RPO providers manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on boarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, methodology and reporting.  A well managed RPO will improve a company's time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve governmental compliance.


  • Full end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)
  • Advertising advice and placement – including intelligent advertising to attract todays job seeker
  • Use of specialist advertising methods – blogging and forums, employer presence and moving away from traditional online job boards
  • Sifting and interviewing support
  • Assessment centre design and management
  • Psychometric assessment initiatives
  • Offer and candidate on-boarding support


Recruitment process Outsourcing can improve the quality and speed of delivery by utilising our team of experienced recruiters.  Not only can that improve the quality of your hire but it can also improve the flexibility of the process.  Volume recruitment and significant campaign management is also a large part of the service that is offered, picking up on seasonal recruitment and organisational growth patterns, helping you as a business, get on with delivering and maximising your productivity, while installing the appropriate tracking and compliance required to run fair recruitment activity.

Working closely with you we can improve your employer brand and your external presence in the recruitment field, ensuring all candidates are fully engaged in a process before it begins.

We will reduce your recruitment costs by managing everything externally for you.  One for the Job accesses a large recruitment database of candidates to improve the economies of scale making it less necessary to always advertise for those roles.  A solution will be tailored to you to make sure you get exactly what you need, whether that is a full service or some help with a large campaign, assessments or interview processes.


With the UK economy growing again and the ‘war for talent’ about to get much stronger, businesses really need to think about the way they sell themselves and a job to potential candidates.

To be successful the RPO relationship will be a partnership in every sense of the word.  We will work closely with all of the relevant internal stakeholders to run a highly professional and competent campaign on your behalf.

We have a 100% track record of success and will provide all references to back that up.  Our methods work and we will make them work for you, your campaigns and filling those difficult roles.


Unlike other suppliers we pride ourselves on exceptional candidate engagement strategies.  With our own devises engagement strategies, we can help you become an employer of choice with candidates that are seeking work.  Having the right tools in place will allow you to engage with your candidates before they have even considered applying for a role with you.

This consists of a number of elements but each solution is tailored to the organisations we work with – solutions can include initiatives such as building of candidate talent pools which in time reduce the cost per hire significantly, we can build employer brand through video, ensure exceptional communications and deliver candidate information pages such as LinkedIn or bespoke web pages to deal with candidate information or Q&A sessions.

For more details on our candidate engagement strategies, please get in touch.



Recruitment and the way we attract individuals is changing.  We have all seen the growth of social media over the years and the methodologies companies are using to attract and retain a better and more functional workforce.

With the UK economy growing again and the ‘war for talent’ about to get much stronger, businesses really need to think about the way they sell themselves and a job to potential candidates.

- Any filmed material can work as a stand alone piece of work or form part of an RPO relationship with us

- We work with your communications department to build an employer brand and promote roles and divisions through video


Recruitment videos are a strong way to engage with a candidate before a recruitment process begins.  We can help you in a number of ways:  by building on and improving your employer brand through corporate introduction videos, filming and editing recruitment promotional films for use on a micro-site or on your company website and using video to sell a job, particularly those that are hard to fill.


Promotional videos are used to sell your organisation, your recruitment practices and have a general feel of your core business focus and your recruitment activity.  They promote candidate engagement and employer branding.  People engage with video in a big way and recruitment promotional videos will make your campaign strong and more effective


Attracting candidates can be a challenge for any company and in particular, those hard to fill vacancies.  Job vacancy advertising shows you and your business as being innovative in their approach to recruitment but can also benefit you in many ways:

- You can sell your job, its responsibilities and what you expect a candidate to achieve before they’ve submitted an application

- Develop strong employer branding to engage with individuals so people can instantly relate the job description to the deliverables they are expected to achieve

- Promotes self de-selection from job vacancies and promotes a better, stronger and more targeted candidate pool


We understand that every business has different needs and the use of video can be a daunting task, especially for those not used to talking in front of a camera.  We have a team of specialised video professionals that work closely with the subject to help them feel at ease and look relaxed and confident in the final edit of the video.

