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Chilli Pepper Development Ltd

Trevose, St Michael's Road, Penkridge, Staffordshire, ST19 5AH

Tel: 0333 305 6516 Email:

Welcome to Chilli Pepper Development / Small Change - Big Impact

We are here to help make your people the very best that they can be. Turning up the heat in your organisation to deliver the results that you need.

All our Chilli Consultants have had real world success in their own field and bring that success and understanding into the 21st Century business world. With a common thread of a coaching facilitator style, we partner on a project basis to serve up a great result for the client.

Specialisms Include:

  • Leadership 
  • Innovation 
  • Sales 
  • Behaviour Change 

Helping people change what they do and how they think can bring around the most unexpected transformations in performance.  Common through all our solutions, we believe that all performance starts with having the right mindset and then performing the right behaviours.

How We Help 

Through a range of options, we deliver results for our clients including:

PROGRAMMES: A layered learning delivery using a variety of techniques over a period of time

  • Our preferred option based on experience as it generates better relationships and better results.  We get to know your people and your business more closely which allows for more clarity in delivery and being able to hold people accountable to their actions.

COURSES: Tailored courses specific to a current need or situation

  • When teams, functions or business units have specific needs, we build standalone courses to fit that need. Examples include negotiation skills, coaching for managers and performance management skills. We never deliver “off the shelf” courses to businesses. We believe that taking the extra time and effort in understanding your needs delivers better results.

COACHING: Through support, accountability and encouragement; helping people achieve their goals faster

  • Coaching is our natural Chilli style through all we do and we deliver specific coaching solutions from executive level through to group coaching and facilitated sessions. Our coaches all carry recognised qualifications, accreditations and credibility to help you on your journey to achieving the goals that you desire.

CONSULTANCY: Working with clients on strategy plans and problem solving in specific areas

  • You may need more than a coach; someone who can add value to your organisation for specific projects at specific times. Through our network, we may be able to help find that right person who has the skills, the style and the knowledge to work alongside your business and fill that niche.

Working The Hot Stuff 

These are the main areas of our expertise where we should be able to help you achieve what you want:


We believe there are some consistent attributes that “good” leaders display but there is no set combination. We work with leaders across many industry sectors to help identify what skills they have, how they can utilize these skills more effectively and how they can use other subtle methods to improve the commitment and work effort they can generate from their circle of influence.

Within Leadership falls many recognisable headlines such as:

  • Management skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Giving feedback
  • Communication Skills
  • Persuasion
  • Time Management
  • Motivation
  • Touch point leaders
  • Managing conflict

Group, 1-2-1, remote and e-learning solutions are all part of how we can support Leadership and Management development. In addition, we work “in the moment” with your leaders on the issues they face and we often think on our feet to find a personal intervention that will support the goal.


“To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink 2014 explores how it is a human trait to sell and in the workplace most of us sell something every day, be it a product, an idea or an opinion. We work with a full spectrum from seasoned professionals in strategic sales roles to new sales recruits with no experience.

Within Sales, we cover subjects such as::

  • Value based selling
  • Trusted advisor sales
  • Listening skills
  • Persuasion and Negotiation
  • Mindsets
  • Questioning skills
  • Closing
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Building internal relationships

We are often asked “What makes the best salesperson” We see that some sell through character; some through process; some through product knowledge and some through sheer hard graft by putting the activity numbers in. Generic sales training generally focuses on a single approach and then has a hit and miss result with the individual. We use the sales teams existing skills and preferences, acknowledge and respect these; the business required profiles and then build appropriately to get the best results.


Innovation is embedded into many organisations vision statements, values or role profiles.  When asked, most people are unsure as to what it means to them and how they are to demonstrate it in their role.

We think that Innovation is “the development and blending of existing ideas to become more effective in a current or altered context”.  We believe that Creativity is “the development of new ideas or solutions”.  Subtle and important difference.  In “How to Fly A Horse” by Kevin Ashton 2015, he explores how there a very, very few brand new ideas – most build on previous ideas and concepts.  Great book by the way!

Innovation comes from a state of mind and a focus on goals.  Critical to implementing organisational innovation is the surrounding normative culture and processes for capturing, assessing, delivering and engaging with innovation.

We can review your organisations input into innovation; assess the existing culture and processes and then provide skills solutions methodologies to improve your innovation capabilities across broader groups.


“The people have the skills and they have the knowledge but still something isn’t working!?”  They likely aren’t applying those skills and knowledge in the right way – their behaviours or actions.

Addressing behaviour change can be a challenging situation for individuals and groups within an organisation.  It can involve bruised egos, open or passive conflict and uncomfortable self-reflection.

However, behaviour change can be the most effective option in turning around an organisations performance.  Examples we have worked on include improving customer service or moving from a transactional to a consultative sale.

Using coaching skills and NLP techniques, behaviour change starts with understanding personal beliefs and mindsets, understanding the need for change and embarking on steps towards a new application of behaviours.  This can be delivered through group delivery where our Chilli Consultants also take opportunities to support individual needs on a 1-2-1 basis.

How We Work

  • We talk: You call us or we call you!
  • We meet: We get to know your business challenge and what results you need.
  • We consult: through 2 way discussion, we agree on what will work for you.
  • We cook: The fun stuff!  Delivering the solution you need.
  • We critique: What worked and what next?

What our Clients say

A very tough set of people!
“It’s a very tough set of people to come into and engage with training… you’ve succeeded in being accepted and driving change”

Inspirational & Motivational Training
“…the delivery was the most inspirational and motivational training I’ve ever received”

Full-bodied Cocktail for Success
“Pete’s enthusiasm reverberates around his training domain, be it in the classroom or 1-2-1. He can communicate sincerely with people on all levels. Being a great judge of the atmosphere around him, he can adapt his approach to gain the best from the people he trains. These attributes along with his positive outlook are a full bodied cocktail for success”

Brings Perspective & Clarity
“You have brought perspective and clarity to my thinking allowing me to lead my organisation through new business challenges and opportunities”

Contact us 

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