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About Us

We work with our clients and create and execute bespoke Strategic Digital Marketing Plans and Digital Training that increases revenue and generates results.


We offer:

  • Digital Marketing Plan creation and execution
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • SEM
  • Digital Marketing Training for Google, Facebook, Instagram
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social Media (paid, organic, influencer)
  • Paid Digital Advertising


Our company was established in 2012 and we have offices in Toronto Canada, London UK, Bolton UK, and Edinburgh Scotland. We have worked and continue to work with Google, Meta (parent company of Facebook and Instagram) as well as some of the largest media, financial, and arts companies around the world.

We have also worked with smaller local companies and startups. What our clients have in common is the desire to work with us together as partners not as vendors and even more importantly they want to grow and develop strategically and organically. Further they have an advertising budget and they are not afraid to challenge the status quo and throw away the way they have been conducting business and learn and execute new ways to grow exponentially.

Samples of our work with Google:


Digital Marketing Training

By Igor Z.Meta (Facebook) Global Training Partner:

I had the pleasure to participate in Strategic Digital Marketing Group’s Meta (Facebook Blueprint) training sessions and it has always been an impactful experience. Their energy, charm and enthusiasm are unbeatable - they literally caffeinated the audience with their voice and upbeat delivery. There wasn’t a single moment where I felt that the content was repetitive or mundane, they made the whole audience feel that every module and topic were life-savingly important.

I loved their informality and the fact that they were referring to themselves, friends and colleagues during the presentation which made the presentation both more entertaining and accessible. I think the best examples are drawn from real life rather than hypothesized and they gave plenty of real life examples to illustrate key points however difficult they might have been.

It would be difficult for me to assess which of their features is more precious -- their limitless energy and positive attitude or their professional motivation, knowledge, and skills.

By Anton P, Director of Sales EMEA:

The fact is that among the jungle of online guides, videos, and trainings on taking the Facebook advertising exams (Planning, Buying, etc.), the Strategic Digital Marketing Group trainings turned into the guiding light for me and, I am sure, for many others. They are able to turn such a frustrating experience as finding the right approach and texts/videos to study for these exams and then taking them, into a pleasant and motivating task. The amount of reassurance and positive energy they literally pour onto everyone, besides the superb choice of pace, amount of information (both strategic and detailed), and topics is unmatched in my experience (and I have tried many such trainings and trainers).

By Will P, Europe Director:

Strategic Digital Marketing Group trained hundreds of people (both within our organization and our clients) and everyone was very impressed. Anyone would do themselves an immense favor by working with, hiring, or utilizing in any way their energy, attitude, and professional abilities. 

IT. Kathleen H, Lecturer, North East College:

Strategic Digital Marketing Group were brilliant, helpful and delivered an excellent workshop. It was helpful knowing how Innovation can help to bring out the most of our creativity, and how we can utilise that to our advantage. We learned a lot about AI and Social Media as well, which will be very handy for our future in Digital Marketing.

Laura M, Marketing Director Canada

With the help of Strategic Digital Marketing Group our team went from 5% understanding of Google Analytics to 90%.

Strategy, Digital Marketing Plan Creation and Execution

By Dr. Simone K, Business Lead EMEA

Strategic Digital Marketing Group is one of the most effective Marketing consultants I have had the pleasure to work with. They are accomplished strategic consultants and have an expert ability to break down at times complex digital marketing subject matter, thus enabling businesses to grow through digital.

I was especially impressed by their superb customer-focus, their ability to listen and consult a variety of clients both in groups and 1:1 – from SMEs to start-ups and larger organisations.

Strategic Digital Marketing Group always has the best interests of their clients at heart – and this means a sharp focus on delivering results!

By Ron G, B2B Sales Director Canada

Strategic Digital Marketing Group is a wonderful source of knowledge for my clients. They have always been available with a fresh perspective, interesting ideas or honest critiques when working with me.

I would not hesitate to recommend Strategic Digital Marketing Group for any Marketing, Social Media or Business Campaign that a lead is needed for. Bottom line is that Strategic Digital Marketing Group will get the job done!

By Lisa G, Tech and Retail Digital Marketing Director

Strategic Digital Marketing Group is a global marketing leader. Smart, driven and high-energy, the team excels in marketing strategy, consistently achieves results, and has successfully juggled dozens of projects at a time.

Their digital strategy prowess in North America and Europe, including their work with GoogleUK and Facebook (now Meta) has led to the innovative application of emerging trends to invigorate B2B communication.

Grasping the big picture, they have a holistic, multi-functional mindset that drives productivity. Also, their visionary leadership inspires teams to have fun while creating exceptional marketing campaigns. Their passion and proven professionalism strengthen their clients’ marketing results, and I highly recommend them.

Peter K, Founder and CEO (tech company) Canada

Thank you to Strategic Digital Marketing Group who helped us with strategy, marketing, and execution by taking an amazing idea in my mind 3 years ago, and making it a reality and having a Gala hosted at Google Canada with hundreds of people in attendance.

Coding All-Stars was a huge success. You did a wonderful job bringing together its many moving parts. Your excellent organization and your warm approach to teamwork were essential to the positive outcome, I'm sure. I was especially pleased to see the press coverage that you were able to obtain.

By Ben D, Executive Director, Toronto

Congratulations Strategic Digital Marketing Group! Together we made an important contribution to Murray’s legacy, and showed Toronto once again that Soundstreams’ is “one of the consistently most innovative presenters in the city’s new music community” (Robert Harris).

I am continually inspired by your passion and dedication to our work, and our shared pursuit of excellence. Each of you stewards an essential part of our company, and this team is a very special combination of talents. I hope you can enjoy the sense of pride and ownership of our work that I do and I cannot thank you enough in helping us exceed our revenue goals.

Companies we have worked with include:

  • Google
  • Meta
  • UpSkill Digital
  • Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce
  • Chesamel Group
  • Soundstreams
  • Morris Real Estate Marketing Group
  • Globe and Mail
  • Iovate
  • Recipe Unlimited

We have expertise in: ecommerce, CPG, Arts and Entertainment, Education, Financial sectors.

We are certified in:

  • Meta (Facebook and Instagram) Blueprint Planning
  • Meta (Facebook and Instagram) Blueprint Creative
  • Meta (Facebook and Instagram) Blueprint Buying
  • Meta (Facebook and Instagram) Discovery Commerce
  • Meta (Facebook and Instagram) Lead Trainer
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Ads 360
  • Google Campaign Manager 360
  • Google Creative
  • Display and Video 360

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