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T.E.D. (Recruitment) Limited

2nd Floor, Neville House
277-279 Bethnal Green Road
E2 6AH

Tel. +44 (0)20 7613 5555 or +44 (0)20 8368 0025 

Contact: Denise Neville

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Welcome to TED Recruitment

TED Recruitment is a technical recruitment consultancy specialising in recruitment of personnel for clients in the Building Construction, Property, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Energy and allied industries. We provide both Contract and Permanent recruitment services for a variety of positions in the UK and worldwide, finding jobs for professionals at all levels.

We recruit in the following sectors for consultants, contractors, developers and end user clients:

  • Building Construction
  • Property
  • Civil Engineering
  • Oil & Gas and Petrochemical
  • Process
  • Nuclear/Power


TED Recruitment’s Managing Director, Denise Neville, has over 36 years recruitment experience within the construction and engineering industries and the majority of our recruitment consultants have at least 10 years recruitment experience or have worked as engineers within the construction industry enabling us to give you a fast professional service whilst not wasting your time sending you totally unsuitable CV’s.

The Services we provide

The supply of contract personnel

All levels of staff may be supplied on a contract or temporary basis from junior to senior level. Contract staff will fill in a weekly time sheet for hours or days worked which will be signed by their supervisor or manager. As all contract staff are paid on a weekly basis, TED Recruitment also sends its clients invoices on a weekly basis – one invoice for one time sheet. Verbal references are taken up before the contract worker begins his new assignment. All rates are negotiable dependant upon location and the level of personnel required.

The supply of permanent personnel to the UK

All levels of permanent staff can be found by TED Recruitment either by using our extensive database with it’s specialist recruitment software to do a file search or by placing the vacancy in an advertisement with jobs from other clients in the appropriate newspaper or trade journal. These two methods are frequently combined. Fees for permanent recruitment are 15% of salary plus car allowance with a 13 week rebate period which goes down in 13ths, week by week. Every effort is made to ensure that you receive the right c.v.’s. The more detailed the job specification you can give to TED Recruitment the better the selection process!

The supply of permanent personnel with languages

All levels of personnel can be supplied to work in the U.K. or overseas with languages i.e. French, German, Spanish etc. The selection process is as for permanent staff except that TED Recruitment retains several language speakers to test applicants fluency. Fees are negotiable between 15% and 17.5% dependant upon location, language spoken and level of person required. The rebate period is 10 weeks as for overseas staff.

The supply of personnel for overseas locations

All levels of personnel can be supplied to anywhere in the world although we find that there is more call for Degree qualified personnel as most local (overseas) offices tend to use local labour to fill unqualified positions. If you place an overseas post with TED Recruitment apart from wanting a detailed job specification we will also want to know whether the post is for a person seeking single or married status, whether the accommodation, food and transport is provided, what is the leave cycle etc. The fee is 15% of the overseas salary unless the requirement if for someone with languages. If this is the case, please refer to the supply of personnel with languages for fees. The rebate period is 10 weeks reducing by one tenth per week. TED Recruitment can arrange medicals, vaccinations, passports and Visas which will be charged for at cost plus a 10% handling charge.

Executive Search, Selection and Advertising

This service is ideally suited to the placement of qualified or fairly senior personnel or where there are multi jobs within your organisation. The process is as follows:

  • A TED Recruitment consultant will visit you at your office or on site if the positions are site based
  • A detailed job specification is drawn up (advice on salaries and benefits can be given)
  • An advertisement is worded and designed by a TED Recruitment consultant for your specific vacancy and approved by you
  • The advertisement can carry your name and logo as well as ours should you so wish
  • At the same time as your advertisement appearing in the appropriate journal TED Recruitment will have already commenced a thorough file search from their extensive database
  • Your TED Recruitment consultant will thoroughly interview all prospective candidates having already short-listed those most suitable from the c.v.’s received
  • Psychometric testing can be arranged for short-listed candidates if you wish
  • Verbal references will be taken up preferably from two sources
  • A short-list of candidates will be provided and a day for you to interview arranged at your convenience either at your office or at ours
  • We can negotiate offers and packages on your behalf and we will keep in touch with all parties until the candidate actually starts

The advantages are as follows:

  • You benefit from the same discounts that TED Recruitment receives as regular advertisers with all the trade journals and newspapers
  • TED Recruitment designs the advertisement saving you and your secretary time
  • TED Recruitment handles all the response and does all the initial sorting out of c.v.’s saving you time in taking phone calls and answering letters from unsuitable applicants
  • TED Recruitment takes up references and does all the initial interviewing saving you even more time and paperwork
  • TED Recruitment arranges all the interviews for you and continues to organise everything right up until the candidate starts, even writing to the unsuccessful people yet again saving you time
  • The cost of the advertisement is charged at the same rate as charged by the journal to TED Recruitment Fees are between 17.5% and 25% dependant upon the amount of vacancies and the level of personnel required. The rebate period is as for Permanent Personnel.

Head Hunting

Head Hunting is recommended for supplying you with very senior personnel at Associate and General Manager level or above. Head Hunting works in a similar way to Executive Search, Selection and Advertising except that we may or may not advertise dependant upon the confidentiality of the vacancy. The selection process is the same except that Chartered Engineers or Surveyors can be used if our client wants us to give a detailed technical interview.

In addition to the above, TED Recruitment consultants will identify people in the industry at the level you require by doing detailed research on your competitors. It is quite likely that the ideal candidate is already working and will have to be approached in a discreet manner. Because of our many contacts within the industry, we often know if someone at senior level is not happy where they are currently employed.

Fees are between 25% and 35% dependant upon the difficulty of the assignment that we are undertaking.

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