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Office Oracle 

1 Cresswell Park

Tel: 020 8090 3300  

Welcome to Office Oracle

We are Office Oracle. We provide business supplies and bespoke services to help our customers work better – whatever their workplace. We are a single source for everything clients need to be more productive & profitable. Including the latest technology, core office products, print services, facilities products, furniture, and school essentials.

Your Workplace 

Different types of organisation require diverse products, solution and service levels. We pride ourselves on fulfilling your requirements so that you may do your job most efficiently while receiving value for money.

For Small Departments & Agencies
Our experienced team has supported small to medium businesses across the UK, delivering the right products and services to a wide variety of workplaces.

For Large Departments & Agencies
Office Oracle supports large organisations through dedicated account managers with specialist knowledge and experience to tailored solutions for maximum company efficiency.

  • National Coverage – for all Own brand and OEM products
  • Personal Account manager – from implementation stage to continued reviews and ongoing high SLA’s
  • Personal delivery driver – for maximum customer service and flexibility

How it works 

Our highly trained and experienced staff are the most valuable commodity to Office Oracle.
We pride ourselves in tailoring office solutions to your work place, we have full control over our Sales and Logistics department to provide a bespoke package just for you.
Without our loyal clients we would not be in business, and we never forget that.

  • Gather specific information to find clients Wants & Needs. Via physical meeting or virtual meeting.
  • Propose bespoke packages outlining service levels and tailored price structure.
  • Implementation with a seamless system.
  • Quarterly or Biannual reviews: usage report, spend, service levels and recommendations will be discussed.

Products & Services 

We have a wide range of products to suit your workplace, expectation & budget. We have daily essentials, technology items to hand crafted furniture. Over 16,000 lines to put it in perspective.

Our range of items is simple

  • Own brand products
  • Branded products
  • Environmentally friendly

99.7% fulfilment rate of next day deliveries from 6 UK distribution centres.


  • Office supplies – Paper, pads, pens, envelopes, desktop accessories to packaging supplies we have it all.
  • Ink and Toner – Desktop to multi function printers, we stock all toners and inks. Choice of Brand names and our own brand.
  • Furniture – Supplied, planned and installed with our expert division . Offering different ranges to suit your office image and budget. Our exclusive range is on display at Tottenham Court Road for viewing.
  • Archiving and Storage – Making your office space practical is paramount, to ensure a safe and functional environment. From folders to storage boxes, rolling racking to digital arching, is all available.
  • Catering – We stock a large range of refreshments, saving your office time and money purchasing elsewhere. We can even source and stock the Brands you know and love.
  • Technology – All businesses need technology whether it be a computer, printer, tablet or projector. Our trained staff can help you choose the right item for the job.


Own Brands

We have 2 own brands offering amazing value for money; 5 Star and Q-Connect.

  • 5 Star – 1,400 items, 15 years in the market and backed by a 12 month guarantee
  • Q Connect – 3,000 items across 70 department groups and well established in the market.

Exclusive Brands We Offer

  • GLO - Offer a wide range of vibrant coloured products for the modern office.
  • Sigel - Offer a bespoke range of leather desk products for the high end office.
  • Remarkable - Offer 100% recycled products and outline where they originated from.


  • Personal Account Management - Our Personal account managers are here to understand your organisations. Business is about relationships and communication. We see our personal account manager as a hosted member of your staff.
  • Customer Service - Every interaction with Office Oracle has been designed with you in mind. All staff are trained to help and we welcome feedback.
  • Supply Chain - With advanced warehouse technology, customer service communication and personal drivers. We deliver with an on-time success rate of nearly 99. We can offer clients stock facility and frequently add popular products to stock line to reduce waiting times.
  • Online Ordering - Office Oracle Online makes life easier and is available 24/7. We offer tailor-made sites that only include the products and services that are specific and/or relevant to our customers’ businesses. Core list, authorisation levels, reports and order tracking … all reduce the timely you spend ordering. We have designed our website to work the way you want it.
  • e-Invoicing - Online or paper invoicing? Itemised or department reporting? Weekly or monthly statements? You choose what is best for you, we can adapt your billing requirements to support your needs. The result is simple… convenient and accurate billing.

Corporate Sustainability 

Office Oracle work ethically and consider the environment in all departments of the business. We recently achieved ISO140001 status and looking to expand on our current policies. We don’t just review our own policies we look at our preferred wholesalers, manufactures and business partners. To ensure a full Environmental policy.

  • We promote green & fair trade products
  • Advise and encourage shareholder to address business
  • Zero emission deliveries by 2016
  • Packaging free deliveries reducing 90% of cardboard recycling
  • Manage our emissions to air, water and land, minimise our use of natural resources and materials, reduce waste and increase recycling

Shop Now

Office Products 


  • Office Supplies 
  • Computer Supplies 
  • Office Machine Supplies 
  • Mailroom & Warehouse 
  • Catering 
  • Janitorial 

Office Cartridges 


  • Correctable Ribbons 
  • Lift Off Tapes 
  • Fabric Ribbons 
  • Thermal Ribbons 
  • Inkjet Cartridges
  • Laser Toners
  • Drums
  • Printer Maintenance Kits
  • Transfer Belts & Kits
  • Fusers & Accessories
  • Imaging Units
  • Waste Toners & Collectors
  • Photoconductors
  • Ink Sticks
  • Process Units
  • Printer/Fax/Copier/WP Supplies Other

Office Machines 


  • Presentation Equipment
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Hardware
  • Office Machines
  • Safety & Security



  • Furniture
  • Office Environment



  • Mailroom & Warehouse Furniture
  • Packing Materials
  • Packing Equipment
  • Postal Tubes
  • Packing Labels
  • Rubber Bands
  • Postal Scales
  • Racking
  • Storage Boxes
  • Mail Trolley/Trucks
  • Tools DIY
  • Vehicle Equipment
  • Mailroom & Warehouse Other

Recycled Products 

Contact Us 

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