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BSP Labels

11 Saxon Way

Tel: 01763 263 388
Fax: 01763 263 377


BSP Labels – Manufacturers of bespoke labels, providers of labelling systems and printer consumables and installers of warehouse racking labels and solutions.

BSP Labels have been putting the customer first in the print and supply of labels for over 30 years. Our customers are our number one priority. We listen and consult regularly with our customers ensuring we offer the right product along with a first class service.'

We offer:


Self-Adhesive Labels:

Our core business and consuming passion is the print of bespoke self-adhesive labels.  We know the importance of producing the right label for your business and how this enhances your brand and promotes growth. 

Whatever the required format or layout desired, we will meet expectations every time.

  • We supply labels for any purpose or function.
  • We specialise in producing labels suitable for chemical and hazardous use and ensure we are up to date and compliant with EU regulations.
  • We use green, sustainable stock from reputable suppliers throughout our production line.
  • We can supply any substrate including vinyl, polyethylene and polyester substrates with top coatings suitable for thermal transfer printing.
  • We ensure we match materials used to the correct thermal transfer, direct thermal or laser applications required by the client.
  • Use of all paper and synthetic substrates including ecologically safe materials and adhesives.
  • We can produce roll, sprocket-feed, fanfold and sheet format labels.
  • We offer full colour print and colour matching service.
  • We can bulk manufacture labels and hold product in stock ready for call off as and when required.
  • We can print up to seven colours per pass, with re-registration for more colours.
  • We can varnish: high gloss UV or thermal printable finishes.
  • We can hyphenate over-laminate for added protection.
  • We can print through the adhesive on to the reverse side of the label as well as printing on to the backing paper.
  • We can print sequential numbers, barcodes, variable information and work from customer supplied databases should the need arise. 

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Warehouse and Racking Labels:

BSP Labels offer the complete turnkey solution to warehouse labelling. We can supply and fit all labels to new and existing racking and also rebrand existing racking.

Our labels are hard-wearing and fit for purpose, across all types of environments from cold store to everyday temperatures. Labels can be supplied in black and white as well as most colours, depending on your requirements.  Labels can either be supplied ready for installation or we can arrange for our fully qualified install team to carry out the installation for you.

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Variable Data Printing:

Variable Data Printing allows you to personalise or tailor your requirements to a specific set of data.  We are able to print barcodes and variable data on to plain or pre-printed labels.  

Variable Data is mostly used for:

  • Direct marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Advertising
  • Invoicing
  • Addressing mail outs

Variable Data benefits include:

  • Enables mass customisation of written media.
  • Overprinting to customer’s existing labels targeting customer mailing lists.
  • Ideal for e-marketing ensuring a direct connection with the customer.
  • Able to produce and print complex sequential barcodes.
  • Increases response time and feedback with customers 

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Digital Printing:

Digital printing offers flexibility in printing single or full colour labels across a broad range of self-adhesive materials regardless of quantity.  As there are no printing plates required when setting up each print run, digital printing puts control of expenditure and stock firmly in the hands of the client.

Digital printing is ideal for:

  • Small SME’s
  • Short print runs
  • ‘Niche’ product labels
  • Sample sales labels
  • Testing new product branding
  • Personalised labels
  • On demand printing - Text, graphics and images can be changed as many times as required.

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Hazchem (Chemical Labelling):

BSP Labels have been advising and supplying specialist labels to chemical companies for many years. BSP Labels have the knowledge and can advise on the most appropriate labelling product for the application required.

  • Labels manufactured to BS5609 are intended primarily for marine shipment, but will satisfy any purpose requiring an extremely durable label.
  • Our processes for manufacturing labels comply with every part of the BS5609 and its label components.*
  • We will guarantee complete compliance with the Standard and will provide you with a copy of the test certificate for your records.**

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Printer Consumables:

From low-cost wax to ultra-high performance resin ribbons, for near edge or flat head technologies (and anything in-between), there’s a product available to match your printer ensuring your required output quantity and speed of print are maintained.

  • We can supply any type of ribbon, for any thermal printer.
  • Original equipment or compatible ribbons – FREE evaluation samples often available.
  • We can hold stock for you to schedule delivery as and when required.
  • We can supply colour ribbons with no minimum order quantity
  • Prompt reliable delivery.

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