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Marett Creative

Suite 9, Baring House, Baring Crescent, Exeter. EX1 1TL

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Welcome to Marett Creative

Marett Creative, a small but highly specialised business providing high quality film, animation and post production services from its base in Devon. Established in 2010 with a goal to produce high quality commercials regardless of budget. Commercials that work and bring more customers to clients who invest with us.

Marett Creative are a flexible creative agency that predominantly work in TV and video production. We run complete TV advertising campaigns for our clients, from the concept and video production, media planning and buying. Based in the South West, we are dedicated to producing effective work which offers a good ROI.  We also have experience in both radio and print.  We have worked with large and small companies from a range of industries and have the expertise to take on any sized project.

Our aim is to establish close working relationships with our clients, to become a part of the team, through good communication and high quality work. Being a relatively small agency it is easier for us to become an extension of our clients business. Our clients have direct access to the people working on their project.  Whether you need to create a commercial from scratch, including copy-writing, film production and final effects or whether you are only looking for a media buying plan we are confident you will be pleased with the results.


We pride ourselves on producing high quality projects on any budget and see our role as trying to stretch our clients’ investment as far as possible. We are invested in our campaigns as much as our clients are, as our aim is to establish long lasting and integrated relationships, built on good communication and trust.  Therefore our commitment to our work is essential to our core as a business.

How we Bring your Commercial to Life 

Brief: We understand the importance of your brand and in order for us to produce an effective commercial we need to learn as much as possible about your business and your objectives. In order to achieve this we take as detailed a brief as possible. This can be performed either over the phone or face to face. Our objective of this meeting is to get a true understanding of your business, the key demographics you are targeting, who your current customers are, what has worked for you in the past and crucially to understand your brand identity.

  • Concept: From the brief we will then produce concepts for your approval. Our clients have a varying degree of involvement in this process. We are happy to take any ideas you may have and add our expertise to them, or to solely develop a concept from scratch. After we have come up with some initial concepts we will then present these for your approval. At this stage we will choose the final idea for the campaign and begin work on the final script to be sent to Clearcast.
  • Media Planning: Intelligent media planning is essential to a successful campaign. If the right demographics are not reached then it does not matter how much of the budget was spent on the commercial itself. From the initial brief we will have a strong understanding of your target customer. We then use our expertise to produce an effective media plan. Our strong relationship with the broadcasters allows us to reach the greatest number of prospects as possible. Once we have produced a media plan we will then present this to you before final approval.
  • Video Production: After the script has been approved by Clearcast we can begin work on video production. We manage the whole process of producing your commercial. We work closely with freelance camera crews, whilst maintaining direction of the commercial ourselves and doing the bulk of both pre and post video production inhouse.
  • Delivery: This is where we can enjoy the fruits of our labour. Once the commercial has been approved by Clearcast it is fit for television. We manage the whole process of getting your commercial live. This is done via the digital delivery system.  We will also provide you with a digital copy of the commercial(s). This is 


  • Commercials:  Increasingly our clients are using TV to take their message to consumers. The modern fragmented TV market place offers a myriad of possibilities. Smaller niche channels offer a targeted and definable audience, not only in terms of demographics but also interest groups, making TV an increasingly useful communication tool.   This fragmentation also means lower entry points can be found, and an exciting TV campaign can be run on far more modest budgets than had previously been possible.   Not only will we create a stunning creative campaign, Marett Creative make sure that your advertising is planned across media effectively. Marett Creative plan your media to build you a cost effective campaign, enabling you to build a coherent advertising message and in turn work to maximise your return on investment.
  • Planning: Marett Creative do not operate on a share deal basis with media owners so will always be able to negotiate deals line by line across relevant media, so you can be confident that your advertising budgets are planned, and spent, with your individual business objectives in mind.
  • Production Work: Corporate Videos, ideal for the web or to send out via DVD are produced in-house. Marett offer the full package for your print, web, or film project. They create detailed story boards, write scripts, design breath-taking concept art and work right through to the end production, including final colour grading and a bespoke musical score. Graphics and animation are handled by 64-bit High-Performance workstations ensuring great quality and a quick turn-around. Ideal for those tight deadlines.

Brand Characters 

  • Brand Characters. How People Identify With Businesses: Imagine you’ve eaten a hamburger you really enjoyed, but can’t remember the fast-food restaurant’s name. When questioned by a friend, your explanation is: “You know—that place with the red-haired clown who wears a yellow jumpsuit.” Most people will immediately know: McDonald’s! Or say you asked your neighbour for the name of an insurance company she’d recommend, and she responds: “Ooh—the one with that nodding dog seems very popular.” You’d probably not even blink: Churchill Insurance. Ronald McDonald. Churchill the Bulldog. Mickey Mouse. Lightning McQueen. The Geico gecko. These characters trigger an immediate response from us. It’s a matter of instant recognition, identity, a sense of loyalty, and belonging.
  • What Brand Character Is a Trigger for Your Business: If your business doesn’t have a brand character or mascot, you’re probably missing out on important referral opportunities. Just as surely as people are inclined to forget a doctor’s appointment or wedding anniversary, they’re likely to forget your company’s name in that split-second when someone asks them more about the great service or product you provided. No matter how unique (or common) your company’s name, people will more readily remember the brand personality behind who you are, what you do, and how you do it. There’s no better way to represent what you do best than with a great brand mascot.
  • Your Brand, Personified: Just as building your company’s client roster takes the kind of specialised knowledge that keeps trademark and patent solicitors in business, so too does the artistic gift of creating a strikingly unique and standout brand mascot. Your company, your customers, and your future customers deserve the skill and proven track record of skilled 3D artists who can capture the essence of your company. Marett Creative are a Devon-based ad agency that delivers high-quality 3D brand characters. We provide our clients with a thoroughly professional experience—and have delivered results for some of the largest firms in the UK, including British Petroleum and GP Powerbank.



Backed by extraordinary commitment and a performance-driven history, Marett Creative client list continues to grow. Become one of them—and let us explore your brand character options.

Clients include:

  • Norfolk County Council 
  • 5R1 Claims
  • Christies Furniture
  • FK3
  • San Disk
  • Smith & Milton
  • Trago
  • CBRE
  • Castrol
  • Gravitas
  • BP
  • GP Batteries



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