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Intelligent Mailing Solutions

At Apex Direct Mail we believe in putting the customers first, in total transparency and in making a difference.

Our aim is to not just be another mailing house; we want to be considered an extension of our Client’s own resources and to go above and beyond at every opportunity.

With over 100 collective years in all things Direct Mail and specialist bespoke Hand Fulfilment from a simple short run postcard or large brochure runs to pick and pack daily fulfilment and perfectly targeted campaigns.

We specialise in every aspect of direct mail and hand fulfilment but more than that, we enjoy all aspects of it too. Read more about us

Apex Direct Mail is a long established, and well respected, leading direct mail and specialist hand fulfilment company based in the South East with capabilities that include:

  • Simple hand enclosing through to complex constructed mailers
  • Full data processing & cleansing options, postage discount sortation and personalisation
  • High speed envelope machine insertion with camera match facility
  • High speed polywrap machine insertion
  • Daily, weekly & monthly pick & pack
  • Full colour digital printing and personalisation

As a long-established company, having enjoyed over 20 years in all things direct mail, we enjoy a fantastic relationship with our Clients, many of whom have been with us since the beginning. At Apex Direct Mail we are driven to ensure you receive the ultimate care and attention. With a collective 100 years of industry knowledge in our very experienced staff you can be sure that, when it comes to your mailing campaign, we will help you every step of the way. From design to doorstep, we will help ensure you achieve the best ROI possible. 

We believe in:

  • Open and honest pricing, open and honest scheduling, and sticking to budget and deadline
  • Being a part of your campaign and ensuring you get the best experience possible
  • Transparency, our doors are always open (figuratively!) and you are always welcome


Our Services

Apex Direct Mail’s Core Expertise:

Hand and Machine Fulfilment

  • Apex Direct Mail will help you build a direct mail campaign to suit your budget, ensuring that printing, personalisation, enclosing and postage costs are kept to a minimum. Click Here for more Info

Data Processing & Manipulation

  • Our sophisticated systems ensure your marketing campaigns are more effective by only mailing the correct individuals. We ensure this happens by cleaning, sorting and refreshing your databases, and then we can add fresh prospects to the mailing. Click Here for more Info

Distribution & Fulfilment

  • You can trust us to look after your fulfilment and distribution needs, saving you valuable time and resources. Click Here for more Info


  • We can save you substantial costs on your postage. We can obtain postal discounts, utilising our Business Mail contract with Royal Mail, ensuring that you always get the best cost available for your campaign. Click Here for more Info







What Defines A Direct Mail Service?

  • Direct mail is a form of advertising relying on printed materials and the postal service to deliver advertising appeals directly to consumers. Through the use of a direct mail service, you can accurately interact with demographics most likely to engage with your business, whether you’re advertising a product or service. There are very few if any methods of advertising that can so accurately target the most likely audience for your business.

Do Large Companies Still Use Direct Mail Services?

  • Most definitely, some of the world’s large companies use a direct mail service for a range of reasons. A great example would be large credit card companies that offer their existing customers special deals, new credit card details and more. Utilising a direct mail service gives these businesses a unique method of customer interaction, with a more bespoke and direct form of contact. As imagined, in a digital age, the average customer is more inclined to take more into consideration due to the personal and physical nature of direct mail, especially from a large business.

Will My Industry Affect A Direct Mail Service?

  • Due to the versatility of a direct mail service, the marketing method can be altered to coincide with a businesses field and sector. There are most definitely certain industries that have a higher success rate for a direct mail service. Different types of industries offer new and exciting opportunities to apply direct mail services, with innovative ways to market and cater to an audience being endless. Marketing in a way that is both engaging to a potential customer, but also relevant to your business and its industry can be hugely beneficial.

Is There Still Use For A Direct Mail Service During A Digital Age?

  • With the rise of technology and social media, advertising has expanded in numerous ways to find the eyes of users. Whilst digital marketing & advertising may seem like a successful route to take, it can also present downsides compared to using a direct mail service. The use of a direct mail service excels in giving potential customers and readers a sense of personal attention, a physical item, letter or flyer that includes their name & interests. A direct mail service is still an optimal marketing method to engage with customers.

Couldn’t I Just Use Email Instead Of A Direct Mail Service?

  • Due to legal restrictions and regulations, emailing potential customers & clients will require them to sign up to your mailing list, which can be done in a variety of ways. The main difference between using a direct mail service and email is that people can unsubscribe from an email list with ease. Physical mail does not have these type of restrictions, propelling a direct mail service in many ways.

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