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Incubis Associates is an International executive search firm specialising in the IT, HR, Engineering and Technology- related sectors. We advise on hiring at all levels and in all disciplines, in roles from global functional leaders through to individual contributors. 

Welcome to Incubis Associates

The world is dominated by social media, everyone has a digital footprint, and this should be making it easier for firms to hire. In fact, the best people are inundated with solicitations and approaches, and it is arguably becoming more difficult than ever to attract top talent. The situation is further compounded by a recruitment industry that has far too many practitioners with little to no experience outside being a recruiter, and a limited understanding of their client's requirements or challenges.

Incubis offers a boutique executive search service, founded by our principal consultant who spent 25 years as a senior executive in the IT sector. By building on this experience and focusing attention on a relatively small numbers of clients at any one time, we build a great depth of knowledge and tailor a personalised service designed to deliver. If you instruct us, our goal will be to deliver a service such that you will want to come back to us for many years.

Our approach can be summarised as follows:

Establish trust
This is the quintessential basis for success. You are outsourcing a business critical process, and you need to be confident that your agent will exercise the same level of care and diligence that you would.
Understand the requirement
Incubis' approach recognises that while it is possible to build on past experience, at the same time each client's needs are specific and no two situations are identical. We aim to develop a deep understanding of the client's activities, the challenges it faces, and the personalities and culture that drive it.
Specifying the Role adequately
Clearly crucial for all hires.  As a starting point we can provide templates or work with the Client's own initial specification but either way we have found that a collaborative and iterative process inevitably produces crucial changes to the original thinking. Abraham Lincoln said "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." The analogy is especially relevant in this context.
Attracting the best candidates
Social media ensure that the best candidates are bombarded with approaches. You only want the best candidates, and the best candidates have options, so it is vital that we approach the process with this in mind. Incubis take the time to understand what it is that makes a position with a client special and attractive and devote time to articulating this to candidates.
Timescales, deliverables, and communication
Working back from the ideal start date, Incubis will agree with the client a series of milestones against which the campaign will be run and monitored. We agree on a case by case basis how regularly and how formally the client wishes to be updated on progress. We understand how time consuming interviewing candidates is, and no candidate will be put forward whom we do not think is capable of taking on the role and we will advise you in advance how each candidate to be interviewed stands up against the specification.Throughout the process, Incubis carefully manages the feedback from clients and candidates, and can provide assistance during the offer and negotiation stages. We can also conduct further, formal referencing if requested.
We listen to your approach, your method of working and your essential requirements  and ensure that we work within them, becoming an extension to your department or or project and ensuring that you have the new personnel to guarantee continued success.

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