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A Leading SEO and PPC Agency Achieving Multi-Award-Winning Results Using Automation, AI and Machine Learning. Trusted By Over 300 Businesses.

We are the UK’s leading Data-driven and Psychology-focused B2B SEO and PPC agency.

At novi, we prioritise people above and beyond everything else. Whether with our employees, our clients or their customers, we understand that relationships matter. 

Through a combination of clear and frequent communication, combined with insights developed through the use of data analysis; we identify and understand the needs of our clients. We then focus on applying our information and experience to innovate and produce efficient and productive outcomes for our clients.

We recognise that innovation comes from skilled individuals taking pride in their work and so, with innovation in mind, we focus on employee well-being above and beyond all else. We do so to create a workplace with purpose and drive, working together to produce positive outcomes for our clients.

At novi, we teach our clients how to innovate using data to continually refine our SEO Management and PPC Management techniques. From our head office at Lancaster University, Lancashire and our London office at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, we provide managed services, audits, training and consultancy for local, national and international campaigns. 

By working closely with our clients to fully utilise data and research, we take a holistic approach to SEO and PPC. This data-driven and psychology-focused approach gives us a solid foundation to inform ongoing strategy, to continually refine and improve our ongoing SEO and PPC campaign performance. Read more about us



SEO Management Services
Why is our SEO Management service different? Our SEO Management service works to enhance search performance through the use of technical, content and strategic SEO techniques. This results in a better search engine performance for highly relevant search queries, targeted toward high-intent searchers. 

PPC Management Services
PPC Management is our core competency. Not only is team at is experienced in implementing and running a range of highly successful PPC Campaigns. We’ve even spent millions on PPC ourselves. During recent years, we’ve managed a total spend well in excess of several million. 

SEO Training Services
SEO Training Across the UK, from London to Lancaster and Manchester to Edinburgh. With regards to SEO Training, here at Novi.Digital we understand that not all organisations have the same requirements. From small teams through to large corporate clients and educational establishments.

PPC Training Services
PPC Training Workshops Across the UK, from London to Lancaster and Manchester to Edinburgh. Our Training Events During the past decade we have provided numerous PPC Training workshops. At Novi.Digital we understand that many clients may prefer to do their pay per click advertising in-house. 

SEO Audit Services
Our goal when we carry out an SEO audit is to provide the client with a clear roadmap to optimising your site with our recommendations – recommendations we will back up with data. Our SEO audit is a one-off service which focuses purely on how your site interacts with search engines.

PPC Audit Services
When we carry out a PPC audit for a client, we work to create a roadmap the client can follow to improve ROI, bring in customers, and reduce costs. All our recommendations are backed up by data analysis.’s PPC audit is a one-off service, focused exclusively on your PPC campaigns. 








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