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Welcome to SJ&F Media

Whilst we usually avoid the normal spiel that many PR and marketing companies tend to throw at you to secure business, we understand that you want and need to be different to stand out. So how can we help you achieve this?

Whether you want to boost the reach of your brand or business, or simply gain a few extra column inches in the press department, our expertise can take your company to new heights and get your business and its products or services the recognition it deserves.

You may be searching for a fitting partner to help you gain exposure, both online and off, and thanks to our strong working relationships with local, regional and national publishers, magazines, newspapers, radio stations, TV and all other media outlets, the SJ&F Media team can assist you in doing just that!

Our PR teams in Cardiff, Swansea, Carmarthenshire, Bristol and Bridgend know what it takes to give organisations a bigger voice and with results driven ideas, amplified brand stories and blue sky creativity, you will have all you need to shout louder than your competitors.

Our services aren’t just available regionally, we work with businesses across the UK, including those all the way along the M4 corridor to London.




Big screen, small screen, billboard or on the air waves, advertising is everywhere so why not create and place a bit of advertising gold to get your audience standing to attention!

We understand that ideas drive businesses to develop and implement the right advertising solution for you. Successfully hone your brand’s tone of voice, raise audience awareness, utilise appropriate media channels and spark the conversations that will propel your business forward… at an amazing speed… with a helping hand!


Traditional marketing techniques can be a real bore to the super savvy consumers that currently grace our cities, towns and villages. It’s a fact that every business, including yours, must face but with a touch of prowess, plenty of industry knowledge and a quick call to our vast UK and international networks you can give it to your customers straight, or maybe with a twist.

By using the following services you can take advantage of a market-savvy and customer-focused strategy that encompasses both your short and long term objectives…


As many fellow companies both inside and outside of your industry will tell you, it’s as much about who you know as what you know!

With a little black book brimming with the contacts you need to put your company on the map in your target market, you can get your products and services out there sooner rather than later. We can help you complete this killer combo with creative ideas, carefully crafted campaigns, high quality editorial and much (much) more…


In marketplaces where every organisation is striving to shout louder than their competitors to get their products and services out there to the people who want and need them, sending out the odd press release no longer cuts it when showcasing your brand in the public arena. As a creative-led, experiential event management agency, we know just what it takes to get your brand seen.

Our team of experienced, professional and rather over-enthusiastic event managers help brands across all industries connect, engage and evolve. Whilst our ethos is simple, the strategies behind the events we organise provide integrated experiences that work to establish a human connection between organisations like you and your target audience.


Taking the media world by storm requires a lot of time and management, two things that many organisations are short of. Our brand new contract publishing service ensures you can get the best of both worlds to unlock the advantages of publishing without the burden of producing a magazine, newsletter, book, newspaper or journal yourself.

Here at SJ&F Media, we deliver a complete, turn-key contract publishing service to ensure all aspects of the production process are managed and delivered from concept to completion. Whilst this is the newest service added to our repertoire, we are by no means ‘newbies’ to the industry. Behind our contract publishing service is a team of seasoned professionals with experience working in the worlds of publishing, PR, advertising, marketing, web, design, social media, digital and video – a cocktail that creates the perfect solution for companies looking for bespoke and innovative publishing and communication.


Social media marketing has become the driving force behind pretty much every organisation, so why can’t you make your marketing dreams come true just by being social!

Using the latest social media tools and industry trends, you can wriggle your way into the minds of new and existing consumers to develop a social media strategy that really cuts to the core of what your customers want and need. Pinpoint the social networking sites that will really make your brand sing and push your products or services into the public eye in one swish, click or tweet!

Whether you are looking to gain more likes on Facebook, become the fascination of more followers on Twitter, increase the number of pins your images receive on Pinterest, boost your interaction on Google+ or connect with more industry professionals on LinkedIn, you have all you need right here to develop your presence on all of the leading networks.


Taking your business to the big and small screen is one thing that is guaranteed to be an instant hit with both new and existing customers wanting to find out so much more about your products or services. Yes, as recent events have proven, multimedia is king, but who can you turn to to ensure your brand sizzles on screen?

Offering a range of complete and customer-focussed film and video services, we can help you make the impact you need within your target market. In addition to delivering the services mentioned below, we can assist you in harnessing a cross-platform presence that really showcases your business, engages with your audience and gets you seen and heard.


As a flourishing or established business taking your products or services online can open a lot of doors in today’s world, with a consumer’s love and obsession with technology catapulting many brands to national and even global notoriety. But with every brand shouting rather loudly online, how can you ensure users click on your website, not your competitors?

Ten a penny websites are all too common online, with many agencies looking to make a fast buck and not deliver the goods! Our web design, development and management services mean that you can stick out like a sore thumb (for all the right reasons of course) to wow your customers, give them the experience that they deserve and sell your goods, services or wider brand in the process!

The possibilities are endless online, and we can help you put your best face forward. We know that looks aren’t everything too, and have the expertise to make your site responsive, reliable and, well, unforgettable.


Delivering fully integrated solutions to businesses and brands based in Cardiff, Swansea, Carmarthenshire, Bristol, Bridgend, London (including across the M4 corridor) and the rest of the UK is just a snippet of what we do here. All too often we like to unleash our creativity, creating amazing designs and awe-inspiring graphics that you and your customers can really reap the rewards of.

Let your organisation speak volumes to your target audience with a captivating and creative piece of digital art!

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