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Welcome to Priority Management London – Productivity & Performance Partners

Practical, blended training to improve essential productivity skills.

We offer unique, world-class programmes that bring organisations immediate results that impact the way people work from the moment they finish a workshop.  Our London office is dedicated to improving the way people work by giving corporations, teams and individuals the tools to be more successful and better at what they do.

We support organisations and individuals with workplace wellbeing by improving effectiveness, reducing workload stress and doing the right thing at the right time.

How our training works


  • Our training programmes use practical processes to apply world-class best practices with a high proportion of hands-on learning. We can follow-up with individual coaching to customise and assist implementation.


  • Training sessions are customised specifically for each organisation’s environment, culture and specific requirements


  • The immediate result for our clients is shown in employee ability to deliver more on time, have greater control of work and manage time more effectively. 

Lifetime Commitment

  • We will always be here to support you! Join our monthly 'LearningLink' e-Newsletter to keep updated tips and articles to help improve day-to-day productivity.

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Productivity & Performance Programmes

30 mins Online Complimentary Taster Session

You will gain a detailed understanding of what each Performance and Productivity Programme offers and their benefits.



2018 Evaluation Results based on 30,143 individuals 

Average +53 minutes of productive time gained a day per individual = +25 days per year!

Essential Skills Improvement

  • Managing Emails 57%
  • Tracking Communications 52%
  • Managing Information 50%
  • Finding Information 49 %
  • Planning & Organisation 57%
  • Delegating/ Assigning Work 35 %
  • Getting Results from Meetings 36 %
  • Stress Reduction 44%
  • Improved Teamwork 35%
  • Balacing Work/ Life Demands 38%


  • “Excellent, yet simple and accessible methods we can all use to effectively organise our working days.”- Government Department
  • “An excellent way to learn to get on top your inbox, be in control of your tasks and time, and generally improve productivity!” -Government Department
  • “Will stop me thinking about work at home  Will make me feel less overwhelmed.” – Government Department

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