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Welcome to Stocksigns Ltd

We are the UK’s leading supplier of Health & Safety signs and are also well known for our bespoke signs and display systems. No matter what your signage requirements are we have the solution for you.We offer expert design and high quality manufacturing using our state of the art digital printer. With swift, reliable delivery and an experienced installation team we’re here to make Signage simple for you.

With our rich 60 year history we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in signage and are experts in legislation All of our safety signs are compliant to BS EN ISO 7010 standards and are manufactured in the UK  at our factory in Redhill, Surrey.

We have over 14,000 standard safety signs for you to chose from which cover a vast array of industries such as: QuarriesMOD signage, Schools, Water Safety and many more. Our signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your needs. With such a large range this can seem a little overwhelming which is why we are here to help! Read on below for a simple to summary of our signage categories:

Safe Condition Signage: This covers Fire Safety and First Aid signs. These signs are green with a rectangle or square shape with a symbol or text in white which provides information about safe conditions – such as fire exit signage or first aid signage such as emergency shower.

Hazard Signage:  These signs will have a yellow triangle, black boarder and a symbol which gives warning of a hazard – different words to describe the hazard are dependent on the level of risk.

Danger is used when the risk is high and may result in serious injury or death e.g. Electrical voltage or chemical threats. Warning is used when there is a medium level of risk which may result in injury e.g guard dogs. Finally the word caution is used for low risk which may result in minor injury e.g. trip hazards

Prohibition Signage:  Will have a red circular band with a diagonal cross bar on a white background, the symbol within the circle indicates that certain behaviour is prohibited. This signage is great of letting people know what they can’t do in a certain area such as smoke, use a mobile phone or entering an area.

Mandatory Signage: Has a blue circle with a white symbol or text indicating that a specific course of action must be taken. An excellent way to help enforce your safety policy and guide people with instructions to keep them safe whilst on your premises. This includes signs about PPE (personal protective equipment) e.g. ear defenders must be worn.

Fire Equipment: These signs will be red in a rectangular or square shape with a symbol or text in while indicating the location of fire fighting equipment. You can find these signs in our Fire Safety category. This will range from fire bucket to fire extinguisher signs.







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