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Integrated Coaching & Development

67-68 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8JY

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Tel: Melanie Lilley 07971 008 848 - Ellen Ross 07912 615 016 - Gary Oakley 07973 210 551

Welcome to Integrated Coaching & Development

We are leading trainers in Neuroscience behind communication, enabling greater understanding of behaviour and action. 

Using our unique but simple framework based in neuroscience we will train your employees how to:

•    Build trust and relationships.
•    Improve employee engagement so increasing performance and outputs. 
•    Embed positive behavioural change throughout your organisation.

This will have the added impact of reducing the potential for conflict and confusion.

Let us help your organisational development strategy i.e. Management & Leadership/Organisational change/Team working/Inter departmental alignment etc.


We only focus on communication and conversation skills training and coaching based on in depth research into psychology and neuroscience

For optimum learning and embedding so creating behavioural change rather than just ‘upskilling’ we offer post workshop coaching – both 1:1 and team.

  • Internal: Conflict resolution / delivering difficult messages team building / training & coaching.
  • External: Gaining new clients / closing that deal / increasing your turnover.


Such a crucial skill. In an increasingly diverse workplace the potential for miscommunication and misunderstanding is greater than ever.

How well do your employees communicate? 

How does your organisation interact with Millennials so used to communicating via technology for example? Are those Millennials and Baby Boomers/Generation X groups really saying the same thing?  Research shows that 95% of the workforce admits to having used technology to communicate rather than engage verbally or face to face.

How culturally aware and sensitive is your organisation? Our unique ethically neutral model will give you the foundation for any sensitive communication you may need to undertake.

What is the gender make up of your organisation? Does everyone have a voice when and where they should?

Are your Introverts (the group who very often have a very powerful message to share, but lack the confidence and ‘voice’ to convey it) comfortable with communicating at all times?

We will give you a greater understanding of the impact of your words and behaviours on others, both consciously and subconsciously.

At ICD we have the tools and techniques to enable you to embed a new culture within your organisation...


Our one day training course will equip you with the behaviours to understand how to communicate with others in any situation – a life skill.  We will share with you the science behind behaviours – the Science of Communication.

NEUROSCIENCE FACT: We are programmed to think negatively (a survival tactic back in cave days) and research shows that ‘social’ pain (the pain of perceived rejection/insults/negativity) has a far longer lasting and damaging impact than physical pain.

Using a balance of theory and practice to support our unique model we will cover topics such as the impact of body language and tone - what messages are you really sending out; the power and impact of words – what have you just said; written vs face to face communication – how was that e mail interpreted? 


  • Improved communication: What is actually being said or not said? The importance of body language and tonality. What is really motivating others?
  • Engaging for understanding: How to build trust so creating a successful relationship. What part does neuroscience have to play?
  • Understanding self and others: Who are you and what impact do you have on those around you – personal impact and presence?
  • Develop strategy: How can you use these valuable insights in building a strong interactive team and stakeholder relationships?
  • Improve your bottom line: By further developing these capabilities and increasing your impact and effectiveness, so maximising your potential and ultimately that of your organisation.

Whether you prefer to reference Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve or Peter Russell’s Effectiveness of Reinforcement (The Brain Book) the message is clear – unless new information is periodically recalled and reinforced it will slip away never to be used again…  


Communicate with us now to discuss how we are able to help you and your organisation. For greater reinforcement we suggest our follow up coaching program.


NEUROSCIENCE FACT: Participants within a team who had been told they were working on a problem together worked 48% longer and solved more problems correctly than a team with non-collaborative language.

Coaching is a powerful tool in supporting your ongoing organisational strategy to enable you to reach your vision.  Both 1:1 and team coaching are invaluable to improving behaviours and engagement - the Science of Communication is the cornerstone of both organisational and individual effectiveness

Why do some employees go ‘above and beyond’ for their leaders?

  • Why do some leaders command instant respect?
  • What do they do differently?
  • How do they do it?

Specific skill focus within 1:1 coaching:

  • Embed the crucial skills of Active Listening/Questioning techniques
  • Develop the ability to really understand the other person
  • Understand how to build trust and relationships – release that oxytocin
  • Move beyond a transactional relationship and learn how to engage
  • Turn the theory into practise

At middle to senior management communication is crucial to empowering great teams, underpinning organisational effectiveness so leading to improved performance.

Specific areas covered within team coaching:

  • Understand how to communicate positively across diversity and find the leverage to unite the team rather than polarise
  • Communicate up and down your organisational structure
  • Improve internal alignment
  • Clear and structured messages – no ambiguity

At Integrated Coaching & Development we will listen to your needs and work with you to develop bespoke coaching and mentoring programs


Melanie Lilley: Over twenty years in Training and Development - centred around understanding and developing others. My passion is for helping small organisations achieve big results. 
Ellen Ross: I use my background in neuroscience and psychology to open the mind of people and demonstrate how important conversations are and how easily we can miscommunicate on a daily basis. 
Gary Oakley: International negotiation and communication strategist and trainer with experience and research in negotiation and communication skills since 1989. 






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