Our team of recruitment experts will help you script the video, regardless of its focus, so the final result is both attractive and effective.


You can expect to receive a professionally shot and edited video that is fit for purpose.  Whether you are looking to create recruitment adverts, company promotional videos or recruitment introduction videos we will be able to provide you with the direction needed to deliver the message in a way that suits your brand and company vision.


Executive search is a process of recruitment used by businesses to fill senior roles, difficult roles or business critical roles in a quick and efficient manner.  Our practice specialises in Human Resources roles but offers a wider remit depending on client needs.  We work closely with businesses to build a campaign that is respected and delivers results.  With only 5% of the current workforce actively seeking work, executive search can really reach out to the other 95% of people that are not actively seeking work.


The search process is more formally known as headhinting, where we develop candidate talent pipelines from recommendations, industry contacts and our knowledge of the market.  We have a candidate pool thatreaches out to some very talented and creative HR professionals.  We run the model in a relatively traditional sense, though do incorporate some of our innovative recruitment solutions to ensure we deliver the best possible candidate to you.  The main areas of business are:

- Targeted candidate searching through social media platforms, referrals and market data

- Formal advertising, microsite development, promotional video and candidate attraction tools

- Long listing of candidates through stringent sift processes, candidate discussions and suitability platforms

- Candidate interviews and detailed selection criteria to present a suitable shortlist

- Coordination of final panel interviews and offer management


Using executive search brings many benefits to the business, the candidate and to the delivery of the role once a placement has been made.  We can work in a number of ways to ensure you get value for money. Some clients like to use a retained approach to the search using One for the Job exclusively to fill a post, which can attract significant discounts.  We also promise to offer the following benefits to you:

- Strong relationship management and reporting through detailed Management Information tools

- Exceptional candidate management, promoting your company brand and following your identity guidelines

- Fully managed process removing the resource requirement from you and your teams

- A reach out to the right candidate, usually those who are not actively seeking a new role

- Delivery of a targeted, measurable and successful recruitment campaign 


The cost of executive search is relative in relation to other recruitment channels, though search has proven results and you are much more likely to fill a role through this method of recruitment.  We work closely with our clients to ensure value for money and work on pricing models that are effective, affordable and specific.



We deliver a broad range of business consultancy, giving you access to dedicated senior resource.  Your senior associate will work with you and your business to help create a brief and ensure delivery of the project is done in time and on budget.  Our associates can work either on or off site and can be used in a number of ways – we can develop strategy, project plans and recruitment initiatives for you and your teams to deliver or we can work on site and deliver these initiatives for you.

The types of consultancy take many forms and link directly with other areas of our business.  For instance we can offer recruitment strategy advice, create corporate videos and recruitment promotional material, which can easily link into the RPO side of our business.  The other areas we can support you are:


Our senior associates are fully able to deliver all types of training, with particular specialisms in the HR, HR & Recruitment Legislation and Recruitment Process Training.  With a long list of specialisms, please get in touch to find out how we can help and to get ideas about your training requirements.  Training types include:

  • Working with educational institutes (colleges and universities) to deliver job application training to new job seekers
  • Recruitment process training to internal managers
  • Recruitment legislation training
  • Diversity management training


By using our skills and expertise we are able to develop extensive strategic plans that can be taken forward by you and your business or which can be delivered by one of our associates in-house.  Building workforce plans for the future and assisting with downsizing or company growth.


Using our expertise we can advise and plan campaigns for you being as creative or as traditional as possible.  We use social media and other innovative recruitment models to ensure your campaigns are managed well and are successful every time, saving you money and time.


We have an in-house video production team that films, edits and produces corporate videos.  As an added benefit to your business we are able to film and edit a number of professional videos including those with strong corporate identity, recruitment promotional material and other corporate videos.


If required we will deliver workshops and presentations that require professional resourcing input.  Our associates are specialist enough to present key speaker speeches and take part in corporate resourcing events, recruitment fairs and assessment activities.



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